Best Soundbar Under £200 Reviews

Updated February 16, 2021

Adding that little extra boost to your TV or movie watching experience can be achieved by introducing a soundbar.

A well-designed soundbar can make all the difference between enjoying that immersive experience and feeling the full impact of a blockbuster movie.

With such a variety of devices to choose from, it can be a little difficult to choose the right one for the job.

The variety of different features and add ons that come with modern soundbars make it an electronic maze.

Let us take you through the ins and outs of soundbars, finding that all-important technology for under the £200 mark.

We breakdown the pros and cons of the top devices on the market to help you make the right decision for your technology and your household.

See Our Best TV Soundbars Under £200

1 Majority - Snowdon II Soundbar 2.1 ch with Built-In Subwoofer Surround Sound
Best For Low Budgets
Majority Snowdon II Budget Soundbar
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2 BOMAKER - Soundbar, 37-inch Sound Bar for TV BOMAKER 37-Inch TV Sound Bar
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3 Bose - Solo Soundbar Series II
Best Overall
Bose Solo Soundbar Series II
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4 Creative - Stage 2.1 Channel Under-monitor Soundbar Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Soundbar
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5 Sharp - HT-SB140(MT) 150W 2.0 Slim Wall Mountable Soundbar Sharp Slim Wall Mountable Soundbar
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Best For Higher Budgets
6Yamaha Electronics YAS-107 Soundbar
Yamaha - Electronics YAS-107 Soundbar
Best For Higher Budgets
Yamaha Electronics YAS-107 Soundbar
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7 Sony - HT-SD35 Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Bar Sony HT-SD35 Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Bar
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1. Majority Snowdon II Budget Soundbar

  • Virtual surround sound.
  • Built-in subwoofer.
  • Bluetooth wireless.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
Best For Low Budgets
Majority - Snowdon II Soundbar 2.1 ch with Built-In Subwoofer Surround Sound

This second-generation Snowdon soundbar by Majority is one of the most popular choices when it comes to finding a budget soundbar.

It is an especially great choice for those looking to save a little money but still want something that retains quality sound.

This 2 in 1 soundbar incorporates both the general spectrum of sound and a built-in subwoofer.

Ultimately, this saves you both money in the initial soundbar and from buying an added subwoofer to enhance the sound later down the line.

The curved frontage of the soundbar also brings an elegance to this appliance that is way beyond its price tag.

An ideal choice for a first-time buyer of soundbars.


81 x 8.3 x 8.3 cm
1.2 kg
120 W


  • Easy to use large remote control.
  • 36-month warranty.
  • Can be easily mounted to the wall.
  • Great value for money.


  • No HDMI port which limits connectivity.

2. BOMAKER 37-Inch TV Sound Bar

  • Built-in subwoofer.
  • DSP technology.
  • Can deliver a powerful 120 dBs of sound.
  • Multiple connections.

When it comes to shopping around for the best soundbar, it can be difficult to find a product that both performs how it should and looks the part.

However, that is exactly what the BOMAKER Soundbar provides.

With a built-in subwoofer and a power output of over 120 dBA, there is more than enough to keep even the biggest movie soundtrack buff entertained.

With scratch-resistant material and an elegantly curved design, this soundbar provides a look and finish that outstretches its reasonable price tag.

Something that will keep you entertained for years to come.

With just TV use in mind, you will struggle to do better with this model, making it one of the best tv soundbars under £200.


94 x 8.5 x 7.4 cm
2.7 kg
80 Watts


  • Scratch-resistant material.
  • Easy to customise the sound output.
  • Multiple ways of positioning the soundbar.
  • Easy to use.


  • Remote signals can be weak.

3. Bose Solo Soundbar Series II

  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable dialogue mode.
  • Simple one cord connected to the TV.
  • Compact and small design.
Best Overall
Bose - Solo Soundbar Series II

Coming from a brand such as Bose, you would expect only high price tagged devices, yet this soundbar puts any of those assumptions to bed.

With the Solo Soundbar Series II, Boos delivers a high-quality design and construction with shocking affordability.

Although lacking any built-in bass features such as a subwoofer, this device takes your TVs sound and runs with it.

Using only one lead to link up between it and the TV, you can be away within minutes of having the product.

With an added dialogue mode, this is a great soundbar for lovers of great dialogue led tv and films, adding that extra bit of quality to them all.


8.6 x 54.9 x 7.1 cm
3.38 kg
30 W


  • Doubles up as a TV stand.
  • Reliable brand naming.
  • Can get the soundbar up and running right away.
  • Great affordability.


