Best Cooker Hoods Reviews

Updated December 17, 2020

One of the best kitchen extractor fans can quickly transform a smoky, stuff and garlic-filled kitchen into a clean, fresh environment.

A cooker hood sits above your oven and/or hob, working to remove air and release it outside or recirculate the air in a slightly different method.

While most kitchen necessities can be seen as an eyesore that ruins your expensive decor, some of the best extractor fan kitchen designs can actually enhance your kitchen.

We will cover some stunning designs that give a feature-look to your home, as well as a number of designs with multiple extraction methods and settings.

As the market is vast, we have reviewed 6 of the best kitchen extractor fans and finished it off with a detailed buying guide at the end!

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Best For Higher Budgets
1Smeg keiv90e Island Stainless Steel
Smeg keiv90e Island Stainless Steel
Best For Higher Budgets
Smeg keiv90e Island Stainless Steel
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Best For Low Budgets
2CIARRA Glass Chimney Cooker Hood
CIARRA CBCS6506B 60cm Glass Cooker Hood
Best For Low Budgets
CIARRA Glass Chimney Cooker Hood
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3 Cookology BUCH520SS Integrated Extractor Fan Cookology Integrated Extractor Fan
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4 Zanussi ZHG51251G 52cm Canopy Hood
Best Overall
Zanussi ZHG51251G 52cm Canopy Hood
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5 Zanussi ZHT611N 60 cm Visor Cooker Hood Zanussi ZHT611N 60 cm Visor Cooker Hood
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6 CIARRA CBCB6736N Touch Control Angled Cooker Hood CIARRA Touch Control Angled Cooker Hood
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1. Smeg keiv90e Island Stainless Steel

  • Luxe stainless steel design.
  • High 700m³/hr extraction rate.
  • Suitable for larger hobs and ovens.
  • Includes LED lights.
Best For Higher Budgets
Smeg keiv90e Island Stainless Steel

The luxurious Smeg island-style cooker hood introduces a modern finish to your kitchen thanks to the sleek stainless steel oversized design.

It’s an ideal piece for cookers or hobs that are situated on a kitchen island and require an overhanging cooker hood.

This is a powerful model with a 274 wattage rating.

It’s paired with a 700m3/h extraction rate on the highest setting which is sufficient for large kitchens that require a high-powered machine.

In terms of design, this is crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a box-shaped extraction chimney.

The design includes 4 LED lights allowing you to see the food you are cooking with ease.

For extraction, it is equipped with 2 aluminium grease filters aimed to get rid of odours and promote healthy airflow in the kitchen.

Furthermore, it includes 3 different speeds which can be easily adjusted using the overhead buttons on the hood.

The lights can also be adjusted from here. Lastly, this model has a fairly low noise level of just 70 decibels.


90 x 70 x 88 cm
37.9 kg
Stainless steel
274 W


  • 2 aluminium grease filters.
  • Modern design.
  • 3 different power levels.
  • Fairly low noise level.


  • Very expensive.
  • May be too large for some kitchens.

2. CIARRA Glass Chimney Cooker Hood

  • 2 different ventilation modes.
  • Attractive silver design.
  • Works with carbon filters.
  • Crafted from glass and stainless steel.
Best For Low Budgets
CIARRA CBCS6506B 60cm Glass Cooker Hood

This stainless steel chimney is paired with a glass finish around the edges, giving it a luxury contemporary feel that enhances a kitchen design.

Although this cooker is powerful, it operates at a noise level of just 56 decibels!

With 3 different speeds, the machine is powerful enough to extract all smoke, air and bad odours from the kitchen at a rate of 550 m³/h.

The different speeds can be adjusted using the overhead push controls.

From this position, the two LED lights can also be switched on and off.

Furthermore, this cooker hood has 2 different ventilation modes.

Firstly, it can work by recirculating air indoors with carbon filters, however, these must be purchased separately.

Secondly, the design can work through ventilation, pushing air outside through a ducting pipe.

Lastly, this cooker hood is exceptionally easy to clear.

The glass and stainless steel elements can be simply wiped down.

The internal grease filters can be removed and placed in the dishwasher which is about as effortless as it gets.


