Best Gas Cooker Reviews

Updated March 7, 2021

Traditional in their design, but increasingly popular due to modern additional features, gas cookers are still one of the most popular choices when it comes to home cooking.

The gas design is fast to heat up, and instant to light which is why many prefer then over electrical alternatives.

They are also a brilliant way to save on electricity bills in your home.

Gas cookers have a huge spot in the kitchen appliance market, with hundreds of brands and models available.

Some tick boxes for price and simplicity while others are larger investments with incredible sizing, capacities and quality.

To make the buying process more simple we have covered 6 of the best gas cookers available plus all their features with everything from weight to hobs and materials.

Afterwards, you will find an in-depth buying guide to help make your final choice.

See Our Best Gas Cookers

1 Electra TG60W 60cm Gas Cooker with Variable Gas Grill Electra TG60W 60cm Gas Cooker
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Best For Low Budgets
2Electra SG50B 50cm Gas Cooker
Electra SG50B 50cm Gas Cooker
Best For Low Budgets
Electra SG50B 50cm Gas Cooker
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3 Beko KDG581W 50cm Gas Cooker with Full Width Gas Grill
Best Overall
Beko KDG581W 50cm Gas Cooker
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4 Beko KTG611K 60cm Gas Cooker with Full Width Gas Grill Beko KTG611K 60cm Gas Cooker
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5 Indesit Cloe ID5G00KMW/L 50cm Gas Cooker
Best Overall
Indesit Cloe ID5G00KMW/L 50cm Gas Cooker
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6 Rangemaster Professional Plus PROP110NGFSS/C 110cm Gas Range Cooker
Best For Higher Budgets
Rangemaster Professional Plus 110cm Gas Cooker
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7 Hotpoint Cloe HD5G00CCX 50cm Gas Cooker with Full Width Gas Grill Hotpoint Cloe HD5G00CCX 50cm Gas Cooker
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1. Electra TG60W 60cm Gas Cooker

  • B energy rating.
  • Includes an internal light.
  • 60-litre capacity
  • Includes a gas grill.

With a super simplistic black and white-coloured design, this gas cooker fits into any kitchen aesthetic.

The cooker features one main lower oven, one upper grill over and a 4-burner gas stove.

It holds a B-energy rating which, while not the highest on the market, is excellent for the affordable price.

This model includes an internal light button that can be switched on from the frontal control panel.

The main oven also includes 3 internal racks for easy stacked-cooking.

Plus, the entire capacity of 60 litres makes it more than large enough for a large roast dinner!

The front of the oven features a viewing window on both cooker doors, helping you to keep track of how your food is cooking.

Lastly, the upper left-hand side of the model includes a small digital timer display.


900 (H) x 600 (W) x 600 (D)
47 kg


  • 4 burners.
  • Simple white and black design.
  • 2 viewing windows.
  • 3 internal racks.


  • Some other designs have higher energy ratings.
  • The design looks a little dated.

2. Electra SG50B 50cm Gas Cooker

  • Modern black design.
  • B energy rating.
  • 48-litre capacity.
  • Lower storage shelf.
Best For Low Budgets
Electra SG50B 50cm Gas Cooker

With a slightly more modern appearance than many other traditional gas stoves, this black design is definitely welcomed in more contemporary home aesthetics.

The black finish is paired with a durable stainless steel stove on top for 4 different sized burners.

Furthermore, this model comes with a B energy rating which is not as high as some more expensive models, but great for the price.

The single oven holds up to 48 litres in capacity, ensuring its big enough for a medium-sized family meal.

Plus, it includes 2 separate rack shelves to easily arrange your cooking.

An added bonus of this design is the storage compartment for cooking dishes under the main oven.

The downside of this design is that it does not include a digital display timer, however, it does include a manual wind-up version.

It also has a slightly lower capacity than some other models due to the lack of a second grill-oven.


60 x 50 x 90 cm
48 kg


  • Durable stainless steel stove.
  • Manual winding timer.
  • 4 burners.
  • Internal light.


  • Lower capacity than some other models.
  • There is no digital timer.

3. Beko KDG581W 50cm Gas Cooker

  • A+ energy efficiency.
  • Very affordable.
  • Includes a separate grill.
  • 61-litre capacity.
Best Overall
Beko KDG581W 50cm Gas Cooker with Full Width Gas Grill

One of the standout qualities of this Beko gas cooker is its exceptional energy rating.

The A+ efficiency rating ensures that this unit is caring towards the environment and also your electricity bills.

What’s more, the cooker comes at just over 200 pounds, making it an affordable purchase too.

The oven includes 2 separate cavities, with the upper smaller section functioning as a grill and the larger section featuring 2 internal shelves.

The entire unit has a capacity of 61 litres making it ideal for cooking for 4 to 6 people at one time.

Above the oven, we have the hob, featuring 4 different sized burners to house small to large pots and pans.

The burners can be easily adjusted using the frontal rotary dials on the control panel. Unfortunately, this control panel does not include a timer function and does not feature any kind of child lock.


60 x 50 x 90 cm
44 kg


  • 4 burners.
  • Easy rotary dials.
  • Large handles for easy opening.
  • 2 internal shelves.


