Best Cordless Phone Reviews

Updated December 16, 2020

While it may be easy to think that cordless phones are a thing of the past, the situation is far from being so. As communication technology evolved, so did the devices that support it.

As such, whether you want a new home wireless landline phone (for you or elderly relatives) or you want the best cordless phones for your business, there are plenty of devices available on the market.

To give you a hand, we reviewed some of the best devices for both home and business use. In addition, we put together a buying guide based on the features we used to select the best landline phones to review.

As such, by the end of this article, you will be familiar with the best products available right now, and you will know how to select the ones that best fit your needs.

See Our Top Cordless Phone Reviews

1 BT Everyday Cordless Home Phone
Best Overall
BT Everyday Cordless Home Phone
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2 BT 4600 Cordless Big Button Phone BT 4600 Cordless Big Button Phone
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Best For Low Budgets
3Gigaset C430A Cordless Phone
Gigaset C430A Nuisance Call Blocking Cordless Phone
Best For Low Budgets
Gigaset C430A Cordless Phone
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Best For Higher Budgets
4Panasonic KX-PRW120 Cordless Phone
Panasonic KX-PRW120 Premium Cordless Phone with Answer Machine
Best For Higher Budgets
Panasonic KX-PRW120 Cordless Phone
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5 Yealink SIP-W52P Cordless Phone Yealink SIP-W52P Cordless Phone
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6 Gigaset E630A Robust Cordless Phone Gigaset E630A Robust Cordless Phone
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1. BT Everyday Cordless Home Phone

  • Comfortable to hold & use
  • Large screen 
  • Save up to 50 contacts 
  • High sound quality & adjustable volume control
Best Overall
BT Everyday Cordless Home Phone

This is one of the best cordless phones for elderly people who need a device with a loud ringtone and built-in volume controls.

It’s also comfortable to hold and the buttons are big enough to press even with a shaky hand.

In addition, the screen is easy to read and big enough to provide additional information such as notifications on new messages or a second call waiting.

The phone can store up to 50 contacts and allows users to share contacts automatically with other handsets. It also lets you block 20 numbers and has a Do Not Disturb function that only lets VIP numbers through.

Furthermore, the redial function can be used on any of the last 20 calls so you don’t have to search your phonebook for every call.

The phone is easy to set up and has long range reception (up to 300 m outdoors and 50 m indoors).


5.1 x 3.2 x 16.6 cm
390 Grams
Plastic & rubber
Works with 2 AAA batteries


  • Easy to read screen
  • Redial button for the last 20 numbers
  • 50 contents phonebook
  • DND mode with VIP contacts


  • DND button is easy to press by accident
  • It is easy to knock over

2. BT 4600 Cordless Big Button Phone

  • Big buttons, that are easy to press
  • High-contrast, big screen
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Call control with blocking function

This model is ideal for the elderly, but it can also work as a landline phone for a business. It is easy to hold and has big buttons that are quite handy (especially if you’re not very happy with touch surfaces).

In addition, it has a built-in hands-free speaker (with volume control) and it can be used by people with a hearing aid.

There’s also an Amplify button on the side, so you can boost the volume with one press.

The display is large and has an amber background that contrasts nicely with the large, black characters displayed on three lines.

You can also block nuisance calls and save up to 50 numbers.

On the other hand, the redial list is 30 numbers long!

The phone is silver, which makes it easy to find if you lose it around the house. But, if you really can’t find it, the base has a “Find Phone” button that makes it ring.

The battery will last for up to 13h of continuous use and there’s a standby time of 160h, so it will not lose power if you leave it around the house.

Lastly, the device has an indoor range of 50m and an outdoor range of 300m.


23 x 17 x 17 cm
257 Grams
Plastic & rubber
It works with 4 AAA batteries


  • Easy to hold & use
  • Large screen and buttons
  • It is loud & has built-in volume controls
  • Call blocking features


  • No battery back-up of the base station
  • Amplify button can be activated by mistake

3. Gigaset C430A Cordless Phone

  • Large, modern-looking display
  • Lots of customization options
  • Phonebook for up to 200 names
  • Integrated answer machine
Best For Low Budgets
Gigaset C430A Nuisance Call Blocking Cordless Phone

Featuring a modern design, this wireless landline phone from Gigaset is perfect for home and business use.

Its large (1.8″) TFT color display provides access to a user-friendly interface that allows users access to settings and various customizations.

In addition, the base is integrated with an answering machine that can store up to 30 minutes of recording time.

This means you can get voice messages from friends, family, or business partners in case you’re not available when they call.

There’s also optical call signaling (the screen & Send key flash), in order to make sure you won’t miss a call.