66 x 57 x 42 cm
14.54 kg
Stainless steel and glass
100 W


  • Low noise level.
  • 3 power levels.
  • Includes 2 LED lights.
  • 2 different ventilation styles.


  • Carbon filters are not included.
  • Lower wattage than some other models.

3. Cookology Integrated Extractor Fan

  • It can be built into a cupboard.
  • Modern black glass finish.
  • Includes a timer function.
  • Suitable if you don’t have an outdoor vent.

This modern cooker hood works well for kitchens that require an integrated extractor fan that should be installed into an overhead cupboard.

It’s particularly ideal to disguise the unit out of sight.

The design features are fairly attractive too.

It’s a 90-centimetre hood crafted with a black glass finish, elevating it from a traditional cooker hood design.

The modern look is taken one step further with the touch controls at the front of the hoot.

These allow you to move between the 3 different speeds with ease and switch the 2 LED lights on and off.

Plus, this hood also includes a small digital display showing the timer. It will automatically switch off after 9 minutes.

An extra bonus of this hood is that the grease filter is washable.

When it is saturated, it can be removed and washed in the dishwasher!

Lastly, this works through ducting to vent the air outside, or through recirculatory carbon filters.


307 x 900 x 874 x 296 x 270 mm
Stainless steel
130 W


  • Easy to clean.
  • 3 different speeds.
  • Low noise level.
  • High extraction rate for large kitchens.


  • Slightly louder than some other models.
  • Less-modern design.

4. Zanussi ZHG51251G 52cm Canopy Hood

  • Modern sliding controls.
  • Sleek silver design.
  • Washable aluminium filters.
  • Very lightweight.
Best Overall
Zanussi ZHG51251G 52cm Canopy Hood

This silver canopy-style cooker hood is an ideal space-saving option.

It can be integrated into an overhead cabinet, removing any extra space needed underneath.

Plus, it is barely noticeable once installed, ensuring it won’t be an eyesore in the kitchen.

It has a modern stainless steel design that’s very lightweight, making it fairly easy to install. Once installed it can be used very easily.

The hood features modern sliding controls to switch between the 3 different extraction modes.

The left of the hood also includes a sliding control to switch the 2 LED lights on and off.

The hood features aluminium grease filters to extract odours, smells and smoke out of the air efficiently.

Once they become dirty, cleaning is quick and easy thanks to their washable design.

They can simply be removed and placed in the dishwasher!

Lastly, it functions with both recirculation or ducted modes. The recirculation mode can be used if access to an external air vent is not possible.


28.4 x 52 x 14.5 cm
4.5 kg
Stainless steel and aluminium
120 W


  • Includes a light.
  • 3 different speeds.
  • Installs into the overhead cabinet.
  • Both recirculation and deduction modes.


  • Not suitable if no overhead storage is available.
  • Slightly lower wattage than some other models.

5. Zanussi ZHT611N 60 cm Visor Cooker Hood

  • Black design works for all kitchen decor.
  • Perfect for small kitchens.
  • Easy sliding controls.
  • Excellent price.

This traditional style Zabussi cooker head holds a black shiny design that won’t disrupt any kitchen aesthetic.

It’s designed to fit into smaller kitchens with a standard-size hob thanks to the compact size and works very quickly to remove smoky air and odours.

It holds a 210 m³/h extraction rate.

Firstly, the visor design includes 3 different speed settings which can all be adjusted from the sliding controls at the front of the unit.

This location also includes a sliding control for the LED lights, allowing you to see what you are cooking even when it’s dark outside.

Furthermore, this design includes a synthetic grease filter that includes a saturation indicator, notifying you when it needs to be washed.

The hood works through either recirculation or deduction, allowing a fully functional extractor whether or not you have access to an external vent.

Lastly, this model has a quiet operational noise level.

On the lowest extraction setting the noise level is 56 decibels.

The maximum it reaches is 68 decibels on the highest setting.


129 x 598 x 450 cm
6.2 kg
Metal & polycarbonate


  • Compact size.
  • 3 fan speeds.
  • Good 210 m³/h airflow level.
  • Includes a synthetic grease filter.