  • No timer.
  • No control panel lock.

4. Beko KTG611K 60cm Gas Cooker

  • Attractive black design,
  • A+ energy rating.
  • 72-litre capacity.
  • Main conventional oven.

This model has a contemporary glossy black stainless steel finish, providing both durability and style for your kitchen.

The Black-coloured finish is ideal for cookers that you plan to keep for a long time, as they don’t tend to get as dirty or rusty as white-coloured alternatives.

Furthermore, this great model holds an A+ energy rating.

While it is a little more expensive than other alternative gas cookers, you will end up saving money in the long run due to the efficient energy rating.

Additionally, it includes 2 separate cavities – with the first being a conventional oven, and the smaller upper cavity functioning as a gas grill.

The entire unit has a 72-litre capacity, putting it a little higher than most other gas cookers available.

The internal oven also includes a light button to tell you what’s inside.

Plus, the frontal controls are easy to use as they can be simply twisted to change the settings.

The large opening handles are perfect for opening with oven gloves on too.


60 x 60 x 90 centimetres
57.8 kg


  • Gas grill section.
  • Internal light.
  • Large handles.
  • Easy-to-use controls.


  • No digital display.
  • The grill section only has one function.

5. Indesit Cloe ID5G00KMW/L 50cm Gas Cooker

  • 65-litre capacity.
  • Includes a stove lid.
  • Double glazed doors.
  • 2 cavities, including a grill.
Best Overall
Indesit Cloe ID5G00KMW/L 50cm Gas Cooker

With a simple exterior design, this gas cooker fits into any kitchen style while performing at a high-standard level for a price of under 300 pounds.

Firstly, the cooker includes 2 separate cavities and a 4 zone gas hob, with each burner bringing a different size to accommodate all kinds of cooking.

The internal oven and upper grill have a total capacity of 65 litres, ensuring they can comfortably cook for 4 to 6 people at one time.

A feature we loved with this cooker is its double-glazed oven and grill windows.

These prevent heat from escaping through the doors and the result is less energy waste and, therefore, lower costs to run.

Another useful feature is the lid that is included for the grill when it’s not in use.

Furthermore, the oven doors include large viewing windows so you can keep track of the cooking process.

Plus, the control panel features a light button to illuminate the lower oven.


H900 x W500 x D600
49 kg


  • Internal light.
  • 2 large viewing windows.
  • Includes 2 internal shelves.
  • 4 zone gas hob.


  • A digital display would be nice.
  • There is no timer function.

6. Rangemaster Professional Plus 110cm Gas Cooker

  • 4 different cavities.
  • Includes a handy rack.
  • Catalytic internal liners.
  • Slow cook feature.
Best For Higher Budgets
Rangemaster Professional Plus PROP110NGFSS/C 110cm Gas Range Cooker

This top-notch professional gas cooker from Rangemaster ticks all the boxes for a hi-tech cooker, suitable for large families and enthusiastic home cooks.

The oven includes 4 different cavities, with two functioning as conventional ovens and the other 2 as gas grills.

The range of sections makes it suitable for creating large, diverse meals at one time that require several different temperatures.

Above the ovens is a gas stove featuring 6 burners in different sizes.

These are lined with cast iron supports to keep pots and pans securely while cooking. Below the ovens is a large storage section.

Additionally, the internal aspects are just as exciting. It includes a handy rack that attaches to the main door which is ideal for roasts where you frequently need to check on the meat.

Plus, the smooth shelf runners prevent spillages while removing trays from the oven.

Lastly, it features catalytic internal liners that absorb grease and are easily removed and cleaned.


H89.8 x W110 x D60
132 kg


  • Smooth shelf runners.
  • 6 burners.
  • Cast iron supports.
  • Storage sections.


  • It is almost 2000 pounds.
  • The large design will not suit smaller kitchens.

7. Hotpoint Cloe HD5G00CCX 50cm Gas Cooker

  • Modern stainless steel design.
  • 69 litre capacity in the main oven.
  • Digital display.
  • 2 cavities.

This simple design is paired with a few additional features compared to more basic gas cooker models, each of which is well-suited to an ideal home-use appliance.

Firstly, the modern stainless steel design is far more attractive than alternative white versions as it gives a classier touch to the cooker.

Plus, the use of stainless steel knobs on the control panel is easy to use and to clean.

A great feature of this well-priced model is its digital display in the upper right corner.

This display shows the time, and also allows you to activate the timer function. It will beep once the timer is complete too.

The design features 2 cavities, with the lower functioning as a conventional oven and the top section working as a grill.

Above this is the hob with 3 burners, enamel pan supports, and a glass cover for when it’s not in use. The entire capacity of the cooker comes in at 69 litres.


60 x 50 x 90 cm
54 KG
Stainless steel


  • Includes a timer function.
  • Special oven liners.
  • 32-litre capacity grill.
  • Enamel pan supports.


  • There are cheaper models with similar features.
  • The rubber stoppers on the oven are harder to clean.

Gas Cooker Buying Guide


The brand of a gas cooker can help you to have an insight into what kind of appliance you will be getting.

