Best Kitchen Tap Reviews

Updated February 2, 2021

Choosing a new kitchen tap can update the look of your kitchen. The best kitchen taps provide good looks and functionality.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or need to replace a broken tap, choosing a kitchen tap needs some consideration.

How many sinks do you have in your kitchen? If there are two, you will likely want a tap that swivels.

Do you wash large pots on a regular basis?

You’ll need a high tap. But if you have a shelf above your sink, it can’t be too high.

And there are choices among the finishes, colors and more.

Let’s take a look at our picks for the best kitchen taps, and then some considerations as you choose what’s right for your kitchen.

See Our Best Taps For Kitchen

1 GRIFEMA - GRIFERÍA DE COCINA G4008 Kitchen Mixer Tap
Best For Low Budgets
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3 Hapilife - Single Lever Swivel Spout Kitchen Mixer Tap Hapilife Single Lever Kitchen Tap
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4 Bristan - Echo Swivel Spout Mixer Tap Bristan Echo Kitchen Tap
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5 Ibergrif - Pull-Out Single Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap
Best Overall
Ibergrif Pull-Out Kitchen Tap
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Best For Higher Budgets
6GROHE 30274000 Kitchen Tap
GROHE - 30274000 Kitchen Tap
Best For Higher Budgets
GROHE 30274000 Kitchen Tap
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  • Minimalist design
  • Brushed stainless steel minimizes fingerprints and water spots
  • Comes with the two hose pipes and installation kit, as well as the tap itself
  • Almost 15 inches in height
Best For Low Budgets

This stainless steel mixer tap features a full 360-degree swivel on the spout, giving you the full range of motion around the sink, perfect for an island installation or anywhere else in the kitchen. 

The brushed steel finish resists fingerprints and water spots. The heavy-duty construction is lead-free. Single lever operation controls both water flow and temperature. 

A splash-free aerator delivers a softer flow, conserving water without sacrificing pressure. 

The “kelogic” cold start system means that when the tap is turned on at the central position, the water flow starts cold and won’t switch to hot until the lever is moved.

This saves energy by ensuring the hot water heater doesn’t kick in if and until it’s needed.



  • Control water flow and temperature with a single lever
  • Energy saving cold start system only turns on hot water if and when necessary
  • Full 360-degree swivel


  • Does not include a shower sprayer unless special ordered
  • Basic, plain design


  • Mixer tap 
  • Single lever control for pressure and temperature
  • Water-conserving aerator that doesn’t sacrifice water pressure
  • Almost 16 inches in height

The unique design of this mixer tap features a flexible spout that lets you turn and twist the tube to the angle you desire, allowing for maximum maneuverability.

An all-brass body and lead-free water pipes combine with the flexible hose for a truly useful tap. The hoses come in red, white, grey and black. 

A cold start system known as “kelogic” saves energy. When the tap is turned on at the central position, the water flow starts cold and only switches to hot if the lever is moved, ensuring the hot water heater doesn’t kick in if it isn’t necessary. 

The single lever turns the water on and adjusts flow and temperature. The aerator conserves water but still delivers excellent water pressure. Comes with an installation kit and the necessary two hose pipes.



  • A flexible hose lets you maneuver the tap to wherever you need it
  • Choose from four colors
  • Cold-start system saves on hot water


  • Not everyone will like the colored hose
  • Basic design

3. Hapilife Single Lever Kitchen Tap

  • Single lever control
  • Available in chrome or white with gold accents 
  • Mixer tap
  • Almost 12 inches in height

This tap has a single lever that controls both water flow and temperature. 

Choose from a chrome finish, or add a bit of elegance to your kitchen with the pearl white and gold choice. Hapilife custom ceramic cartridge is tested to provide leak-free flow. 

The aerated stream provides excellent water pressure.



  • Hapilife has a custom ceramic cartridge
  • Tested to millions of uses without a leak
  • Comes with installation kit and required hoses


  • The choice of pearl white and gold coloring won’t work in every kitchen

4. Bristan Echo Kitchen Tap

  • Chrome finish
  • Swivel spout
  • Two-handle operation
  • Almost 14 inches in height

This two-handle tap is easy to install with materials included to put it in your kitchen. 

