Best Hair Straightener Reviews

Updated December 20, 2020

Hair straighteners are a girl’s best friends. You’ll find them available in different sizes for professional styling in the intimacy of your home. Or for quick and reliable hairdos when you’re on the go. But, also, with models in between the top-of-the-range and the entry levels. 

Should you obsess about the size of the plates or their material? How can you tell if it will fit your hair type or style? What’s up with all those weird names and patented technologies manufacturers brag with? 

Can you find top hair straighteners without paying a fortune for it? And do the good hair straighteners must really come with all those anions and nanoes or hair oils you’ve never heard of before? 

Truth be told, there are so many options on the market, but not all of them offer something that makes a difference. If you start… splitting hairs, you’ll hardly decide which one to buy. Do not fret, though! We have the perfect hair straightener buying guide laid out for you below.

Best Hair Straighteners

1 Cloud Nine - The Original Iron Hair Straightener
Best Overall
Cloud Nine Iron Hair Straightener
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2 ghd - Mini Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners ghd Ceramic Hair Straightener
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3 TONI&GUY - TGST3004UK Style Fix Straightener TONI&GUY Style Fix Hair Straightener
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4 Remington - Shine Therapy Advanced Ceramic Hair Straightener
Best For Low Budgets
Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener
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Best For Higher Budgets
5Panasonic Hair Straightener
Panasonic - EH-HS95 Hair Straightener with nanoe Technology
Best For Higher Budgets
Panasonic Hair Straightener
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1. Cloud Nine Iron Hair Straightener

  • Package contains the hair straightener, a luxury carry case, and a protective heat guard.
  • Features ceramic heat technology and mineral-infused ceramic plates.
  • Allows you to go through 7 different heat temperature settings.
  • Reaches temperatures from 100 to 200-degree Celsius.
Best Overall
Cloud Nine - The Original Iron Hair Straightener

Cloud Nine’s Original Iron hair straightener is a multi-awarded product that needs no introduction. Available as a gift set, with a heat-resistant luxury case and a heat guard, it makes the perfect choice for a present. Yes, you’ll want to buy it as a gift to yourself! 

But all its elegance left aside, the ceramic heat technology behind it and the mineral-infused plates will spoil any hair type and style. With the temperature ranging from 100 to 200-degree Celsius, the maximum is reached in 20 seconds. 

The 7 heat temperature settings have one control button to switch between them. The light indicator will let you know which is the active selection. While the MicroComputer-controlled heating system will adjust it to maintain an even temperature on the entire surface of the plates.


36cm body, 9 x 4cm plates


  • Elegant packaging, sold as a gift set.
  • Effective hair straightener with even temperature.
  • Reaches maximum temperature in 20 seconds.
  • Acts gently on the hair, minimizing damage.


  • Not the most budget-friendly option.
  • Plates could use being a little wider.

2. ghd Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Relies on ceramic heating technology.
  • Reaches a maximum temperature of 185-degree Celsius.
  • Features automatic sleep mode when not in use for half an hour.
  • Works with World Wide Voltage, so you can use it anywhere you travel.

Coming from one of the most popular hair straightener brands, this mini but professional ceramic model is always a top choice. Its body is cooler and lighter than you’d expect, the plates are really smooth, and the professional finish is achievable with ease. 

Designed to reach the 185-degrees Celsius optimum styling temperature in 30 seconds, it will straighten and smoothen even the more stubborn hair strands. And should you happen to leave it on and unsupervised, rest assured it will shut off automatically within 30 minutes. 

For those who travel a lot, the mini format along with the universal voltage are making it quite convenient to use. To top it off, it comes with a protective plate guard, so it can be packed away the moment you turn it off. No need to wait until it cools down!


26.3 cm body, 8 x 1.3 cm plate
150 grams


  • Thin and lightweight design.
  • Easily creates professional finishes.
  • Designed for safe use.
  • Accompanied by a 2-year warranty.


  • Plug design makes it a tad difficult to unplug.
  • Mini, not full-sized version.

3. TONI&GUY Style Fix Hair Straightener

  • Ceramic floating plates that can heat up to 210-degree Celsius.
  • Portable model with compact size and salon-length cord of 1.8m.
  • Designed with colour lock technology.
  • Built with multi-voltage, for worry-free travel.

Toni & Guy’s style fix straightener has such an attractive price and a generous 5-year warranty. You won’t help but want to try it, and want to learn more on its colour lock technology. Suffices to say it promises extra hair and colour protection, something it delivers! 

The magic is in its ceramic tourmaline floating plates, for sure! It can get as hot as to 210-degree Celsius and allow you to set up a Catwalk hairstyle in no time. All while ensuring the ultimate protection to the hair follicles and locking in the colour. 

