Best Hi-Fi System Reviews

Updated January 15, 2021

With huge advancements in music technology in the past few decades, navigating the gadgets and choosing the best one for you has become somewhat of a tricky task.

Don’t worry though.

Whether you’re seeking a simple traditional design or the next cutting edge technological breakthrough, we’re here to help.

Knowing what you want from a Hi-Fi system is the first part of the battle. If you only wish to play music to yourself, without a large audience, then maybe a hugely expensive set up is not the way to go. Modern slimline versions of Hi-Fis have opened a whole new world of choice for users.

Even the way we purchase and listen to music has changed our Hi-Fi tastes. If you are an Apple Play or Spotify user, then maybe the added online and Bluetooth element is more important to you. Knowing what works for you is the most important part of finding the best stereo system.

Check out our top picks.

Best Hi-Fi Systems

1 Sony - CMTSX7B.CEK Hi-Fi Sound System
Best Overall
Sony CMTSX7B.CEK Hi-Fi Sound System
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2 Sony - SHAKE-X30D Three Box High Power Audio System
Best For Higher Budgets
Sony SHAKE-X30D High Power Audio System
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3 LG - Black LOUDR CJ45 Hi-Fi System LG LOUDR CJ45 Hi-Fi System
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4 Panasonic - SC-HC302EB-K Micro Hi-Fi Panasonic SC-HC302EB-K Micro Hi-Fi System
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5 JVC - RD-D227B Wireless Flat Panel Hi-Fi System
Best For Low Budgets
JVC RD-D227B Wireless Flat Panel Hi-Fi System
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1. Sony CMTSX7B.CEK Hi-Fi Sound System

  • One-touch listening with NFC feature.
  • Stream music via WI-FI and Airplay.
  • Features a CD player and DAB/FM/Radio.
  • Multiroom playback.
Best Overall
Sony - CMTSX7B.CEK Hi-Fi Sound System

The Sony CMTSX7B proves that size is certainly not everything when it comes to the world of Hi-Fi’s.

This all in one Hi-Fi system comes equipped with a CD player, DAB digital radio, wireless connectivity options, and two speakers to have you up and running straight away.

Although lightweight and easily moved around, this model provides listeners with high-resolution audio playback, matching the high quality you come to expect from professionally recorded music.

Sony has also introduced a new audio technology known as LDAC. This allows you to stream high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth, with three times the data transmitted. This built-in Wi-Fi also allows users to access new and stored music through Google Cast and AirPlay.


11.5 x 22.5 x 26.3 cm
2.7 kg
50 Watts


  • High-resolution audio playback.
  • Built in WI-FI.
  • Great ability to connect to multiple devices.
  • Supports DVDs.


  • Small output capacity.

2. Sony SHAKE-X30D High Power Audio System

  • Motion Control via Fiestable application.
  • DJ effects, 2 x Mic input for Karaoke.
  • Multi-source playback. Bluetooth and NFC for simple one-touch connectivity.
  • Guitar input allows the Hi-Fi system to be used as an amp.
Best For Higher Budgets
Sony - SHAKE-X30D Three Box High Power Audio System

The Sony SHAKE-X30D is one of the top Hi-Fis for replicating that all-important club-like sound.

Supporting features such as DJ effects, high power, and soul-shaking bass, this Hi-Fi system is perfect for that party atmosphere and thumping bass you come to expect from a professional set up.

The added features of karaoke inputs and guitar inputs mean that this model offers much more than just a means of listening to music, you can now create your very own! You can hook it up to your TV and slot a karaoke DVD into the built-in player in order to see the lyrics on-screen.

With multi-source playback, Sony offers one of the most technologically advanced Hi-Fis on the market and you will struggle to find a more compatible one.

The light show feature will also add that final touch of class to this already highly decorated model.


39.09 x 36.79 x 58.49 cm
20.4 kg
600 Watts


  • Party features for added power and sound.
  • Bass features increase bass capability.
  • Colourful lights that shine onto walls.
  • Backlit touch-panel, perfect for dimly-lit conditions.


  • Bulkier and heavier than other comparable models.

3. LG LOUDR CJ45 Hi-Fi System

  • Built in light show feature adds to the party atmosphere.
  • Metallic construction makes it more robust.
  • The Auto DJ feature blends songs seamlessly together.
  • Advanced wireless technology allows for a perfect Bluetooth connection.

The LG LOUDR CJ45 Hi-Fi system is one of the best when it comes to mini hi-fi systems that still pack a hefty punch.

Combining the best of a compact system with the power and productivity of a much lager Hi-Fi, this model brings all the goods wrapped up in a small package.

The auto-DJ feature comes into its own during parties, allowing users to select songs and blend them seamlessly into a playlist, leaving no need for a DJ.

