Best Hair Dryer Reviews

Updated December 21, 2020

A hairdryer is pretty much a staple in most people’s households – men and women alike. Need to dry your hair fast and frizz-free? Hairdryer. Need to diminish those water splashes on your new dress? Get the hairdryer out. Tonight’s outfit not quite dry from the washing machine? You know the answer!

However, with huge numbers of top hair dryers on the market, on top of the range of hair dryer brands, it can be difficult to sift through and find the best hair dryer for your needs. That’s why we have done the work for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the top hair dryers on the market, and a detailed hair dryer buying guide at the end!

Best Hair Dryers

1 Dyson - 1200W Iron Hair Dryer
Best Overall
Dyson 1200W Hair Dryer
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2 ghd - Flight Travel Hair Dryer ghd Travel Hair Dryer
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Best For Higher Budgets
3Panasonic Advanced Hair Dryer
Panasonic - EH-NA98 Nanoe Advanced Hair Dryer
Best For Higher Budgets
Panasonic Advanced Hair Dryer
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4 Remington - D7779 Air3D Hair Dryer Remington Air3D Hair Dryer
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Best For Low Budgets
5Babyliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer
BaByliss - Curl Dry Hair Dryer
Best For Low Budgets
Babyliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer
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1. Dyson 1200W Hair Dryer

  • Iconic pink accents in the design.
  • Re-engineered diffuser to reduce frizz.
  • Thinner design for more focused styling.
  • 3 different nozzles for drying styles.
Best Overall
Dyson - 1200W Iron Hair Dryer

This beautiful Dyson hairdryer has been designed with all hair types in mind to suit most people. Plus, it ensures no extreme heat to help prevent any heat-induced damage to your hair. This is thanks to the temperature cap being below 150 degrees.

In addition to this, the dryer has three different speed settings and 4 heat settings so you’re able to change up your drying style as you please.

The Dyson hairdryer focuses on reducing frizz and smoothing the hair. The airflow is controlled and the thinner design creates a higher momentum airflow to focus the air into each individual styling section, rather than creating frizz in the rest of the hair all at once.

It’s a functional dyer for most hair types, thanks to the 3 different nozzles included with the hairdryer. The smoothing nozzle limits frizz while the styling concentrator nozzle helps you to focus on individual sections of hair at one time. Lastly, the diffuser nozzle is ideal for gently dry curls.

The design itself is just stunning and futuristic looking. With a pink Fuschia drying head and steel-colored handle, the Dyson 1200 is eye-catching and certainly stands out from other hairdryers on the market.


98.1 x 67.8 x 25.4 cm
2.13 kg
Plastic and Steel
1600 W


  • No extreme heat.
  • For all hair types.
  • 3 different speed settings.
  • 4 temperature settings.


  • High price point.
  • Takes a little longer to dry hair than others.

2. ghd Travel Hair Dryer

  • Incredibly lightweight and ideal for traveling/on the go.
  • 1.8m long cable.
  • Foldable design for easy travel and storage.
  • Ghd safeguard technology to prevent overheating.

Ghd has hit the nail on the heat with their travel hairdryer. It ticks all the boxes for those who want a smaller-sized hairdryer than functions just like a full-sized one, and is ideal for on-the-go.

Firstly, it’s incredibly lightweight at under half a kilogram. It also holds a compact design as the handle can be folded into the mainframe. These qualities ensure your hairdryer won’t be something to worry about fitting into your suitcase on your next holiday.

The hair dryer has multiple speed and temperature settings just like a traditional full-sized one to suit different drying styles. The nozzle is also removable.

As an added bonus, the ghd travel hair dryer comes with a protective dust bag to keep the dryer clean.

Lastly, ghd have included their safeguard technology in this dryer. This is a unique function that ensures the dryer will automatically switch off when held too close to the head to prevent overheating. This is also excellent to prevent accidental scalding of your scalp.


0.42 kg
1200 W


  • Multiple speed and temperature settings.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Removable nozzle.
  • Included protective dust bag.


  • Travel size means it can take longer to dry than full-sized hair dryers.
  • Switching off regularly to prevent overheating can be annoying.

3. Panasonic Advanced Hair Dryer

  • Nanoe and double mineral technology
  • Includes a “scalp mode”.
  • Foldable handle.
  • Unique looking design.
Best For Higher Budgets
Panasonic - EH-NA98 Nanoe Advanced Hair Dryer

Panasonic’s EH-NA98 hair dryer is ideal for those looking to tackle damaged hair with issues such as split ends, lack of shine, frizziness, dryness, and dullness. The cutting edge NanoeTM and Double Mineral Technology works with electrostatically atomized water molecules.

