Best Electric Shower Reviews

Updated December 20, 2020

With climate change becoming an increasingly prominent global issue, it’s important to be cautious of how much electricity and water you use throughout the day. Making small changes to your regular routine can add up over time and have a positive impact on the environment.

One way that you can reduce your environmental impact is to switch to an electric shower. A good electric shower will use less heat than a traditional shower, so you’ll reduce your energy usage and could potentially lower your electric bill.

There are a number of other benefits to installing an electric shower. For example, they come with their own hot water tank, so you won’t need to rely on the hot water tank in your house. They also don’t take any time to heat up, so you’ll have hot water instantly whenever you need it.

With so many electric showers on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. In this article, we’ll compile our favorite models, as well as tips for choosing the best electric shower.

Best Electric Showers

1 Triton Showers - MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower
Best Overall
Triton Showers Seville Electric Shower
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2 Bristan - BL3105 B Bliss 3 Electric Shower Bristan Bliss 3 Electric Shower
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3 Mira Showers - Sport Max 10.8 kW Electric Shower Mira Showers Sport Max Electric Shower
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Best For Higher Budgets
4Mira Showers Azora Electric Shower
Mira Showers - Azora 9.8 kW Thermostatic Electric Shower
Best For Higher Budgets
Mira Showers Azora Electric Shower
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5 Triton Showers - MOMT014G Martinique Luxury Electric Shower
Best For Low Budgets
Triton Showers Martinique Electric Shower
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6 Aqualisa - Quartz Electric Shower with Adjustable Head Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower
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1. Triton Showers Seville Electric Shower

  • This electric shower comes in 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 kilowatt options.
  • It has separate controls for temperature and flow. 
  • This shower is compatible with cold main water systems and has multiple entry points for electrical cables and water pipes. 
  • It has a 1.25 meter chrome hose with an anti-twist mechanism.
Best Overall
Triton Showers - MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower

This showerhead from Triton is a good standard option for any home. With three power options and five spray options, it’s easy to customize the temperature and spray pattern to your own personal preferences. The design is very simple and easy to install – it has multiple outlets that you can use to connect the electric and water cables. The hose itself is long and does not twist or tangle. 

It comes in a range of different power levels, and your water pressure will vary depending on which one you choose.


58 x 26 x 17 cm
2.6 kg


  • The showerhead has five different spray patterns to suit your preference.
  • It has three power settings to help you conserve water while getting a comfortable shower - high power, economy, and cold.
  • This shower has a versatile design that is easy to fit in many different homes.
  • It comes in several different power levels to suit your home’s needs.


  • Depending on which power level you choose, you may not get optimal water pressure.
  • The shower head is small and doesn’t have a wide spray.

2. Bristan Bliss 3 Electric Shower

  • This shower connects to cold mains with a water pressure minimum of 0.7 bars and a maximum of 10 bars.
  • It has three settings, cold, eco, and hot, as well as a short warm up mode. 
  • A touch screen with a large display allows you to monitor and change the temperature with your finger. 
  • It has an adjustable riser rail as well as multiple connection points for water and electric cables.

This electric shower from Bristan has a sleek design that is a great addition to a modern bathroom. It comes in three different power levels ranging from 8.5 to 10.5 kw, and comes in either black or white. You can easily change the temperature using a modern touch screen display. 

The hose and showerhead have a chrome finish with an anti-lime scale finish that is very easy to clean. It also comes with a secure riser that has a soap tray and keeps the showerhead stable. In addition to a warm up mode and three different temperature modes, it has a power shut down mode that ensures that hot water is flushed out to prevent damage to the system.


19.5 x 7 x 30.5 cm
3.24 kg
8.5 to 10.5 kw


  • The design is very sleek and modern and would look excellent in any bathroom.
  • It has multiple points of connection for easy installation.
  • The design of the showerhead is designed to prevent damage, with an anti-lime scale finish and a power shutdown mode.
  • The touch screen is very intuitive and easy to use.


  • The temperature can fluctuate between modes at times.
  • The shower itself is durable, but some of the fixtures that come with it are flimsy and may need to be replaced over time.

3. Mira Showers Sport Max Electric Shower

  • This shower has a 110 mm showerhead with four different spray modes.
  • It uses Mira Showers’ Airboost technology for better water pressure without using excess water. 
  • It is available in both 9 and 10.8 kW options. 
  • The shower has a power button as well as three temperature control buttons.

If you’re searching for an electric shower that will give you satisfactory water pressure, this option from Mira Showers is a great choice. One of the most unique things about it is the Airboost mode, which uses air to create the feeling of more pressure without wasting water. 