The advanced wireless technology in this model allows for a perfect Bluetooth connection between this device and smartphones, additional LOUDR speakers, and even LG TV.

Synchronize your Hi-Fi and television with the TV Sound Sync feature on this LG model, adding to the already endless modern features.


95.2 x 35.2 x 31.2 cm
13.6 kg
700 Watts


  • TV Sound Sync - synchronise your sound with your TV.
  • Multiple USB connections.
  • Compact mobility, even with powerful sound.
  • CD and Radio built in.


  • Bass levels work only at high volume.

4. Panasonic SC-HC302EB-K Micro Hi-Fi System

  • Compact and slender casing.
  • Can be mounted on to the wall.
  • Connect your existing device or streaming service direct to the Hi-Fi.
  • Equipped with built-in Panasonic music app.

This all in one design takes all the modern features of a state of the art Hi-Fi system and places it into a modern slimline design.

Its compact design means that the Panasonic SC-HC302EB-K can be easily moved or even mounted to the wall for even more convenience.

Simply connect your existing audio or streaming device, such as Chromecast Audio, or AUX-IN and you will be away in an instant. Although this is a micro Hi-Fi system in size, it doesn’t lose any of its gusto and can pack a mean punch in sound, when it needs to.

This is the ideal design for today’s modern user, one that can be easily placed in any sort of interior space and seem to fit in an instant.


45 x 16 x 25 cm
2.5 kg
20 Watts


  • Features CD, radio, and DAB.
  • Easily stored or placed in a room.
  • Links up with modern wireless technology.
  • AUX-IN AutoPlay for audio devices & streaming devices.


  • Can’t change speakers to upgrade in the future.

5. JVC RD-D227B Wireless Flat Panel Hi-Fi System

  • The slimline body is easily mounted on the wall or in a tight space.
  • FM and DAB radio features.
  • Able to link Bluetooth connection, making it easier to connect to streaming services.
  • CD player and range of connections for all of your musical needs.
Best For Low Budgets
JVC - RD-D227B Wireless Flat Panel Hi-Fi System

If you are seeking the perfect blend of mobility, quality, and affordability, then the JVC RD-D227B Wireless Flat Panel Hi-Fi system is the model for you.

Its lightweight design, combined with its slimline features makes it the perfect Hi-Fi for mounting on the wall or fitting in a tight space.

Although trim, the design none the less goes above expectations when it comes to output and volume. This, added to the most cutting edge features means you won’t be left behind in the modern world of Hi-Fi technology.

As well as this wireless connectivity the JVC RD-D227B offers a front-loading CD player and Digital and FM radio tuners, as well as a USB connection, leaving no method unthought of.


28 x 26 x 25 cm
1.75 kg
20 Watts


  • Value for your money.
  • Wireless and great Wi-FI connectivity.
  • Ability to add different speakers.
  • Lightweightness enables more mobility.


  • May lack that extra boost of power.

Hi-Fi System Buying Guide

What Is a Hi-Fi System?

High fidelity, often shortened to Hi-Fi is a term used to describe high-quality sound reproduction. Taking this term and running with it, a Hi-Fi system is a series of speakers, amplifiers, and other built-in features such as tape and CD players. 

The aim of the Hi-Fi system is to recreate the perfect sound quality and reproduction of the recorded music or song, such as a soundbase.

Advancements in technology over the decades have transformed the Hi-Fi from a primitive outlet to an advanced method of listening to music and sound. Finely tuning a Hi-Fi can offer a far better quality of sound than has ever been known in the history of reproducing music, so finding the right one can be a difficult task, 


With such a wide-range of Hi-Fis on the market, it is important to understand the many types available and what each one has to offer you as a listener. You may be a purist and seek the traditional Hi-Fi system, or you may be swayed by the more modern all in one, flat panel, or megasound Hi-Fi.

The differences in types of Hi-Fi all depend on the model’s output power, design, and what functions & qualities they come with. Each type of Hi-Fi will provide the listener with a unique listening experience and it will all depend on what experience you want and where in your home you set the Hi-Fi up. The following four types of Hi-Fi are the most common and will provide you with a better overview of the choice out on the market.


The traditional Hi-Fi system is the most common on the market and the design that was groundbreaking in its original inception. The traditional Hi-Fi system consists of the main body and a two-speaker setup. It also comes with the most input options including CD, radio, and many other external devices.

The advantages of having a traditional Hi-Fi include the ability to chop and change the speakers and all other added extras. The only small disadvantage may be that traditional Hi-Fis require quite some space, and being able to spread the speakers out will give you the best all-round sound.    

All In One HiFi

The all in one is ideal for today’s space-conscious listener; if you are pushed for space and can’t set up a traditional Hi-Fi with two speakers, this is for you. 

