Household and personal appliances are a major part of our day to day habits and routines, from the clock that wakes us up in the morning, through to the appliances we use to clean our clothes, prepare our food or maintain our homes. 

We started Appliance Judge to help you navigate the huge array of choice that you’re faced with when choosing any new appliance. It can be hard to know the features to look for or which brands or manufacturers to trust. We understand that most people aren’t experts in the many different types of appliance on market and that’s where Appliance Judge can help.

When choosing any appliance you want to know that you’re opting for a model which offers great performance, longevity and value for money. We look at all options from the cheapest to the most premium, so we can bring you a comprehensive but not overwhelming overview of your options. 

Our reviews provide an easy to understand summary of each product’s performance which enables you to make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for you. We give you the pros and cons and make our selection of the products we consider to offer the best quality and value.Through our product guides, we also give you information about the features to look out for if you want to consider other options. 

Our knowledge and expertise have helped plenty of consumers and we keep extending our content so we can help even more!