Best Electric Blanket Reviews

Updated December 21, 2020

When that cold winter weather begins to set in, our immediate reaction is to switch on the household heating and whack that thermostat up high, but with high rising heating bills, this could be a costly move.

Opt for a more cost-effective way of keeping yourself warm with an electric blanket.

With such a wide variety of electric blankets on the market, you are sure to find the right one for you and your needs.

From simple crafted throws, perfect for those lazy days in front of the television, to more elaborate under the sheet or over the mattress blankets, there is something for everyone.

Understanding the right model for you can all depend on a number of factors, from your bed size to your electricity bills and all the way to the washability of the device.

Take a look at our detailed electric blanket reviews so you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice for your needs.

Best Electric Blankets

1 Cosi Home - Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket Cosi Home Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket
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2 LIVIVO - Deluxe Electric Under Blanket with Dual LED Controller
Best Overall
LIVIVO Deluxe Electric Under Blanket
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3 Silentnight - Double Comfort Control Electric Blanket
Best For Low Budgets
Silentnight Double Comfort Control Electric Blanket
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4 Sweet Dreams - Double Size Heated Mattress Cover
Best For Higher Budgets
Sweet Dreams Double Size Heated Mattress Cover
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5 Monogram - Single Heated White Bedding Monogram Single Heated White Bedding Blanket
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1. Cosi Home Electric Heated Throw & Over Blanket

  • Made from a woolly fleece-like fabric for extra comfort.
  • Nine adjustable settings for more control.
  • Extra-large throw, making it easy to wrap around.
  • A built-in timer from 1 to 10 hours.

The Cosi Home blanket is a fantastic example of soft fluffy comfort combined with electrical heat.

This expertly designed throw has nine adjustable settings to provide you with the ideal temperature while you relax on the sofa or chair.

The extra-large design makes it easy to use this throw with more than one person, ideal for cuddling up with a loved one in the warmth.

As well as being easy to use and move, this wooly fleece electric throw comes with an overheat feature.

This feature will safely turn off power to the blanket whenever the temperature becomes too high.


160 cm x 130 cm
2.04 kg
Polyester Fleece
0.12 kW


  • Machine washable, for easy cleaning.
  • Simple to use remote control.
  • Overheat feature for extra safety.
  • Two-metre cable for comfortable mobility.


  • The thinness of material can cause it to be over-hot.

2. LIVIVO Deluxe Electric Under Blanket

  • Ultra-soft and durable non-woven premium polyester.
  • Three settings for extra control.
  • Superfast warm up time.
  • Dual Zone temperature control.
Best Overall
LIVIVO - Deluxe Electric Under Blanket with Dual LED Controller

This deluxe electric under blanket is the perfect addition to any cold winter bed. Just lay the under blanket below the bedding sheet and leave it to warm you throughout the night.

The huge dimensions of this electric blanket also make it ideal for even the largest of beds.

Choose from three separate heating settings for increased control, including a super-fast warmup setting to get the bed warmed up even faster than ever.

Perfect for couples, the LIVIVO has a dual-use option, this means that one user can set the temperature on one side of the bed, and the second user can control the other side.

The blanket will not awkwardly move like many others, thanks to the integrated fitted mattress cover side skirt for a more secure fit.


L:200 cm x W:182 cm


  • Can be controlled by two users.
  • Super kings size covers most sized beds.
  • Advanced safety technology, tested to the highest of standards.
  • Time setting, between 1 and 8 hours.


  • Heated mattress covers can only be used in bed.

3. Silentnight Double Comfort Control Electric Blanket

  • Three heat settings for extra control.
  • Machine washable.
  • Great value for money.
  • Three-year warranty.
Best For Low Budgets
Silentnight - Double Comfort Control Electric Blanket

This electric blanket from Silentnight is the ideal dive for those who want to purchase a blanket without breaking the budget.

With three heat settings, users can control the blanket with ease, including an extra fast warm-up feature.

By leaving a gap around the edges of the blanket, this design ensures the material stays flat and doesn’t overheat.

If overheating does occur, the blankets clever alert setting will tell the device and instantly cut the power. Fitting over single and double beds, the versatility of the blanket makes it an appealing one.

Backed up with a three-year warranty, the manufacturer will replace any device that is at fault. These added extras are great for such a low purchase price.


120 x 135 cm
1.44 kg


  • Cheap to run as the technology uses little electricity.
  • Safety overheating setting.
  • Can be for single and double bed use.
  • Designed to keep extremely flat, for extra safe use.