The spout swivels easily from side to side and the lever handles are easy to grip and control. Ceramic flow cartridges make water flow smooth with a 1/4 turn of the handles. 

Features a stainless steel handle and chrome finish.



  • Easy installation with the patented EasyFit system
  • Comes with all the materials needed for installation
  • Third-party testing ensures durability


  • Some users may prefer single handle operation

5. Ibergrif Pull-Out Kitchen Tap

  • Chrome coating
  • Single handle control
  • Minimalist design
  • Almost 17 inches in height
Best Overall
Ibergrif - Pull-Out Single Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap

Extend the reach in your kitchen with this extending tap. Simply pull down the tap and the hose extends almost 16 inches. 

Then dock the spray head easily back into place. 

The tap also switches simply between a spray mode and a stream mode, increasing pressure for deep cleaning and providing an easy stream for more gentle washing. The chrome coating is scratch and tarnish resistant. 

The Coldstart “kelogic” system saves energy and prevents water backflow.



  • Pull-down hose extends the reach of the tap
  • Easily switches from stream mode to spray mode
  • Aerator provides soft water flow without splashing


  • Basic design isn’t for everyone

6. GROHE 30274000 Kitchen Tap

  • Single lever control
  • Chrome finish
  • Press of a button switches from fine spray jet to full stream jet
  • Almost 13 inches in height
Best For Higher Budgets
GROHE - 30274000 Kitchen Tap

The unique, angular design of this square or L-shaped tap is sure to be a conversation piece in your kitchen. 

It’s also extremely functional, as the L shape allows for large pots and pans to sit in the sink for cleaning. 

A hose extends from the tap to expand the reach of the water, and the “EasyDock” system retracts the hose back into the tap to dock. 

A single lever controls water flow and temperature, and the press of a button switches the flow from fine spray jet to full stream jet. 

A chrome finish repels water marks and scratches and anti-limescale nozzles keep the tap clean.



  • Pull-out hose extends the reach of the tap
  • Tap swivels 360 degrees
  • L-shaped design allows for large pots to fit easily in the sink


  • The look of the L may not appeal to everyone

Best Kitchen Tap Buying Guide


It’s easy to choose a kitchen tap based on its looks, but that should not be the most important component of the decision. 

Quality kitchen taps can last a lifetime, so it’s worth looking for one that’s well made, while still being attractive and functional for your needs. Here are some of the different types from which to choose.

Mixer Kitchen Tap

The most common type of kitchen tap these days is a mixer tap. 

What is a mixer tap? 

It delivers cold and hot water in one tap, rather than having a hot water tap and a cold water tap. 

The theory is that a mixer allows you to get your water to the desired temperature more easily and quicker than with two taps, which should save water, energy and some of your time. 

Single Lever Kitchen Taps

Single lever kitchen taps are popular, for several reasons. 

As mentioned, a single mixer tap allows you to find your optimum water temperature quickly and easily. 

You can also easily reach the water pressure you desire. 

Finally, it’s one fewer tap to have to clean! However, there are still two-handle kitchen taps available, if that’s your preference.

Pull Out Kitchen Taps

Another consideration in the type of kitchen tap is whether you want a pull out tap. 

In other words, a hose extends out from the tap to allow you to spray to all corners of the sink. 

If you have a double sink, this may be important to you. But some people don’t need or want a tap that extends. 

Wall Mounted Kitchen Tap

If you’re doing a complete kitchen renovation, or your existing tap is mounted on the wall, then you can consider a wall-mounted kitchen tap. 

Otherwise, you’ll likely have to do some plumbing and construction work to install a tap in the wall, since the pipes are hidden within the wall instead of under the sink. 

The other option is a tap that’s installed on the sink, the most common type of kitchen tap.

Monobloc Kitchen Taps

If you hear the term monobloc when referring to a kitchen tap, it simply means a tap that has a single spout for hot and cold water – like a mixer tap – and a single tap hole for installing in the sink. 