The all in one is just as powerful as the traditional model but the speakers and controls are all in one package. This is great for moving the Hi-Fi from one room to the next and doesn’t require any extra fitting of speakers. 

The best all in one Hi-Fi takes the best elements of traditional systems and creates a compact and mobile version, without losing any of the quality.

Flat Panel HiFi

The flat panel HiFi is much like the all in one Hi-Fi, yet its compactness allows it to fit into even smaller spaces, or to even be mounted on the wall at home, similar to soundbars

The most modern out of all the different types of Hi-Fis, flat-panel HiFis have a wide range of choices when it comes to makes and models. 

Seen as the Hi-Fi for the modern audiophile, flat panels can be blended seamlessly with modern interior design when mounted on the walls.       

Megasound HiFi

Megasound HIFIs are the Hi-Fi of choice at the moment for serious buyers, especially those who want their system to pack a punch. 

Based on the traditional design, the mega sound’s are supercharged to provide an earth-shaking sonic experience. Megasound HiFis are the go-to party set-up, providing its listeners with an all-round Hi-Fi package, turned up to the max.    


As well as types, size is another factor that fluctuates greatly in the Hi-Fi system. 

From extremely large systems that have to be housed on the floor, right down to the slim and sleek models that can be mounted on the wall, there is a size for all situations. 

The larger the systems aren’t always necessarily the loudest, and some of the mini and micro Hi-Fis can really make some noise. It is also important to remember that even the position of the Hi-Fi can greatly affect the quality of sound.   

Micro HiFi System

A micro Hi-Fi system is an ideal purchase when you are limited on space. Compact, easy-to-use, and more than capable of providing enough power to blast out your favourite tunes, the micro Hi-Fi system has it all. 

Although the micro Hi-Fi system is capable of playing a selection of your favourite songs, there will undoubtedly be a difference in quality compared to a normal, or even mini Hi-Fi system.      

Mini HiFi System

Mini Hi-Fi systems bring with them a much more substantial breadth of power. Not quite packing the punch a normal system would have, the mini Hi-Fi system none the less provides everything you could wish for in a music system. 

Remember, always choose a Hi-Fi system that suits the space you are trying to fill. For background music, a micro Hi-Fi will likely suffice.  


Alongside its size and capabilities, knowing what features each model has is a great way of finding the right Hi-Fi system for you. Features range from the more traditional CD and radio, right up to the more modern features of Bluetooth and wireless capability. 

Particularly modern designs can include features such as inbuilt Wi-Fi and touchscreen technology. Features on modern modals have become just as important as their ability to play high-quality music and sound.       

Wireless Hi-Fi Systems

Many modern Hi-Fi designs come equipped with wireless features, enabling them to be free of wires, but also connected to the world wide web. 

This wireless connectivity also allows you to connect your Hi-Fi system directly to music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music cutting out the need for a phone playing middleman.     

Bluetooth Hi-Fi System

The Bluetooth feature on a Hi-Fi system is very similar to the wireless one. Having this feature enables you to connect your laptop or phone and stream music directly through the Hi-Fi system. 

It also allows extra features such as Bluetooth speakers, adding to the mobility of your Hi-Fi system.   


USB ports and 3.5mm aux inputs are slowly falling off the list of essential features, but many Hi-Fis are nothing without them. These connections are even vital for a set up without Bluetooth or wireless features, enabling you to connect extra speakers, headphones, or even a turntable. 

Connect and charge your cellphone and open up a whole other range of features from your phone. 


The majority of Hi-Fi’s have an FM/AM radio tuner or a DAB tuner, or perhaps even both. 

This bit of unbeatable old school technology adds an extra feature to your Hi-Fi system. This is a great feature for when you wish for a little background music without setting up your own turntables or CDs. 

Pricing Range

As there is such a wide range when it comes to the variety in Hi-F systems, there is also a huge range in price. With such a huge range in cost, it is always important to set yourself a budget. 

Hi-Fi systems can range from a hundred dollars right up to a few thousand dollars, so be careful when you’re shopping around. 

Be sure to understand what added features are important to you and if you really need to fork out those extra dollars. 

Remember, when considering things such as Bluetooth, wireless features, DAB radio, and other added extras, the less you have, the lower the final price. A budget Hi-Fi system can provide exceptional sound, even without all the expensive added features.

Our Verdict

Finding the best home music system can be a long and detailed process to complete. It is most important to understand what you want the device for, and what features will best serve you.

Whether it is the size of the device, its cost, or simply its ability to stream music straight from Spotify, you must give all of these variations good thought.

Once you understand what you want the Hi-Fi system for, half of the battle is won and you can start to find the right model for you.

Cost and size are not always the best indicators of quality when it comes to Hi-Fis, so be sure to take the time and immerse yourself in each Hi-Fi specification before you settle on the one.

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