Best Boiling Water Tap Reviews

Updated February 2, 2021

Instant hot water taps may have initially been seen as a kitchen fad but have fast become an essential. They offer a quick way to access boiling or near boiling water for hot drinks, cooking or even sterilising baby bottles.

As well as saving time, a hot water tap can help you reduce clutter on your work surface by removing the need for a kettle.

They generally offer a cost and energy efficient alternative to using a kettle or boiling water another way, such as on a hob.

There are different types of boiling and hot water taps available, some which can also dispense hot and cold water and others which focus on boiling water only.

We’ve looked at a variety of units, which also span a broad range of budgets.

As well as our boiling water tap reviews, we’ve given you information about the different types, brands and features you may come across so you can choose the best option for your needs.

See Our Best Instant Boiling Water Taps

Best For Higher Budgets
1QETTLE 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap
QETTLE 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap
Best For Higher Budgets
QETTLE 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap
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2 QETTLE Mini 2-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap QETTLE Mini 2-in-1 Boiling Water Tap
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3 Insinkerator 3573 Instant Hot Water Tap
Best For Low Budgets
Insinkerator 3573 Boiling Water Tap
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4 Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap
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5 TINTON LIFE 220V Instant Hot Tap Water TINTON LIFE 220V Boiling Water Tap
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6 Bristan GLL RAPSNK3 C Gallery 3in1 Boiling Water Tap
Best Overall
Bristan GLL RAPSNK3 3in1 Boiling Water Tap
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1. QETTLE 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap

  • Large 4 litre boiler tank capacity (up to 8 cups)
  • Dispenses boiling water at 100 degrees celsius, hot or cold
  • Easy to replace water filter system included with affordable replacement filters
  • Tank reheats in 10 minutes
Best For Higher Budgets
QETTLE 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

The large 4 litre boiler tank capacity is a big attraction of this Qettle, together with the fact that it dispenses water at 100 degrees celsius, which many other models fall just short of.

The tank also reheats in just 10 minutes but the tap is available with tanks of different sizes if the 4 litre option – which is roughly 8 cups – doesn’t suit.

The tap dispenses hot, cold and boiling water and the included water filter system protects the tank from limescale as well as keeping impurities at bay.

The affordable replacement filter cartridges are extremely easy to change and there’s an LED display which will alert you when a change is needed – roughly every 6 months.

There’s a safety clip which will avoid your boiling tap being activated by kids or by accident. We did notice that the boiling tap can splutter a little, which is something to be cautious of.

This tap is roughly in the mid-range in terms of price and it’s cost and energy efficient to keep running, so we rate it as a good value choice.


4 litre boiler tank: 230mm x 182mm x 354mm Tap: 385mm high, 240mm deep, 35mm diameter hole


  • Supplied with safety clip
  • Replacement filter LED display
  • Standard 35mm diameter hole for easy fitting
  • Cost and energy efficient


  • Requires minimum pressure of 1.5 bar
  • Boiling tap can splutter, which you need to watch out for

2. QETTLE Mini 2-in-1 Boiling Water Tap

  • Dispenses boiling water or cold filtered water
  • Filter system prevents limescale and removes sediments and chlorine
  • Large 4 litre tank capacity (approx 8 cups)
  • Takes 10 minutes to recover the tank to temperature

If you want to install a secondary tap to your sink (or a prep sink) this Qettle boiling water tap would be a helpful addition.

Unlike some other boiling water taps it doesn’t dispense hot water, only boiling or cold filtered water, so it wouldn’t be suitable as your main kitchen tap.

This is what the mini in the name refers to, rather than the tap size or the tank capacity which is a generous 4 litres.

That’s around 8 cups per tank, and if you need more the recovery time is just 10 minutes.

Boiling water is dispensed at a full 100 degrees celsius. A filter system prevents limescale building up in the tank and also removes chlorine and sediment from the water providing filtered cold water.

We appreciated the ease of replacing the filters (including the LED display that alerts you when a change is due) and the fact that the filters are affordable.