  • No straps to secure blanket onto the bed.

4. Sweet Dreams Double Size Heated Mattress Cover

  • Six individual heat settings.
  • Nine different timer settings for extra control.
  • Elasticated skirt to fit all mattress types
  • State of the art design.
Best For Higher Budgets
Sweet Dreams - Double Size Heated Mattress Cover

This double-sized heated mattress cover from Sweet Dreams is arguably one of the best heated blankets available on the market.

Using state of the art technology, this double blanket allows users to control the six individual heat settings with a touch of a button.

The nine different timer settings also allow greater control over when and how the heat turns on and off.

The built-in overheat protection allows users to confidently fall to sleep, knowing the safety precautions are in place. If the blanket starts to become overheated, then electricity is instant cut from the device.

By simply detaching the removable controller, the Sweet Dreams heated mattress becomes machine washable with ease.

Coming complete with a zip-up storage bag, the heated blanket is stored during the warmer Spring and Summer months, only adding to the appeal of the design.


137 x 193 cm
3 kg


  • Automatic shut off, ensuring extra safety.
  • Simple, easy to use controls.
  • Extra thin, non-obtrusive wires.
  • Dual controls for two users.


  • High-end price.

5. Monogram Single Heated White Bedding Blanket

  • It is fully fitted with an elastic skirt.
  • Extra foot warmth feature.
  • Six temperature settings, including a pre-heat option. 
  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

Replicating the snuggest and softest blanket you can imagine, the Monogram heated blanket is the ideal accompaniment to a cold winter’s night.

Fitting perfectly around a single bed, the Monogram can be programmed with six different temperature settings, focusing the heat to your desired location.

For those who suffer particularly with cold feet, you will be pleased by the extra foot warmth feature.

With six temperature settings, users can control heating with a touch of a button and even set the timer to start and stop at any requested time.

The Sleep Safety System will monitor the temperature of the blanket, ensuring it stays at a safe level. Any alarming rises in temperature will force the device to instantly cut the electrical power.

Adding to the user’s convenience is the ability to machine wash the blanket, as high as 30 degrees. You can also safely dry the blanket in a tumble dryer.

With a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee, buyers of the Monogram blanket will have confidence in both the maker and the product.


190cm x 90cm
1.82 kg


  • It is made from 100% polyester.
  • Crafted to mimic soft wool-like a blanket.
  • Lightweight and mobile.
  • 3-year manufacturers guarantee.


  • Only fits a single.

Electric Blanket Buying Guide


There are a number of different types of electric blanket on the market, so finding the right one for you should be a well thought out process. 

Choosing the right type of blanket can depend on a number of things, including where you are using the device, who is using it and what level of heat and comfort you want from it.     

Fitted Electric Blanket

Fitted electric blankets are designed, as the name suggests, to fit with the shapes and contours of your bed and mattress. 

The advantages of having a fitted electric blanket include the fact it stays nice and flat during a night’s sleep and is generally considered to be more comfortable to lie on.   

When choosing a fitted electric blanket, always be sure to match the corresponding size of the blanket with the size of the bed’s mattress. 

Non Fitted Electric Blanket

A non-fitted electric blanket is a hot blanket that does not fit around the corners of the mattress. Instead of this, they sit atop the mattress and usually have ties to keep them secured and in place. 

Sometimes known as tie-down blankets, non-fitted electric blankets are the more affordable option out of the tow but can be a little trickier to fit.  

Electric Throw Blanket

An electric throw blanket is designed to be used anywhere around the house, not just on a bed. 

Resembling a normal blanket made of wool or cotton but with a heated element inside, an electric heated throw can be mobile and easy to use. 

A heated throw can be a great money saver and an alternative to an indoor heater or a reverse cycle air conditioner as it does not have to heat an entire room.  

Heat Settings

Electric blankets come with a number of settings, all designed to give the user far more control over the device. 

Lower end blankets may have only three settings, whereas the top of the range blankets can have up to ten different settings. 

Settings on some blankets may just cover different levels of heat, and other times they can include more elaborate settings. 

Advanced settings can include a ‘warm spot setting’ where extra heat is placed on a particular area or ‘warm foot zone’ adding extra heat to your feet. 

Some blankets may take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour to fully warm up. Be sure to check this feature with your electric blanket, especially if you want a fast heating time. 

