Our Process

There’s a standard approach we follow here at Appliance Judge when it comes to how we choose what we review from the dozens of products we research, and how we make our recommendations. 

Here are the steps we follow when preparing our guides:

  • Expertise

Our writers have a wide range of expertise that they can draw on to write clearly and knowledgeably about all kinds of appliances. 

Amongst our team are writers who have themselves worked directly with appliance manufacturers or in the wider industry. This has given them great insight into the design and manufacturing process, and the features which make a difference to the use and appeal of a product. 

This range of perspectives means our team understands the market and what customers are looking for. 

  • Research

Our insight into customer’s wants and needs helps us form a shortlist of products to review from the huge number of options we look at in our initial research. 

We know that some shoppers prefer to place their trust in well-known brands that they’re familiar with and have possibly purchased from before. Others don’t mind who made an appliance so long as it offers the performance they want within their budget. 

We look at products from the market leading brands as well as smaller manufacturers so we can offer a well-rounded but concise summary of the available options.

  • Comparison & Analysis

Each of our guides focuses on a type of product, which means that each guide can be more focused and insightful. 

We’ll provide you with a simple overview of each product’s key pros and cons and the features that we did or didn’t like during our own tests. We put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer, so you can get a true sense of what it’s like to use the appliance yourself. 

  • Review

Our reviews are pulled together in an easy to understand format which helps you more easily compare options against each other. By grouping products that are designed to deliver the same function, we save you the time of looking at individual contenders. 

At the end of each guide we give you our recommendations, but also provide enough information for you to know what to look out for if you decide you want to go and carry out a further search yourself. 

We want you to finish reading our guides feeling more confident about making a buying decision that is right for you so you can spend your money wisely.