4 litre boiler tank: 230mm x 182mm x 354mm Tap: 385mm high, 240mm deep, 35mm diameter hole


  • Boiling water is dispensed at 100 degrees celsius
  • Supplied safety clip to prevent accidental use
  • LED display to highlight when filter needs replacing
  • Standard 35mm diameter hole for easier fitting


  • For use as a secondary tap - does not dispense hot water (only boiling)
  • Your water pressure must be a minimum 1.5 bar

3. Insinkerator 3573 Boiling Water Tap

  • Adjustable temperature settings up to 98 degrees celsius
  • 2.5 litre boiler unit
  • Includes filter to remove impurities such as chlorine from the water
  • Easy to use lever tap
Best For Low Budgets
Insinkerator 3573 Instant Hot Water Tap

The first thing to be aware of with this tap is that it dispenses near-boiling water only, not hot or cold water. This makes it a great addition to your kitchen but it won’t replace your main tap.

The 2.5 litre tank is compact and should fit easily under your sink, and the kit also includes a filter to remove impurities from the water.

There are 9 temperature settings adjusted by turning a dial, though the only markings are min and max so there’s not an exact temperature value assigned to each setting.

The maximum setting dispenses water at 98 degrees celsius, so just under boiling.

This tap is simple to operate with just a lever, though this does mean there’s no safety feature such as a clip. We’d suggest this tap is best for households without any children.

The water does shut off as soon as the lever tap is released.

There’s a filter to remove impurities from the water, and the price is low for a kit that includes the tank, filter system and tap. A good choice as an extra tap for hot drinks and cooking.


Tap: 213mm high, 251mm deep


  • Fully insulated tap
  • Affordable solution
  • Water shuts off as soon as lever tap is released
  • Sleek tap design


  • Water is dispensed at 98 degrees celsius, so just under boiling temperature and the temperature dial doesn’t have values only min to max
  • No safety clip

4. Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap

  • Adjustable thermostat to set temperature between 88 and 99 degrees celsius 
  • Dispenses steaming hot filtered water 
  • 2.5 litre stainless steel tank
  • 3N1 design also dispenses regular hot and cold water

This Insinkerator unit dispenses filtered steaming hot water as well as regular hot and cold water making it a great all-in-one solution for your kitchen.

The 2.5 litre stainless steel tank has an adjustable thermostat allowing you to set the temperature between 88 and 99 degrees celsius.

That’s just below boiling, but certainly hot enough for hot drinks and to use for cooking.

To dispense the steaming hot water you need to pull out a lever for safety, and the flow will stop when the lever is released.

Although hot water from the tank is filtered to remove impurities, the regular hot and cold water isn’t filtered which we would’ve liked to see.

The tap has a sleek, angular design and is available in three finishes; chrome, brushed steel or anthracite.


Tank: 310mm x 206mm x 157mm Tap: 300mm high, 200mm deep, 35mm diameter hole
Stainless steel tank. Brass tap, available in chrome, brushed steel or anthracite finishes


  • Sleek design
  • Hot lever shuts off when released for safety
  • Tap available in chrome, brushed steel or anthracite finishes
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty


  • Regular hot and cold supply is not filtered
  • Hottest temperature is just below boiling - but fine for hot drinks etc

5. TINTON LIFE 220V Boiling Water Tap

  • Useful if your boiler is slow to provide hot water or where there is only a cold supply
  • Delivers water at roughly 30 to 40 degrees
  • LED display to show temperature
  • Plugs into mains

Although this isn’t a boiling water tap, it’s an extremely useful option for providing hot water where you only have a cold supply, or if your regular tap takes a long time to deliver hot water, such as because your boiler is a long way from the tap.

There is no tank with this tap; it takes your cold supply and a stainless steel heating pipe within the tap heats the water to between roughly 30 and 40 degrees according to the specification, though we found it can get hotter than this.

You adjust the temperature by moving the lever handle to the left or right and the temperature is shown on the LED display at the front of the unit.

We found you can achieve the best (hottest) results by keeping a slow flow of water – if the tap is on full it lowers the temperature.

The unit is easy to install and plugs in with a regular socket. It’s not hot enough to do the job of a boiling tap but it’s a useful solution in certain situations.