Mira Showers also takes pride in their shower’s excellent temperature control, which keeps the temperature stable. The design of the shower itself is very easy to use, with four simple buttons, and the showerhead is very large and has a range of settings.


7.5 x 21.5 x 35.8 cm
3.7 kg
9 or 10.8 kW


  • This shower has pressure stabilized temperature control, which prevents scalding or temperature fluctuations.
  • It is very easy to clean, with a finish that prevents limescale buildup.
  • The showerhead is very large and has four spray settings for more comfortable coverage.
  • The design is very simple and easy to use.


  • This product is only available in two power settings.
  • The Airboost technology can be noisy.

4. Mira Showers Azora Electric Shower

  • This shower has a power level of 9.8 kW.
  • It has a frosted glass control panel with a chrome showerhead that prevents lime scale buildup. 
  • The showerhead is 110 mm and has four different spray options. 
  • It uses a brass inlet connector with a 15 mm compression fitting and 1.2 cm BSP male.
Best For Higher Budgets
Mira Showers - Azora 9.8 kW Thermostatic Electric Shower

This electric shower from Mira Showers has an elegant design and modern technology for a comfortable shower experience. The shower panel is made of a sleek frosted glass and is connected to a chrome showerhead, which is designed to cut away lime scale by 50 percent. 

The showerhead is very large and has four different spray settings for more comfort. The control panel uses seperate temperature and flow controls, and it uses Mira Showers’ temperature stabilizing technology to prevent fluctuations or scalding. It also has a phased shutdown mode that flushes all the hot water away to prevent damage to the shower and prevent an unpleasant experience for the next user.


7.7 x 23.3 x 36.7 cm
4.17 Kg
9.8 KW


  • The design of the shower is very sleek and easy to use.
  • The temperature control and phased shutdown creates a more comfortable experience for everyone.
  • The Clearscale finish on the showerhead prevents lime scale buildup.
  • The showerhead itself is very large and has many different spray settings.


  • It is only available in one power level.

5. Triton Showers Martinique Electric Shower

  • This shower is available in both 9.5 and 10.5 kW options.
  • It has three temperature options with a seperate button for flow control. 
  • The showerhead has five different spray patterns. 
  • It connects directly to a cold water main feed for easy installation.
Best For Low Budgets
Triton Showers - MOMT014G Martinique Luxury Electric Shower

This model from Triton Showers has a very simple design that’s easy to use. It is made with durable construction and is simple to install. It has seperate temperature and flow controls, with three separate temperature modes for a comfortable and eco-friendly showering experience. 

The showerhead comes with five different spray patterns, and the hose is anti-twist to prevent damage. The shower also uses a phased shutdown mode to prevent limescale buildup. This effective, utilitarian shower is a reliable option for anyone looking to reduce their water bill.


58 x 25 x 16 cm
249 g
9.5 and 10.5 kW


  • This shower is very easy to install and operate.
  • The temperature is very stable and easy to change as needed.
  • The showerhead and hose are designed to prevent lime scale buildup and avoid scalding the next user.
  • The hose has an anti-twist design for longevity.


  • Despite its high power levels, this shower does not have as much pressure as some comparable options.

6. Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower

  • This showerhead is available in 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 kW options. 
  • It comes in three colors – white, beige, and black. 
  • It has one switch for temperature control with an LED indicator. 
  • It uses a delayed shutdown mode to wash away residual hot water.

This electric shower from Alisa Quartz is very simple and efficient. It uses one switch to control the temperature, with an LED color display to let you know what setting you are on. 

The shower has temperature controls to prevent it from overheating. It uses a delayed shutdown to flush out excess hot water and prevent burning. 

The hose has an anti-twist mechanism to prevent tangles or damage, and the showerhead has five spray patterns.


46 x 26.5 x 14 cm
3.26 kg
8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 kW


  • The design of this shower is very simple and easy to use.
  • Temperature control makes for a safer and more pleasant experience.
  • It has several power options to fit your home’s plumbing system.
  • The showerhead is durable and has many different settings.


  • The installation process for this shower can be challenging.

Electric Shower Buying Guide

How to Install an Electric Shower?

Installing an electric shower for the first time may seem like a daunting task, but the process is actually quite simple. First, you’ll need to check your existing shower space to make sure it is set up to install an electric shower. 

For this, you’ll need the dimensions of the shower as well as the water pressure and flow rate. If your shower does not have the minimum pressure and flow requirements, you won’t be able to install the electric version. 