  • Lacks any strong in-built bass.

4. Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Soundbar

  • Can be hidden out of sight.
  • Dual-drivers and in-built subwoofer.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Multiple connection options.

This multi-use soundbar is the ideal choice for both gamers and movie buffs and is expertly designed to be tucked away out of sight from a cluttered gamer’s desk.

With dual drivers and an in-built subwoofer, there is more than a boost to the average sound you get out of this device.

Combine this with an easy to use remote control and the ability to play MP3s, and you have more than enough to complete your home entertainment system.

Although it may struggle to compete with the bigger boys with overall bass and sound, this is the perfect choice when adding that little extra to your gaming experiences.


60.2 x 16.99 x 40.79 cm
1.19 kg
40 W


  • Connectable to USB.
  • Perfect for PCs and TVs.
  • Small sleek design.
  • Plays MP3s straight in.


  • Could be more powerful.

5. Sharp Slim Wall Mountable Soundbar

  • Compatible with HDMI and digital optical audio
  • Super wide at 95 cm that can fit with some of the biggest TV setups.
  • Slim low profile allows it to fit underneath your TV.
  • Bluetooth-in functionality.

Coming from the reliable Sharp brand, it is no surprise that this sleek and well-designed soundbar is up there as one of the best soundbars for tv under 200.

Its grand size makes it great for larger TVs and home cinema setups but it is also sleek enough to fit with much smaller TVs.

With a lightweight design, you are able to transfer the bar with relative ease. The added feature of using a TV remote for the bar allows you complete control, no matter what you’re watching or listening to.


6 x 95 x 6 cm
1.3 kg
150 W


  • Ability to use a TV remote.
  • Reliable brand naming.
  • Lightweight design and easy to move.
  • Value for money.


  • Possible incompatible issues.

6. Yamaha Electronics YAS-107 Soundbar

  • 3D surround sound.
  • Clean and clear dialogue.
  • Supports HDMI and 4K
  • Subwoofer output.
Best For Higher Budgets
Yamaha - Electronics YAS-107 Soundbar

As you would expect fro such a well-known brand, this Yamaha soundbar is recognised as one of the best of its kind on the market and it is easy to see why.

Despite lacking a subwoofer, the clear precise sound quality this soundbar produces is exceptional.

This, combined with the universal support it provides to all sorts of cables and connections, makes it a top world-beating piece of kit.

You can enjoy even more control by linking it with your home tablet, which will allow you to adjust the specifications as you wish.


13.1 x 89 x 5.3 cm
4.3 kg
27 W


  • Use a home tablet or TV remote to control.
  • Easily wall-mounted.
  • Top of the range quality.
  • Reliable Yamaha brand.


  • No subwoofer included.

7. Sony HT-SD35 Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Bar

  • 320W of output power.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Multiple connecting features.
  • Bluetooth audio playback.

This product from Sony brings everything you would want if you are a bass-junkie seeking that extra bit of boost.

With both a booming bass setting and wireless subwoofer, those intense bass notes will hit you like nothing else.

Apart from this fantastic bass element, the lightweight design makes this sony soundbar perfect for all users in a variety of different households.

Connecting to a multitude of different connecting points, you are sure to get up and running from the outset.

Though sometimes lacking in refinement, there is plenty to shout about when it comes to the power of this soundbar.


8.8 x 90 x 6.4 cm
7.8 kg
320 W


  • Adjustable subwoofer.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Booming bass.


  • No Dolby Atmos surround sound technology.

Budget Soundbar Buying Guide

When it comes to the numerous features and variables in soundbars, it is important to assess each and everyone before coming to an informed decision. 

From the simple choices such as what size of the soundbar to have, to more in-depth features such as surround sound and deep bass, there is much to cover.

Let’s have a look at the most common features to sounds bars, and each differing feature affects the overall sound. 

Surround Sound

One of the main features buyers of soundbars are looking for is a surround sound feature. 

This allows users of the soundbar to experience sound from a variety of different points in the room, providing the sensation of being surrounded by the sound, the same as a home cinema system.

This immersive experience is achieved in a number of different ways, depending on the design and make of the soundbar.

Unlike many television setups, surround sound within a soundbar relies heavily on the design of the device itself and not on a series of speakers around the room.

There are a number of new forms of technology when it comes to new and innovative forms of surround sounds in soundbars. The best of these is known as Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound feature that was developed in cinemas and has now been rolled out to devices such as soundbars. 

The main features of Dolby Atmos are the ability to send sound through different channels, achieving a much more varied surround sound experience.         