Thanks to the super compact size, it easily fits a handbag. It comes with World Wide Voltage, and a generous 1.8m salon cord, which makes it perfect for traveling. With this straightener, your hair can look fabulous anywhere you go.


33cm body, 20 cm plates


  • Portable hair straightener.
  • Protects hair and maintains colour.
  • Fits any power outlet.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • No temperature indicator.
  • A tad small for really long hair.

4. Remington Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Standard sized ceramic hair straightener.
  • Plates infused with vitamin E and Moroccan argan oil.
  • Features 9 temperature settings.
  • Built with fast heat up and auto shutoff.
Best For Low Budgets
Remington - Shine Therapy Advanced Ceramic Hair Straightener

Looking for a straightforward hair straightener with handy functions? Ideally, one that won’t make you break the bank? Remington’s special hair straightener with ceramic plates infused with Moroccan argan oil and vitamin E may as well be the one! 

As fancy as it sounds, the product is just what you need. It comes with on-off switch, temperature controls, separate, lock and boost, temperature functions, an intuitive display for temperature, and controls for choosing any of its 9 individual settings. 

It reaches a maximum of 230-degree Celsius in only 15 seconds. The hinge lock and the heat-resistant pouch are welcomed features. But the automatic shut-off will play an even bigger role in your peace of mind.




  • Advanced, floating plates evenly distribute the pressure on the hair.
  • Designed with an intuitive digital display.
  • Heats up really fast, all the way to 230-degree Celsius.
  • High-quality, budget-friendly hair straightener.


  • Two-prong plug and no adaptor.
  • No sound alert when reaching the set temperature.

5. Panasonic Hair Straightener

  • Ceramic plate with Panasonic’s patented Nanoe technology.
  • Officially tested at the proDerm laboratory in Germany.
  • Features 5 different heat levels.
  • Automatically drops down temperature and shuts off after 60 minutes.
Best For Higher Budgets
Panasonic - EH-HS95 Hair Straightener with nanoe Technology

Hair care may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of Panasonic. But wait until you try out their hair straightener with Nanoe technology, and that’s all you’ll think of from that moment on! 

In a nutshell, Nanoe is their patented technology, tested at proDERM in Germany, one that reduces static and tames the rebel hairs into a smooth and sleek finish. Not only that, but it also ads visible shine to the hair strands, which is a big plus! 

With 5 heat settings and a smart technology that drops down the temperature when you’re not using it, the straightener can shut off automatically, after 60 minutes. If you do turn it off when you’re done, the side button will come in handy for locking the plates in a jiffy.


8.5 x 2.4 cm plate
600 g


  • Professional hair straightener with sophisticated technology.
  • Fits all hair types and styles.
  • Protects the hair strain and improves its shine.
  • Built-in auto shutoff for extra safety.


  • Somewhat expensive.
  • No heat protective case in the package.

Hair Straightener Buying Guide

Hair Type

One of the reasons why there are so many hair straighteners on the market is the fact that there are all kinds of hair types. Each hair type will react better to a certain model, requiring a specific temperature, plate width, and even plate material. 

Depending on the hair texture, how thick or thin, coarse or fine, wavy or curly your hair is, one particular hair straightener may be the one or… not so much.

Hair Straighteners for Thick Hair

Thick hair is usually coarser than fine hair. It needs a higher temperature, and so, it is important that a hair straightener for thick hair to reach the maximum temperature as fast as possible. For the same purpose of saving you time, you should pick a model with large, wide plates. 

Covering more surface at once, while reaching a high temperature without damaging your locks are essential features for products in this category. For all these reasons, a titanium hair straightener, even though more expensive, could prove a friendlier option with thick hair.

Hair Straighteners for Fine Hair

At the opposite pole, fine hair can be just as challenging, though it has different needs. Whether just wavy or frizzy, as long as it is fine, it requires a lower temperature. The plate width will have to be chosen according to the volume, as some women with fine hair still have a lot of hair, requiring a wide-plate model. 

From this perspective, hair straighteners for fine hair have ceramic or ceramic tourmaline plates. While it matters how low the temperature goes, one with a higher temperature may still be used, provided you reduce the straightening time accordingly.


Size varies depending on the main use of the product. Small hair straighteners, meant to be portable, can have 25 cm in length. Such mini hair straighteners will also have their plates smaller and narrower, around 8 x 2 cm, sometimes even thinner.

Nevertheless, the standard size of a hair straightener that you’re supposed to use at home can be 35 cm in length with 10 x 5 cm plates.