H59A copper and ABS plastics


  • Simple lever tap
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost option


  • Not a boiling tap
  • To achieve a high temperature you need to reduce the flow

6. Bristan GLL RAPSNK3 3in1 Boiling Water Tap

  • 7 temperature settings from 75 degrees to 98 degrees celsius
  • Tank capacity of 2.4 litres (approx 6 cups)
  • Spout stays cool to the touch to avoid scalding 
  • Dispenses hot, cold and near boiling water
Best Overall
Bristan GLL RAPSNK3 C Gallery 3in1 Boiling Water Tap

If you have limited space underneath your sink, the 2.4 litre tank with this Bristan tap could be ideal for you.

The capacity is roughly equivalent to 6 cups and once the tank is empty it will get back up to temperature again in a quick 10 minutes.

The tap dispenses near boiling, hot and cold water to offer a 3-in-1 solution in a neat package.

There’s a child-proof button which must be pressed before dispensing boiling water which is a reassuring safety feature.

The spout also stays cool to the touch to avoid scalding.

A simple touch display on the tank allows you to choose between 7 temperature settings, from 75 degrees to 98 degrees celsius, which is just below boiling.

There’s a filter to help prevent limescale in the tank and remove contaminants such as chlorine.

However, unlike some other models this filter system is restricted to the boiling water supply and not the hot or cold water output.


Tank: Height: 315mm, width: 225mm, depth: 200mm Spout: Height 365mm, projection 185mm
1400- 1500W


  • Push button for boiling water for safety
  • Filter minimises limescale and other contaminants
  • Tank refills back to temperature in 10 minutes
  • Hard-wearing chrome finish


  • Some users report customer service issues with follow-up queries
  • Only the water in the tank is filtered, not the regular hot or cold supply

Boiling Water Taps Buying Guide

Boiling Water Tap Brands

There are numerous manufacturers of boiling water taps and the brand you opt for can depend on a number of factors. 

Brand recognition and reputation is one of these factors, as some brands can be known for great build quality or customer service. 

Different brands may have a distinct aesthetic which you feel suits your style, or your choice may be driven by the price point.


The designer behind Quooker had the idea for a boiling water tap earlier than you might think, in 1970. 

The brand launched the first Quooker product in 1992 and has gone on to develop a range of taps with different styles and features. 

Their products are considered to be good quality and this is reflected in the more premium pricing. 


Qettle is another well-established company, originally producing standard kitchen taps and now boiling water tap options. 

Their products are manufactured in the UK and they offer a range of tap styles, and a range of tank sizes so you can tailor your solution. 

Prices are in the mid-range and they have accredited installers who can fit the unit for you. 


The Insinkerator brand began in 1938 and after a long history of making waste disposal units they now produce hot water taps, too. 

Their hot water units are compact and are designed to be possible for DIY installation. There are a range of styles and options available. 

Franke Omni

Franke was founded in 1911 as a manufacturer of kitchen sinks and has since expanded to a wide range of kitchen appliances including cooker hoods, hobs and boiling water taps. 

It’s a brand known for style and attention to detail and they offer varying styles and finishes to suit your kitchen. 


Vellamo is an own brand range produced by the tap retailer Tap Warehouse. They offer 3N1 taps with curved or more angular styles in a choice of finishes. 

They can include features such as an adjustable thermostat and a child-safe tap.


Grohe is a very well-known and well-regarded producer of fittings such as taps, sinks and showers. The German brand has won many design and innovation awards and their Grohe Red range is available with different sizes of titanium water tank and with a choice of taps. 


The Palma Instant Boiling Water Tap is a cost-effective option if you’re on a restricted budget. It has a touch screen control panel to set the temperature and a 2.4 litre tank. 

It can dispense near boiling, hot and cold water all from one unit.  


There are different types of boiling or instant hot water taps available and the best selection for you will depend on your intended installation. 

If it will be the only kitchen tap, you’ll need it to be able to dispense regular hot and cold water as well as the near boiling supply. 

If it’s going to be an additional tap for cooking and hot drinks, you need fewer functions and perhaps a smaller unit. 

2-in-1 taps

A 2-in-1 tap dispenses two types of water; usually cold and the near-boiling supply. The cold supply may be filtered, but different models vary. 

These make a good choice if this will be an additional tap, perhaps as a second fitting on your main sink or in a separate prep sink. 

