The Team


Paul has an engineering background which means that he looks at appliances with a keen interest in how they’re constructed and their technical performance. 

Paul has a great understanding of the inner workings of appliances and can quickly spot any design details which could be an asset or a detriment to an appliance over a long period of usage. 

As a self-confessed gadget addict, Paul has an extensive collection of appliances himself. Although he reviews lots of products for us here at Appliance Judge, Paul can never resist trying to fix an appliance rather than buying a new one should anything go wrong. 


Tom used to work for a well-known appliance manufacturer so has seen the design development and prototyping process up close. This has given him great insight into all the steps that a product goes through to make it to the end customer.

As part of his old role Tom used to assess competitor products. He brings this ability to compare the performance of similar items to his reviews for Appliance Judge. He can hone in on the small factors that distinguish one product from another which can be hard to do when you’re a consumer facing a sea of options that all seem to offer very similar features.


Clare has a background in writing product reviews for a print magazine, specialising in personal tech. Her interest expanded to appliances as she was asked to write for other areas of the magazine and started attending more product showcases and events. 

Clare’s strength is in thinking about products from the user’s perspective, considering the criteria that would be important to a customer when looking for an appliance that they’ll potentially use every day. Her reviews are thorough but succinct and are a great help to consumers who have no prior knowledge or understanding of the subject, helping them make an informed decision.


Emily’s career in marketing and PR has included working with a wide range of appliance manufacturers. She’s gained an in-depth understanding of the market and the key factors that can make a product attractive to customers. 

Her constant market-scanning means she is clued-up about new innovations or product releases from challenger brands and Emily often introduces the team to new developments. Emily’s interest isn’t just professional – as a busy mum of two she is always on the look-out for appliances that help her and her husband manage their work alongside a busy household. Appliances that help her family eat healthily and cut down on prep time are especially popular.