The phonebook can store up to 200 names (3 numbers each) and there are two keys that can be customized to fulfill your favorite functions.

The phone has HSP sound quality and an integrated hands-free speaker, so you won’t miss a word of the conversation.

This device was designed for long talks (14h constant speak time) and has a standby time of up to 300 hours.


22.8 x 16.4 x 8.8 cm
560 Grams
Plastic & TFT display
Uses one Lithium-ion battery


  • Perfect for home & business use
  • Built-in answering machine
  • Good sound quality with hands-free speaker
  • Optical call signaling


  • Ring volume could be louder
  • It doesn’t stand on its own

4. Panasonic KX-PRW120 Cordless Phone

  • Modern-looking design
  • Magnetic adaptor
  • Smartphone Connect
  • Large screen
Best For Higher Budgets
Panasonic KX-PRW120 Premium Cordless Phone with Answer Machine

If you’re looking for a modern design, this device from Panasonic is the perfect choice.

It has a unique horizontal style, which makes it easier to grab in a hurry and a hook-like charger that keeps it in place.

Even more, the adaptor is equipped with magnets, to make sure the headset will stay put.

The metallic materials used are premium quality and the 2.2-inch QVGA LCD screen is large enough to provide information and access to the modern user-interface.

In addition, the Smartphone Connect function allows users to use their smartphone as an additional DECT handset (it supports up to 4 smartphones or tablets).

Lastly, the phone has plenty of useful functionalities such as Talking caller ID, noise reduction, advance TAM, incoming call barring (you can block up to 100 numbers), and One Touch Eco Mode (to preserve power).

Overall, this is one of the best cordless phones in terms of design and cool features.


19 x 18.6 x 10.2 cm
699 Grams
Plastic, metal, LCD screen


  • Modern & user-friendly interface
  • 2.2-inch QVGA color LCD screen
  • Premium feel
  • Can be used in combination with smart devices


  • Talking Caller ID notifications are a bit annoying
  • No call indicator on the base

5. Yealink SIP-W52P Cordless Phone

  • Classic cordless design
  • 500 entries in the phonebook
  • 10h talk time
  • Easy setup

Even though it may not look like much, the Yealink cordless phone is a SIP-based model that allows VoIP connectivity.

This makes it perfect for small businesses or home offices looking to implement a modern communication system that’s both affordable and scalable.

The device is compact (doesn’t occupy much space on your desk), has a decent range, and good battery life (100h standby time and 10h talk time).

With a decent-size LCD screen (1.8” and 128×160 pixels resolution) and 500 entries phonebook capacity, this wireless phone supports three voice codecs (G.711, G.723, and G.726).

Overall, the voice quality is good, the device is easy to set up, and the cost is quite affordable (from a business point of view).


20.32 x 10.16 x 20.32 cm
725.75 Grams
Plastic & rubber
Works with 2 AAA batteries


  • Ideal for business use
  • Compact design
  • Decent range
  • Good battery life


  • Very basic in design
  • The range can be affected by interferences

6. Gigaset E630A Robust Cordless Phone

  • Highly durable design
  • Great indoor/outdoor range
  • Integrated answering machine
  • Very easy to install

A compact design, a durable build (withstands water, dust, and shock), and solid range (50m indoor/300m outdoor) make this Gigaset device quite a useful communication tool for both businesses and home users.

The phone is easy to set up and has an easy to understand user interface. It’s also easy to use, due to the intuitive menu and large TFT color screen that’s easy to read.

In addition, if you feel the need to adjust the volume mid-conversation, there is a lateral key just for that.

Furthermore, since it is designed to be used in all sorts of environments, the phone is designed with several profiles that allow you to adjust the acoustics of the call.

This way, you can make sure the people you’re talking to can hear you loud and clear.

To make it even more useful, the phone has an integrated torch – after all, you never know when you need a guiding light!

In terms of organization & storage, the phonebook supports 200 entries and has a clever search function to find the right one in no time. It’s also quite resilient, with about 14h speak time and 300h standby time.

Other important features include vibrating alarm, LED flashes, answering machine, ECO mode (to reduce consumption and radiation).

Lastly, you can expand the system with up to five additional handsets, which makes it easy to implement in a large house or a small office.


22.4 x 16.8 x 8.8 cm
659.99 Grams
Plastic & rubber
Works with 2 AAA batteries


  • Great for business & home use
  • 1.8'' TFT color display that’s easy to read
  • ECO mode
  • Compatible with hearing aids


  • The ringtones are rather bland

Cordless Phone Buying Guide


Modern cordless phones work based on several different technologies, but the most popular models use DECT, 2.4GHz wireless signals, or Bluetooth. 