  • Not suitable for large kitchens,
  • Some may prefer a silver finish.

6. CIARRA Touch Control Angled Cooker Hood

  • Super attractive black design.
  • A powerful extraction rate of 750 m³/h.
  • Energy-efficient design.
  • Works with either recirculating or ducting.

We are taking one step into the future with this super modern chimney extractor hood.

The sleek shiny black design is paired with a sloped extractor duct which makes the vents almost invisible. With a 60-centimetre extraction hood, there’s plenty of room for efficient ventilation to the outdoors.

This model has a rating of 210 watts, This is paired with a powerful maximum extraction rate of 750 m³/h on the highest setting.

The hood also includes 2 lower extraction settings, all of which can be adjusted using the touch control buttons on the bottom of the rear surface.

Furthermore, it includes 2 LED lights to make cooking easy thanks to the bright light. These can be switched on and off using the touch control buttons too.

The lights continue to work for over 30,000 hours, ensuring you won’t have to change them regularly.

Lastly, this model works with both recirculating and deducting methods.

If recirculation is chosen due to a lack of outdoor access, then the carbon filters must be purchased separately.


2 x 60 x 74.5 cm
15.8 kg
Stainless steel and tempered glass
210 W


  • Includes 2 LED lights.
  • Touch control buttons.
  • Unique sloped design.
  • Includes a 60-centimetre chimney hood.


  • It is quite large.
  • Some may prefer a stainless steel design.

Cooker Hood Buying Guide

Extract VS Recirculating

The two methods used by cooker hoods are extraction and recirculation.

A recirculating cooker hood works with certain filters that purify the air, and emit that same air back into the room. 

These usually work through carbon filters and are necessary when a room doesn’t have access to an outdoor exit for a ventilation chimney.

Extractor hoods work by removing air and smoke from the room and releasing it outside through a chimney which will usually be located on top of the cooker hood. 

In our reviews, we have featured some of the best extractor hoods that also function as recirculatory hoods if necessary.

Placement & Type

The placement of a hood depends on the space available, the style of the hood and (often) whether or not it will be used for recirculation or extraction.

Island Cooker Hood

One of the hoods we have featured above is an island cooker hood. 

These are designed to work with cookers and stovetops that are on a kitchen island. 

Once installed, island cooker hoods sit directly above the cooker and the chimney will usually exit through the roof.

Integrated Extractor Hood 

Integrated versions work with installation in a cupboard or cabinet above the cooker. 

These can be an ideal space-saving option. Plus, they keep the extractor out of sight.

Conventional Cooker Hood

Conventional cooker hoods generally hold rectangular designs and are installed attached to a cabinet above the cooker. 

They are fairly simple and box-shaped with a few extraction settings, just like the Zanussi visor cooker hood we featured above.

Ceiling Cooker Hood

Ceiling cooker hoods are a perfect option for kitchens that don’t have much cupboard space for an integrated version, and if you would like to keep more open spaces in case of an island cooker. 

They are installed into the ceiling above the location of the cooker and tend to be large in size with high-powered extraction due to their distance from the hob. 

Downdraft Cooker Hood

Downdraft versions are possibly the most modern way of extraction. 

They are technically hidden in the back of the cooker and can be revealed with the push of a button, automatically coming up at the back just like a TV hidden in a bed frame. 

These are space-saving and a cool feature for a modern kitchen – however, they often come with a hefty price tag and lengthy installation.

Canopy Extractor Hood

Much like ceiling cooker heads, canopy versions install into a cabinet just above the hob and have fairly low heights. 

They are inconspicuous and great at space-saving, providing you with a more open space to cook in, without an extractor hanging overhead.

Chimney Extractor Hood

Chimney versions appear like newly renovated old-school chimney designs over a wood burner. 

These have the traditional flat-shaped extractor base, alongside a large tubed chimney above which released the air outdoors through the ceiling. 

These are ideal for large kitchens as they take up quite some space.


Modern cooker hoods can be quite attractive when it comes to design features. 

If you are particularly concerned about the cooker hood ruining your kitchen decor, then opt for a stainless steel version that will be as simple as possible. 