Another setting that is prominent amongst heat blankets is the timer heating setting; this will allow users to set a time for when the heating of the blanket should end. This will stop you from overheating during the night. 


Although many versions of the electric heating blanket have similar uses and designs, there can be a huge variety of features. 

Knowing what features come with your electric blanket will enable you to make the ideal choice when it comes to picking the right one for you. 

Machine Washable

As electric blankets can retain sweat and dirt over time, it’s important to be able to clean and wash it. Some devices are machine washable, and some are not. 

The machine-washable electric blankets should be detached from electrical workings before any washing can take place. 

Be sure to check with the manufacturer to ensure that the electric blanket can be machine washed. Washing should be done in a cool setting and nearly always air-dried. 

A few designs can be dried in a tumble dryer, but this can sometimes affect the shape and productivity of the blanket.   

Dual Control

A dual control electric blanket allows both sides of a double blanket to be controlled individually. This is ideal if there are two users of the blanket, and they both want different heating settings. 

This feature is only included where there is sufficient space, such as with double, king and super king-size blankets. Two plugs are needed for a dual controlled electric blanket as each side has its own element and own electrical supply.   

Overheat Protection

Many electric blankets include an overheat feature, reassuring users of the safeness of the device. This feature allows the blanket to sense any unusual temperature discrepancies. 

If the temperature of the blanket overheats or reaches an unusual level, the blanket will turn itself off before any danger or risk of burns. 

Many users have the often unfounded belief that electric blankets are somehow unsafe; the overheat protection feature is one more assurance of these devices’ safety. 


Some manufacturers offer an electric blanket with a timer, allowing even more control over the device. This timer can be set to certain levels of heat or time. 

Once the timer is set, the electric blanket will turn off automatically after it has passed the preset time. 

This is also a great safety feature as the timer can be set before you go to sleep, allowing users to fall asleep knowing the blanket will turn itself off.


Electric blankets are available to purchase in a variety of sizes, each one matching the seemingly endless sizes of beds and spaces. 

The price of the blanket inevitably rises as the size of the blanket becomes larger. The mechanism and internal structure of the blanket stays the same, yet more power is needed to warm it.  

Super King Size Electric Blanket

One of the largest electric blankets on the market, the super king-size will fit a super king-size bed and measures in at around 180cm wide and 200cm lengthways. 

King Size Electric Blanket

The next size down is the king size electric blanket, designed for king size beds. The measurements for this blanket are standardised at 158cm by 153cm.

Single Size Electric Blanket

The single size heated under blanket is the most common of an electric blanket on the market and is designed for single beds. The single size electric blanket measures in at around 90 x 190cm.   

Double Electric Blanket

Designed for double beds, the double electric blanket measurements tally in at 137 x 40cm. Double electric blankets are also the size that is most likely to be equipped with dual controls.  

Pricing Range

The price range of electric blankets can be quite extensive, and it all depends on a number of factors. Factors can include the make of the electric blanket, the size and the number of features that are included. 

Prices range from around £30 for a single or throw-like blanket, right up to about £100 for super king-size electric blankets with extra features.

Cheap electric blankets are just as capable of supplying you with heat, yet the longevity of use may be quite low. 

The low-end electric blankets do not come with as many added features such as a timer or dual control, though nevertheless provide the user with heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Used correctly and taken care of, electric blankets are no more unsafe than any other electrical device. Questions of safety often become compromised when there is damage to the blanket, and the inner workings of the electrical wiring become exposed.

Frayed material, loose wiring connections or wet and soiled patches all account for the more unsafe elements of electric blankets. Maintained and used correctly, there should be no issues with electric blanket safety.

Q: How Much Electricity Does an Electric Blanket Use?

This all depends on the make and size of the electric blanket as well as the cost of the electricity in your national region.

Strictly speaking, electric blankets are far more cost-effective than paying for the entire heating of the house or using an electric heater. Depending on wattage and electricity tariff, an electric blanket will cost an average of between 7p and 9p a night, if used for the entirety of the night.

Our Verdict

With such a wide variety of choice when it comes to heated blankets, finding the right one can be a difficult choice.

As we have seen throughout this review, juggling a number of factors together will give you the best outcome.

These factors mainly include the size and space of your bedroom or living area but can also include much more, depending on what you want from your heated blanket.

After years of technological progression, nearly all of the heated blankets now on the market include safety features such as temperature gauges and automatic shut off features.

This leaves the customer far more confident when it comes to choosing a blanket that is both useful and safe.

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