DECT stands for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications,” and is a standard used to make a wireless phone system connect to its base station. 

This technology uses radio waves and has a solid range, without too much interference. 

The reason for this is because it works near the 1.9 GHz frequency band, so it stays out of the way of other wireless technologies (such as Wi-Fi or BT).

More advanced devices also support BT and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity which allows them to make VoIP calls and receive/send other information. 

If this is the case, you should pay attention to the range and whether or not there is a chance for interference. Usually, these devices are best suited for home use.

Answering Machine

In short, you can have a cordless phone with answering machine and a cordless phone without answering machine. 

The answering machine serves two purposes: first, it greets the caller and lets them know they can leave a message, and second, they record the message and wait for you to play it. 

Now, the best wireless phone is not necessarily one with a built-in answering machine, but if you do want one, here are a few features to consider:

  • Storage capacity (some machines can only support up to 30 minutes of recorded conversation)
  • Location – the machine can be into the base on in the phone
  • Size – designs with a built-in answering machine are a bit bulkier
  • Notifications – the phone or base should have an LED notification letting you know there are new messages

Sound Quality

Since this is a phone, you will need a device that picks up your voice and sends it to the other side without interference or noise. The same should be true on the other side. 

In addition, to improve sound quality, some devices have separate audio profiles that can adjust the audio according to your environment. 

This feature comes in handy if you work in a garage or an industrial area where you also need to take on calls. 

Lastly, it helps to get a device that lets you boost the volume while speaking. 

As such, most devices have a side button that amplifies the volume with just one press – this is also useful for elderly people or people who use a hearing aid. 


The main reason people are looking for digital cordless phones is freedom. This type of phone lets you use a landline without keeping you tied to a desk or to the wall. 

However, this doesn’t mean you can take the headset and leave the house or office with it. 

These devices work well on a specific range around the base, and it’s important to choose the best product based on the environment you’ll be using it in. 

Usually, the difference is between the indoor vs outdoor setting. For DECT cordless phones, the optimum range is 50m indoors and 300m outdoors, but you need to be aware of any obstacles that may interfere with the signal (walls, tall shelves, or various objects).

If you need a bit more, there are DECT repeaters you can use, but there’s also the option of using a base with several connected headsets that cover a wider area. 


The offer varies from classic designs (the rectangular shape with buttons and an LCD/TFT display at the top) to more stylish cordless phones that resemble the smartphone. 

In addition, some models are clearly designed for elderly people, with bright displays and high contrast between the background and the characters used. 

These devices also have large buttons that are easy to press and convenient shortcuts.

Lastly, cordless phones for older people are specially designed to work with hearing aids or to deliver the sound directly into the ear canal (to improve message delivery success). 

On the other side, stylish cordless phones are mostly designed for business or home offices and they use modern materials, have large displays, and a more complex user interface. 

Call Blocking

Considering the increased fraud attempts that happen via phone and SMS, this is a useful feature for both individuals and businesses. 

As such, all modern cordless phones allow users to block a series of numbers, but some only allow you to block specific numbers while others let you block certain categories (like international or unknown numbers). 

This feature allows you to protect elderly parents from getting targeted by scammers but it’s just as useful for businesses. 

In addition, some devices also come with a DND function that only allows VIP calls to pass through. This is a nice way to ensure you have a quiet afternoon without worrying you’ll lose a call from someone important.

Pricing Range

Prices differ depending on the technology you need, if you want an answering machine or not, the size of the display, the complexity of the user interface, and overall design. 

However, the differences are not that big since you can find a decent cordless phone at around $100 – $150.  Some models are even available under the $100 threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How To Connect Cordless Phone To Landline?

Most cordless phone systems are made of two elements: the base and the headset. 

The headset goes into the base and uses it for power and connectivity, so the base is the one that needs to be in direct contact with the landline. For this, follow these easy steps:

  • Unpack the base and the headset
  • Plug the phone line into the basis (there is a port marked LINE)
  • Make sure the other end of the phone wire is plugged into the wall 
  • Plug the power plug into the base (usually next to the phone line port) and into the wall (power outlet)
  • Finish everything by putting the headset into the base (you should see the headset light up)

Our Verdict

In the world of mobile phones and tablets, landlines are still useful as they provide an affordable and reliable alternative. 

As such, cordless phones are more of a hybrid between corded devices and mobile devices, providing users with some freedom while still being readily available even when mobile signal is down. 

So, whether you run a business from home or you need a more diverse communication system for your office, cordless phones are still a great option. 

In addition, these devices are perfect for elderly users who are not as comfortable with modern technology.

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