Plate Width

Even with the best flat irons, success depends on the technique you use. It takes being patient and doing the straightening one hair strand after another, with as thin strands as possible. 

If you have thin or sparse hair, slim hair straighteners are better. Should you be fighting thick or curly hair, wide plate hair straighteners are the best. Plate width varies from under 1.5 cm on mini or slim models to 5-6 cm on wide plate models.

For your reference, always match the plate width with your hair length. Consider 2-3 cm plate width for short hair, 3-4 cm for medium, and around 6 cm for long hair.


This accessory helps you style your hair in detail or simply add some touch-ups on the go. The larger models, with wider plates and longer cords, are ideal for home use. But there are also mini hair straighteners, for traveling, or just for having them in your purse throughout the day. 

Styling your hair can also include luscious curls or beautiful wavy hair, and for that you can use a hair curler.

Travel Hair Straighteners

Travel hair straighteners are not significantly smaller than the average-sized ones. They are, however, a bit shorter and with narrower plates. Usually, they come with a heat protective bag, so you don’t have to wait for them to cool down. 

Most importantly, portable hair straighteners are built with dual voltage. Having the option to work at either 110-120V or 220-240V makes them ideal for travel. Anywhere you go, you can be sure they will be safe to sue.


Most hair straighteners have ceramic plates, often treated with certain oils to be gentler with the hair. Then, there are ceramic plates coated in tourmaline, a gemstone that contributes to a more consistent heat and that works well even at lower temperatures. 

The titanium hair straighteners make the latest addition on the market. Safe and ready to distribute heat evenly without burning the hair, a titanium flat iron is considerably more expensive. Notably, it is particularly effective with curly coarse hair.

Safety Features

Apart from good quality plates, the best hair straighteners must come with particular safety features. The most important ones are the auto shutoff and the auto adjustable temperature. 

The first one will automatically turn off the flat iron if you’re not using it for 30 or 60 minutes. The second one will interfere before the auto shutoff, reducing the plates’ temperature to a lower value while you’re not using it. 

Still safety-related, having accurate temperature controls can make a difference. Best if you pick a model with a dial that lets you specifically set a temperature.

Remember, before using a hair straightener, blow dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Temperature Range

Most ceramic plates are designed to start heating up at 100-degree Celsius, all the way to 200-degree Celsius. The 185-degree Celsius is considered the optimal temperature, though not all hair types will easily straighten around this value. 

For thin and fragile hair, a lower temperature is preferred, and the versatile hair straighteners let you juggle with temperatures between 100 and 150-degree Celsius. Whereas if you have thicker, more stubborn hair, you will want a higher temperature, around 200-degrees Celsius. 

The highest temperature we found in our research was 230-degree Celsius. Note that those with a more generous range must usually have some safety features, like automatically dropping down the temperature when turned on but not in use.

Pricing Range

Contrary to your expectations, cheap hair straighteners won’t necessarily let you down in a few months. You can buy a good-quality, budget hair straightener for under £50, sometimes even around £30. 

By contrast, a popular hair straightener that comes with a couple of accessories and with a gift packaging will be fairly priced at over £100, actually closer to £150. 

For the top of the range models with innovative, patented technologies, a price tag of £200, or more, is not uncommon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best hair straighteners?

Having so many products on the market, different manufacturers are fighting for supremacy. By far one of the best hair straighteners you’ll find is from Cloud Nine, specifically their Original Iron version that received multiple awards already. 

Also, GHD has a line of popular models, with their Mini Styler Professional being currently on the rise. Plus, there’s Remington Shine Therapy, a surprisingly affordable model with lots of handy features that buyers are extremely happy with.

Q: How to clean hair straighteners?

Hair straighteners must be cleaned in the gentlest possible way. Baby wipes or a soft cloth – lightly damp, not soaked in water! – make a good choice. Suffices to occasionally rub it over the surface of the plates, to prevent product build-up.

Q: Can you take hair straighteners in hand luggage?

Yes, a hair straightener is one of the items allowed in hand luggage. One important detail, however, is that it must be a corded model, not one with batteries. As long as you can’t turn it on during the flight, you can carry it in your bag.

Our Verdict

As simple as they might look, good hair straighteners will last for years, while protecting your hair from damage and colour loss. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy one, but you must definitely spend some time to pick one.

Lucky for you, you’ve already done so by making it all the way to the end of this best hair straightener buying guide. Now you can keep your cool, without letting yourself impressed by empty promises.

Follow our recommendations, so you won’t end up with a throwaway object that will need to be replaced every few months. Instead, make an informed and valuable investment in one of the top hair straighteners that suit your needs and that are built to last!

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