If you’ve chosen a sink that has one spout hole, you’ll have to look for a monobloc tap to fit in it.

Swivel Spout Kitchen Tap

If you have a double sink, then you will definitely want to get a kitchen tap that swivels. 

Some taps are fixed, while others turn to allow you to move it around the sink. 

Some of our choices even turn a full 360 degrees, which may be desirable on an island installation, for instance. 

You can fill a pot from the countertop instead of putting it in the sink to fill.

Style & Design

While the look of your faucet is important, the design – in particular the height of the spout – is equally important. 

Depending on your kitchen, you may not want a tall spout if it will block your window view, or you have a shelf above your sink, for instance. 

But if you cook a lot with large pots – picture wedging a big pasta pot under your tap – then you need to have a tall spout that will allow you to get the pot underneath, to drain your pasta and easily hand-wash or rinse your pots. 

Similarly, a double sink may require a taller spout to reach both sinks, unless you decide to get a pull out kitchen tap.

Vintage Kitchen Tap

If your kitchen renovation includes installation of a farmhouse sink, then you may want to choose a vintage kitchen tap to match the decor. 

Options like an antique brass finish bring a retro look to your kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Taps

When it comes to choosing the best kitchen taps, luxury is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, what you deem as a luxury kitchen tap may be different than your neighbor’s opinion. 

Style and design, finish and features can all be considered in determining what constitutes luxury kitchen taps.

White Kitchen Tap

You can go with a pop of color if you want, rather than the more typical chrome or brushed steel finishes. 

We included a white kitchen tap among our choices, for those who want a unique look in their kitchen.

Water Pressure

The best kitchen taps deliver good water pressure, and you can adjust the pressure with the handle, whether you choose a single or double handled tap. 

If there is an issue with the water pressure, it could be due to a blocked aerator in the spout.

There are also boiling water taps too, if you are interested in good pressurised instant hot water.


There are multiple finishes from which to choose when it comes to picking a kitchen tap. 

There are stainless steel, brushed steel, chrome and even colored finishes. 

It would be a good idea when choosing to match it to any other sink accessories, like a built-in soap dispenser or a hot water on demand tap. 

Or, you may want to match cabinet hardware or towel bars. 

But some people like a look that stands out, so a dark tap or a colored tap might be more your style.

When it comes to function, a chrome tap tends to be more durable and relatively easy to clean. 

That makes it great in a commercial kitchen, but you may want something more stylish, knowing that your kitchen tap won’t get as much use and abuse.

Pricing Range

The price range for kitchen taps varies, usually depending on the features. If you’re looking for a cheap kitchen tap, you won’t get all the bells and whistles, like a pull-out tap or different water streams. 

If you spend more, you’ll get more features or the style you really want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best kitchen taps?

The best kitchen taps are those that provide the owner with the features they want, whether that’s a pull-out hose to reach the far corners of a double sink, or a single mixer tap to provide hot and cold water. 

Since your kitchen tap is one of the most-used features in your kitchen, from cleaning vegetables to washing pots, you need to consider what you want in a tap:

  • The option to switch the stream to a spray
  • A pull-out tap to expand the reach
  • A high tap to fit large pots, or a low tap to accommodate a shelf above the sink
  • A mixer tap with one lever for hot and cold, or two taps
  • A chrome finish, a colored tap, or a vintage antique brass finish

These are the considerations for choosing your best kitchen tap.

Q: What are Monobloc taps?

Monobloc taps have only one tap hole and one spout. Both hold and cold water are dispensed from the single spout.

Our Verdict

Kitchen taps come in a multitude of styles and colors, and with varying functionality. The price range also varies depending on the features.

When you’re choosing your kitchen tap, consider the functionality necessary in your kitchen. If you don’t think you need a pull-out tap, for instance, why pay more for a tap with that feature.

You can also choose among single lever taps, two-lever taps, a vintage look or a more modern style.

By using our guide to the best kitchen taps, you’ll be able to find the ideal one for your space.

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