In short, this helps to give your hair a high shine and reduce split ends. If you tend to use a hairdryer every day on your hair then this may be a great choice to give your hair the added protection it needs.

The modern design holds 4 different drying modes including a hot and cold alternating mode for a frizz-free finish. Secondly, the intelligent temperature control mode for humid and hotter climates. The third mode is scalp mode which is to be used when the hair is 70% dry. Lastly, the skin mode. This can be safely used on the face once your hair is dry.

Finally, the design is modern and sleek with a removable styling nozzle depending on your drying needs. The handle is also foldable making travel and storage easy!


0.5 kg
1800 W


  • Easy-to-use sliding switch.
  • Both hot and cold airflow settings.
  • 4 modes.
  • 3 speeds.


  • A little noisy.
  • Higher price point than others with similar features.

4. Remington Air3D Hair Dryer

  • Sleek white design.
  • 3D airflow technology.
  • Includes 3 styling attachments.
  • Ionic conditioning to protect your hair.

The beautifully bright white and sleek Remington Air3D D7779 design is both compact and lightweight for super comfortable drying for any hair type. The hairdryer itself has been specially ergonomically designed for optimum comfort while drying your hair.

This dryer has a shine enhancing conditioning technology ideal for those wanting to keep a healthy glow to their hair even when blowdrying it often. This is created with special internal mechanics outputting micro conditioners and ions for frizz-free shine.

With a very unique 3D airflow style, this hairdryer is unlike any other design. It creates a more powerful flow of air, reducing drying time. Plus, three heat settings and 2 different speed settings make it easy to change up your style daily. It also includes two different nozzles plus a diffuser to suit curls. The two nozzles are 7mm and 11mm in width.

Last but not least, the hairdryer also comes with a handy storage case and a slip-proof mat.


0.55 kg
1800 W


  • Ergonomic and lightweight design.
  • 3 heat settings.
  • 2 different speed settings.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • No automatic power off in case of overheating.
  • Hair can cut sucked into the vent when drying at certain angles.

5. Babyliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer

  • Ionic conditioning system.
  • Includes one large diffuser to tame curls.
  • Long 1.8-meter cord for restriction-free drying.
  • Incredible value for money.
Best For Low Budgets
BaByliss - Curl Dry Hair Dryer

The Babyliss Curl Dry Hair Dryer is a classy black hairdryer with pink accents, specially designed for those with curly hair. However, the dryer also comes with a nozzle suitable for non-curly hair too!

This hair dryer packs a punch with 2100 W power, meaning the time it takes to dry your hair will be significantly shorter than with other hair dryers. The whole unit is fairly lightweight weighing just over half a kilogram so drying your hair will also be a comfortable process.

It’s a perfect simple dryer to prevent frizz and create a smooth and shiny blow out. The ionic conditioning system and ceramic technology ensure frizz control. Plus, the hair dryer features a cool shot setting to finish your hair.

Lastly, it has a chord length of 3 meters meaning you can move around a little more freely than with other shorter cables. The BaByliss Curl Dry is an ideal everyday dryer that is also super friendly to your wallet!


0.567 kg
2100 W


  • 2 different speed settings.
  • Suitable for straight hair too.
  • Includes concentrator nozzle.
  • 3 heat settings.


  • The highest heat setting is not as hot as others.
  • Does not volumize curls.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Top Brands

Of course, there are vast numbers of hair dryer models out there, but there are also a lot of hair dryer brands on the market offering different specialties.

Let’s take a look at some of the well-known hair dryer brands.


Dyson is a British company that has been extremely well known for their hoovers since 1991. In 2016, the innovative hoover company branched out and released their first Dyson hairdryer: the Dyson Supersonic.

As you have seen in our reviews above, Dyson’s hair dryers have contemporary and aesthetically pleasing designs, while functioning at a high level. The only downside is that Dyson hair dryers are a little pricier than others.


Another popular brand offering electronics such as hairdryers is Argos; an online catalog retailer. You probably remember Argos from when you were younger, circling all the items you’d love! 

It’s super easy to get an Argos hairdryer through their website or in-store. They offer a range of popular hairdryer brands such as Remington and BaByliss – both of which we’ve reviewed above. Argos often have brilliant discounts and deals on their website so it’s worth taking a look before purchasing elsewhere!


Ghd is probably one of the most well-known hairdryer brands in the UK and started up in 2001. The name “ghd” actually stands for “good hair day”. It’s a pretty straightforward indication of the purpose of their products! You can get a ghd hairdryer from many homeware stores such as John Lewis and even Amazon.  