For example, Beko, one of the most well-known kitchen appliance brands, is renowned for its affordability alongside the longevity of its cookers. 

You will have seen above that most Beko models are priced affordably and have all of the basic features alongside some additional ones for the more expensive models.

Electra, formerly known as Vestel, is a cooker brand that tends to always have hotplate stoves rather than gas burners. 

Their cookers are straight-to-the-point and generally very affordable.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rangemaster is renowned for its excellent range of cookers that pair a high price tag with larger units best suited for spacious kitchens.


The type of cooker, particularly the width, is a useful way to understand what kind of model it is, as well as what it includes.


Traditional home gas cookers come in the form of 50cm widths. 

This holds traditional features such as 4 burners, a main over and an upper grill oven. 

You will find most of the featured models above are 50cm gas cookers.


Taking things up a notch, we get to 60cm cookers. These types of cookers are larger in width and usually have higher internal capacities. 

Like 50cm versions, they will include 1 or 2 cavities, alongside an upper gas hob with 4 burners.


Lastly, 90cm models tend to be of range cooker size with more than 2 cavities, which are spacious thanks to the large dimensions. 

These types of gas cookers are higher in cost and efficiency thanks to the higher quality materials and technology.


The features of any kitchen appliance are essential to ensure you are choosing the exact model to suit your needs. 

However, as cookers are so popular, the market is quite saturated with different features.

The features available are usually dependent on the price and the brand you choose. 


Firstly, hobs are included in all gas cookers – or any cooker for that matter. 

This is the section that sits above the oven and functions with gas rather than electricity. 

Most traditional smaller home-use gas cookers will feature 4 burners on the hob alongside cast iron or ceramic stabilisers to keep pots and pans in place. 

This size is more than enough for medium-size families where you need to cook multiple dishes at once.

Taking things further, range cookers will usually include 5 or 6 burners to accommodate more cooking at one time. 

If you often cook for more than 4 people with the hob, we would recommend opting for a gas cooker with 5 or 6 burners.


The grill usually sits below the hob and above the main oven. 

Depending on the style of the cooker, particularly if it’s a larger model, many versions will also include a grill to the side of the oven.

The grill of gas cookers will more often than not function with gas, just like the hob, as opposed to a fan. 

This makes them ideal for grilling things like garlic bread, sandwiches, and pizza.


Lastly, and likely the most important section of a gas cooker, we have the oven. 

This could function either with gas or as a conventional fan oven depending on the model.

It’s important to check the capacity of the oven and choose the one that best fits your needs. 

If you’re looking for personal use or medium-sized family use over, you can get away with a typical version of around 60 to 70-litres.

If you need a larger model, opt for a higher capacity such as with the Rangemaster Professional Plus.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of any appliance is measured using a scale from A+++ to G, with the former being the most energy-efficient. 

Energy efficiency is an important factor for both the environment and your personal energy bills. 

A higher energy efficiency rating results in less energy wastage, and a huge amount of money saved annually. 

The downside is that most energy-efficient models will rank up higher in the price category.

One of the most energy-efficient models we have featured is the Beko KDG581W 50cm Gas Cooker, with an A+ rating.


Small gas cookers are a great choice for those with more compact kitchens, and less space available. 

Plus, they can save on money too thanks to less energy use and smaller designs. 

Small models, such as 50cm versions, are well-suited for medium-size households of 3 to 4 people.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have much larger gas cookers with multiple cavities, larger measurements and higher capacities. 

Models such as the Rangemaster Professional version are well-suited for pros and larger households. 

With larger sizing, comes a higher price tag too. 


The materials used in gas cookers can affect the quality and the cooker’s longevity.

Some of the most-used materials include stainless steel, cast iron and ceramic for different pieces of the cooker.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for the hob and internal cooker liners due to its strength, heat resistance and not being prone to scratches. 

Many cookers also have stainless steel control panels and rotary dials which are a longer-lasting and more attractive choice than plastic alternatives.

Ceramic and cast iron tend to be used as hob stabilisers that sit over the burners, with cast iron being a more expensive choice.

Pricing Range

Lastly, we get to one of the key factors when making your final decision; the price range. 

Cheap cookers do not always result in lower quality, and in fact, just affects the size of the cooker. 

Most less-expensive versions, such as the Electra SG50B 50cm, have narrower widths and basic features, plus this model lacks a grill.

If you are happy to spend more, you will find a huge array of luxurious features such as several cavities, over 4 burners and more durable materials such as cast iron. 

Our top of the range model is the Rangemaster Professional Plus 110cm Gas Cooker that comes in at over 1000 pounds.

Our Verdict

When it comes down to it, a choice can be hard to make for your perfect gas cooker.

There are a huge plethora of features available from multiple cavities to lower prices, different materials and even timer functions.

Each of which can make the decision a little harder.

To simplify things down, we recommend going for our “Best Overall” rated gas cooker, the Indesit ID5G00KMWL.

It’s simple yet top-notch design features an oven, a grill, a hob cover, 4 burners and a friendly price tag of just over 250 pounds.

The 50cm design fits perfectly into even the most compact kitchens.

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