Sound Quality

Like many audio devices, sound quality can vary hugely between makes, brand names and simply different devices altogether. 

No matter how good your TV is, the quality of sound will always be affected by the quality of your soundbar.

Along with the actual quality of the device, the placement of the soundbar can also affect the quality of sound, depending on where it is around the room. 

Traditionally, placing the soundbar slightly above the TV’s remote control will give you the best sound quality in a general sized room.

Linking the soundbar with wireless features such as a subwoofer will also increase your sound quality, again this is highly dependable on the placement of the subwoofer. 

Ensure that the subwoofer is placed close enough to the soundbar that they sound as one.       

Size Of a Soundbar

The size of your soundbar is another variant factor when it comes to choosing the right one for you and your needs. 

It is important to consider the size of the room you are setting up the soundbar in and, of course, the size of your TV.

When thinking about the overall look and aesthetics of your sound setup, you don’t want a soundbar bigger than your TV set. 

In an ideal situation, you should opt for a soundbar that is exactly the same width as the TV you are providing sound too.

The size of the soundbar and TV can often be incompatible with each other, so knowing which size soundbar goes with which TV set is hugely important. 

Something that is similar in size is a soundbase.

Soundbar Connections

Once you have decided on the right size and type of soundbar you are going to buy and use, the next stage is connecting your soundbar to the TV set. 

With such a wide variety of technology and devices, there are seemingly endless ways to connect the soundbar.

There are two main ways to connect your soundbar to your TV. The first is by using the soundbar as a hub in which you run all connections through, this means you only need to run one cable to the TV.

The second way is to set your soundbar up as a speaker while connecting all the other devices to the TV. 

Knowing which is the best one for your needs all depends on the soundbar itself and which is compatible with which connection. 

If you are using an HDMI cable, you will have to ensure your TV can support audio return channels, meaning that signals can be sent to and fro from the TV.

If your soundbar is without an HDMI connector, you can always use a digital optical or a digital coaxial cable. 

Some users prefer this method, as it is more capable of sending higher and stronger signals from the soundbar.


Not all soundbars will have the same features from one model to another, these variations can change the soundbar experience. 

When looking for the best soundbar for tv under 200, having these extra features can make all the difference to the device.

Let us take a look at the different soundbar features and how they relate to the user and their experience.     

Wireless Subwoofer

A subwoofer is an external feature that stands alone, often separate to the soundbar itself. 

Usually placed directly next to the viewer and listener, the subwoofer increases the base levels of the sound and increases the lower notes. 

Made only to deliver bass frequencies, the subwoofer can be connected via wireless connection and placed wherever you want in the room.

This added feature is something that comes along with certain types of soundbars and can even be purchased as a completely different item.

Some more modern soundbars incorporate subwoofers into the device itself, this leaves no need to purchase an extra subwoofer device.

We have a review for best soundbars under £100 with a wireless subwoofer.


As more advancements are made in soundbar technology, the size and sleekness of the device become smaller and well thought out in the design.

The compact feature in a soundbar definitely allows you to fit the device neatly under a television set or even along a shelf, adding to the overall design and look of a room.

Sometimes it is unavoidable to lose sound quality when it comes to reducing the size and compactness of a soundbar. 

It is important to weigh what you want more out of your soundbar, overall power of sound, or sleekness and compactness of design. 

Deep Bass

Developing on from the subwoofer, a soundbar can also incorporate a deep bass feature. This deep bass feature can give a little extra oomph to budget soundbars.   

Deep bass is an extension of the bass feature and can provide that lower octave sound quality that is required on many TV, film or music experiences.

Remote Control

Being able to control your soundbar from the comfort of your armchair is a must for many people. The best way of doing this is by opting for a remote control feature.

Much like using a television remote, users can adjust the volume, sound settings and even the power of the soundbar via a click of a button. 

You can check out our best hi-fi systems, some of them use remote controls too!

Our Verdict

Concluding our extensive review of soundbars, it is clear to see that there is a huge amount to choose from.

This choice can only be confidently made by understanding your own wants and needs from the soundbar itself.

Only by judging your own sonic surroundings can you successfully find the right soundbar for the job.

By taking in the size of your room, the size of your TV or even the make of your TV, you will be able to narrow down your own choices.

Each of these soundbars ticks a particular box when it comes to a home sound experience.

Whether you require bass that blows you away, complete surround sound that throws you headfirst into a cinematic experience, or simply a boost to your already optimum sound quality – there is a soundbar on the market for you.

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