First, you will need to mount the electric shower in a place where you can connect it to your water system’s main line. You can do this using a copper branch pipe and a drill. You will then need to connect the shower to your home’s electric system, which is typically accessible through the ceiling. 

The specific wiring will depend on the setup of your home and the model of electric shower you choose. Once you have the electric shower installed, you’ll need to run it using cold water to flush through the system before you use it. 

Temperature Control

A key feature to look at when selecting an electric shower is the temperature control options. One of the biggest benefits of having an electric shower is that you never have to use cold water, because it heats up immediately. If you like hot showers more, you can always use an extractor fan if it gets too steamy in your bathroom.

Make sure that your shower has a broad range of temperature control options for a more enjoyable experience. 


The power level of your shower is another important factor to look at when selecting an electric shower. This is measured in kilowatts. 

When your shower uses more power, it generally means that the flow rate is higher and you’ll experience higher water pressure. Electric showers often come with power levels of either 8.5 kilowatts or 10.5 kilowatts. 

8.5kw Electric Shower

An 8.5 kilowatt electric shower is typically smaller and more compact. 8.5 kilowatt showers use less energy than 10.5 kilowatt showers, so they are a good option for anyone who wants to reduce their energy bill. They are also a good choice if your home has a low electrical output. 

10.5kw electric shower

A 10.5 kilowatt electric shower has more power and a higher flow rate than an 8.5 kilowatt shower. This will mean more comfortable water pressure. However, these showers will use slightly more energy and may be more expensive. 

They also might overpower homes with low electrical output. Alternatively, if your home has a high electrical output, this will result in a more consistent water flow. 

Electric Shower Switch

One of the key components of an electric shower is the switch, which you’ll use to operate the water flow. The switch will enable you to turn the water on and off and control the temperature. When evaluating electric showers, you’ll want to make sure the switch is very durable.

A common problem with shower switches is the wiring wearing down over time, so you’ll want to make sure that the connection is strong when you install it. You’ll also want to make sure that the switch is ergonomic and easy to adjust. It should also be placed so that people of varying heights can reach it. 

Electric Shower Flow Rate

For your electric shower to work effectively, you’ll need to make sure that the flow rate of your home’s plumbing system meets or exceeds the minimum flow rate for the electric shower. 

Most 8.5 kilowatt showers require a flow rate of at least 8 litres per minute. If you get a shower with a 10.5 kilowatt power level or higher, it may require you to have a higher flow rate. 

Pricing Range

The price range of your electric shower is another key factor to consider. You’ll need to make sure that your shower fits within your budget. You’ll need to think not only about the cost of the initial purchase, but also about the cost of running the shower over time. 

It may be more cost efficient to get an expensive electric shower that dramatically reduces your heat and water bills over time. You will also want to factor in the cost of installation – it can be convenient to have someone else install your electric shower, but it also can be much more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does kW mean in showers?

When shopping for a new electric shower, you’ll likely see the abbreviation ‘kw’. This stands for kilowatt, which is a unit of energy and indicates the power level of your shower.

One kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts. If a shower indicates that it requires a certain number of kilowatts, this means that your electric system will need to provide that many kilowatts in order for the shower to work.

Q: How can I make an electric shower more powerful?

If the stream coming from your electric shower feels weak, the easiest way to fix this is by trying to increase your shower’s water pressure. Of course, you will be limited by the water pressure in your home. If the water pressure in your home has slowed down over time, consider talking to a plumber to see if there are any underlying issues.

If not, the weak water pressure may be caused by a poor connection to your water valve, and tightening it may improve that. You can also make an electric shower more powerful by lowering it slightly. This is because it requires more pressure to get the water all the way up to the shower head.

Q: How can I fit an electric shower over a bath?

You can fit an electric shower over a bath as long as the wiring in your bathroom allows you to do so. You’ll need to make sure you can connect your shower to your water and electrical main lines. 

If your bathroom was initially designed only to have a bathtub and not to have a shower, you may have to get creative with your electrical and water pipes to wire the shower appropriately.

Our Verdict

Many people are switching to electric showers these days because of their convenience and their positive effect on the environment. Not only can electric showers reduce your energy bill, but they also make showering more comfortable, because you never have to worry about waiting for your water tank to heat up. 

Because of this, an electric shower makes a great investment for your home. With so many different electric showers to choose from, you’ll need to be discerning while shopping to make sure that you get good value for money. You’ll need to assess the power level and flow rate of the shower as well as its overall design and efficacy.

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