3-in-1 taps

A 3-in-1 tap combines the functions of a regular tap dispensing hot and cold water, with the additional boiling supply. 

The boiling supply might be dispensed by pressing a button or activating a lever on the hot water side of a mixer tap. 

4-in-1 taps

A 4-in-1 tap has four functions all delivered from the one unit. These are usually regular hot and cold water, plus filtered boiling and filtered cold water. 

The mechanics below the sink will be more complex but the tap itself retains a simple design. 


Instant hot water taps can have a number of features which make them easier to operate and more useful – here are some of the things to look out for. 

Safety Features

Given the extremely high temperature of a boiling water supply, you don’t want to turn it on by mistake and risk burning yourself. 

Most boiling taps have some type of safety button that prevents accidental use. 

Temperature Settings

Many boiling water taps have a thermostat on the tank which allows you to set a temperature. 

If you’re going to use the tap to make hot drinks, you will probably want the temperature to be on the maximum setting which is at or close to boiling. 

Tank Size & Capacity

How you’ll use the tap also affects the size of the tank you should opt for. Remember that only the boiling supply will drain the tank – regular hot and cold will come from the normal supply.

If you’re going to need a large volume from the tank at a time, a larger tank may suit you. If you only need enough to make a few hot drinks at a time and to fill a few pans, a smaller size would be fine. 

Tanks refill once they’ve been drained and can take around 15 minutes to get back to temperature, depending on the model. 

Child Lock

A child lock is vital if you have children of an age where they can reach the tap. 

As explained above, most taps will have some way of ensuring that they can’t accidentally be turned on. 

This may be a lever that needs to be pulled out before the tap can be turned, or a button that has to be pushed in. 

Water Pressure

Before making a choice of boiling tap, be sure to check the water pressure of your own system and whether the unit is compatible. 

Some units require a certain amount of pressure to function as intended. 

Water Filter

Boiling water taps usually filter the water which is going into the tank as a way of ensuring that the tank doesn’t become clogged up with limescale which can affect performance, as well as reducing any contaminants in the water supply. 

Pricing range

A boiling water tap installation requires a tank and often a filter in addition to the tap itself, so your initial investment will be at least a few hundred pounds even at the cheap end of the price range. 

This can easily exceed £1,000 for the more sophisticated kits from premium manufacturers. There are also plenty of options in the middle of the price range, which is around £500-£700.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do boiling water taps work?

A boiling water tap provides water from a dedicated tank which is installed under your sink, which has been heated to the correct temperature.

The tank is usually powered by electricity and can often be plugged straight into a mains socket.

The tank stores water at the set temperature so as soon as you turn the boiling tap on, there’s an instant supply of water at that temperature.

Q: What is the best boiling water tap?

The best boiling water tap for you depends greatly on your requirements. One of the market leaders is the brand Quooker.

Their taps are expensive, but are well-reviewed, considered to be reliable and the filters have quite a long lifespan which reduces the ongoing maintenance costs.

You may consider that the initial cost is too high and there are plenty of lower-priced options which could suit your needs.

Q: Are boiling water taps safe?

The majority of boiling water taps have safety features built in to ensure that the boiling supply can’t be turned on unintentionally to prevent accidents such as scalding.

This is especially important if you have children in the house.

The safety measure usually involves a secondary step to turn on the tap – for example you may need to press and hold down a button to turn the tap.

Our Verdict

A boiling water tap is a really useful and convenient addition to your kitchen – once you’ve had one, you’ll not want to go back to using a kettle!

If you’d like to try one for yourself but are on a budget, we’d recommend our Best Entry Level choice of the Insinkerator 3573 Boiling Water Tap, with adjustable temperature settings, and a 2.5 litre tank.

It only dispenses boiling (well, near boiling) water but it’s a great addition to the sink.

If you want to go all in and replace your existing tap you could consider our Best Top of the Range pick, the QETTLE 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap.

It’s a 4-in-1 unit with a very generous 4 litre tank capacity and unlike many units it dispenses water at 100 degrees celsius.

For something between the two, our Best Value selection is the Bristan GLL RAPSNK3 3in1 Boiling Water Tap with a compact 2.4 litre tank and adjustable temperature settings.

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