Although there are lots of brands, there are also many different types of hair dryers that can be particularly beneficial to different hair types. These include ionic hairdryers and ceramic hair dryers. 

Ionic Hair Dryer

If you have particularly thick or frizzy hair, an ionic hairdryer could be a new staple in your routine. So what actually is an ionic hairdryer?

These types of hair dryers emit hundreds of negatively charged ions that break down positively charged molecules. The positively charged molecules are what can lead to frizz and a rough finish, so combatting the, can erase this issue. Ionic hairdryers can also help your hair dry faster!

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Ceramic hair dryers are generally a little pricier than ionic hair dryers due to the different materials and technology used. 

A ceramic hair dryer is suitable for all hair types including thin hair, as it’s different materials are specially coated to distribute the heat evenly around your head while drying. This way, frizz is reduced and hair is usually dried a lot faster.

In addition to these benefits, ceramic hair dryers are able to automatically regulate heat to your surroundings by adjusting to the room temperature.

While ceramic and ionic hairdryers have their own individual benefits, you can also find hairdryers that are a combination of the two types in order to address all your needs!


The power of a hairdryer can be measured in Watts (W) which is a unit of power. Some professional hair dryers can reach well over 3000 Watts, but for home use, you’ll find most between 1200 and 2200 W!

It’s important to understand that a higher wattage doesn’t necessarily mean the dryer is better quality. It’s simply an indication of how much power it uses. The speed and temperature modes, plus the mechanical design will also alter how powerful the hairdryer is.

As a general rule of thumb, a higher wattage will result in a more powerful hairdryer that will usually be able to get hotter and dry hair faster.

Noise Level

Possibly the worst component of all hairdryers is the noise! It can be frustrating if you have long and thick hair that takes time to dry, and it can also be unpleasant to use early in the morning or late at night. 

The hairdryer noise that you hear is actually from the motor and the fans used to cool it, not from the movement of air. Unfortunately, removing the noisy motor fans would result in a hairdryer that overheats almost instantly. 

As a solution to this, there are newer hairdryers on the market where manufacturers have solely focused on noise reduction. You’ll find some hairdryers with “low noise” listed as a feature, so make sure to look out for that if noise is a concern.


Normally hairdryers weigh around 1 to 2 pounds (approximately 0.5kg to 1kg) which may not seem like a huge amount. However, when using a dryer for a while to style your hair, those 2 pounds can quickly turn into feeling like a brick in your hand.

The hairdryers we have featured above are all under or around half a kilogram, which is a fairly comfortable weight for your wrists. When choosing between a few with similar features that you need, go for the lightweight hairdryer. You’ll thank us later!

Hairdryer With Diffuser

A hairdryer with a diffuser is your new best friend if you have curly hair. The diffuser is a circular type of nozzle that attaches to the end of the dryer head. It also has small prongs coming out of it.

The purpose of a diffuser is to distribute and separate the airflow a little further to veer away from frizz and affecting natural curl or wave patterns.

The diffuser is simply used by gently ‘dropping’ your curls onto the top of the nozzle and slowly moving it towards your head for a few seconds before moving to a different section. You can repeat this a few times all over your head to dry your natural curls!

Pricing Range

Pricing range in hairdryers varies drastically, from very cheap and great value hairdryers to more luxurious and costly alternatives. 

There are a few reasons that can help to explain why costs may be lower or higher:

  • Brand (for example, the cheapest Dyson hairdryer is far more expensive than most other hairdryers on the market).
  • Materials (plastic is much cheaper than dryers that include steel elements).
  • Wattage.
  • The number of features such as speed settings and temperature.
  • Extras included with the hairdryer (such as a dust bag and extra nozzles).
  • Technology; ceramic hair dryers are usually more expensive than ionic hairdryers.

Our Verdict

Hopefully, this guide has been comprehensive enough to educate you on purchasing your new hairdryer!

Hairdryers seem like a pretty basic and simple piece of kit, however, after looking through the details in this guide you should have realized how many different components there are to each and every hairdryer. It’s also excellent to address your hair type when choosing a new dryer.

In short, an ionic dryer is great for thicker and frizzy hair, while a ceramic dryer produces similar benefits. On the other hand, a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle is a paragon for those with curly hair.

When choosing your new hairdryer, which you can do easily and quickly from our detailed reviews above, you’ll also see the variation in the price of hairdryers with similar features. More expensive doesn’t always mean better quality! You’ll want to take into account the type, the features it offers, and which hair type it is aimed at.