Additionally, you can opt for a ceiling cooker hood that is barely there.

Statement pieces can involve chimney cooker hoods due to their grand appearance. However, these can be a lot heavier and are ideal for large rooms.


Powerful cooker hoods will have a higher extraction rate in their specifications. 

You will have seen above that extraction rates vary from around 200m³/hr to the highest to a rate of 700m³/hr. 

A smaller kitchen will work well for a cooker hood with a lower power level (such as a lower wattage) plus a lower extraction rate as space doesn’t require huge amounts of power. 

On the other hand, larger kitchens with large cookers will need an extraction rate of 500m³/hr plus.


As with all kitchen pieces, sizes vary. 

The size of your cooker hood is an important factor and should be chosen based on how much space you have available and the size of your cooker. 

Large cooker hoods can cover the cooker, but require additional ceiling height for a large chimney. 

On the other hand, smaller and thinner models (such as those integrated into the ceiling or overhead cupboards) will require less space.

Before purchasing, make sure to measure the space available and choose one that fits accordingly.

Noise Level

Loud kitchen appliances can be a nuisance, especially something as essential as an extraction hood for the cooker. 

Therefore, many modern designs boast fairly quiet noise levels, measured in decibels.

 In our reviewed products, the noise levels vary between 56 decibels up to 70 decibels, with the former being around the level of a normal conversation. 

If you are particularly concerned about noise, opt for the lowest decibels possible. However, bear in mind that more powerful extractors (with higher rates and higher wattage) will likely be heavier and more expensive.

Energy Efficiency

The term energy efficiency refers to how much energy the unit is using in order to perform a set task or purpose. 

Those using less energy to perform the same task are said to be more energy-efficient. 

The result of energy efficiency is less wastage, lower costs, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficiency is rated from the letters A to G. A rated cooker hood is the most energy-efficient, and the rating decreases all the way to G for the least energy efficient.

Pricing Range

The pricing range of cooker hoods i.e. anything between 200 pounds all the way up to over 1000 pounds, depending on the design you go for. 

For some more insight, take a look at some things that can increase the price of a cooker hood:

  • Expensive materials such as tempered glass or particular models of stainless steel.
  • Higher wattage.
  • Higher extraction rate that requires a higher wattage.
  • Number of setting, such as 3 different extraction rates,
  • Extra additions like timers and lights.
  • The design itself. A chimney cooker hood uses more materials and is, therefore, more expensive.
  • Higher energy efficiency as this required smarter innovation. However, you will save money in the long run by wasting less energy.

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option, opt for our “Best for Low Budgets” rated design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How To Clean Cooker Hood?

Most cooker hoods can simply be cleaned with a damp sponge saturated with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

You can also purchase desiccated over or cooker cleaner which can be sprayed on and wiped with a damp cloth afterwards.

The easiest models to clean will be stainless steel and tempered glass.

Another part of the cooker that is essential to clean is the filter.

These tend to be synthesis or aluminium and can be easily removed following the manufacturer guidelines.

Once removed, they should be rinsed and gently rubbed in warm soapy water. Some filters can be placed in the dishwasher too – but be sure to check this is the manual first!

Q: How To Install Cooker Hood?

Installation technique depends on the model of a cooker than you have purchased.

For example, integrated cooker hoods will be installed inside a cupboard above the hob.

Ceiling cooker hoods should be installed through a dedicated open shape in the ceiling.

Many manuals include directions on how to instal overhead versions or integrated versions yourself.

However, chimney hoods and ceiling hoods should be installed by a professional.

Our Verdict

An odour free, smoke-free and stuffy air-free kitchen is now one step closer.

Due to the diversity of the cooker hoods we have reviewed, you have hopefully found a model that suits your needs.

Many of the more modern versions actually provide quite an attractive centrepiece to your kitchen, such as the large island chimney style cooker hoods.

Likewise, some other models are smartly inconspicuous thanks to their integrated designs.

If you’re still hard-pushed for choice, make it easy for yourself with our “Best Overall” model from Zanussi!

We love this design because it can be installed overhead which is possible for most kitchens, it has lights and easy-to-use slider controls and it’s a great price.

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