Best Electric Cooker Reviews

Updated January 25, 2021

There are very few household appliances more sought after and needed than the kitchen cooker.

This humble heart of the kitchen has gone through thousands of different upgrades and changes over the years that deciding on the right one can often seem a mammoth-sized task.

The electric cooker itself is a fairly modern design and ranges widely in its features and overall look.

This being said, the user and buyer should understand what they want out of a cooker before they settle or look at electric cooker reviews.

Whether you’re on the hunt for energy-saving devices, fan-assisted abilities, self-cleaning ovens, or simply a kitchen mod con that will cook the perfect Sunday roast without costing you the earth, there’ll be an electric cooker on the market for you.

With your ideal cooking features in mind, let us guide you through some of the best electric cookers on the market today and see if we can find the right one for you.

See Our Best Electric Cookers

1 Beko KDC653W 60cm Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob Beko KDC653W 60cm Electric Cooker
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2 Hotpoint HAE60KS 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker
Best Overall
Hotpoint HAE60KS 60cm Electric Cooker
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3 Indesit IS5V4KHW 50cm Single Oven Electric Cooker With Ceramic Hob
Best For Low Budgets
Indesit IS5V4KHW 50cm Electric Cooker
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4 Zanussi ZCV66250BA 60cm Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob
Best For Higher Budgets
Zanussi ZCV66250BA 60cm Electric Cooker
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5 Beko ADC5422AW 50cm Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob Beko ADC5422AW 50cm Electric Cooker
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6 Electra Se50B Freestanding Electric B Rated Cooker Electra Se50B Freestanding Electric Cooker
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1. Beko KDC653W 60cm Electric Cooker

  • Easy clean doors.
  • Ceramic hob with rapid heat functions.
  • Programmable digital timer.
  • Ergonomically designed buttons.

This robustly crafted Beko electric cooker is a workhorse of modern cookers. Crafted from steel and enamel, this cooker is one that can be placed in your kitchen and will give you years of cooking satisfaction.

Equipped with two separate oven cavities, the Beko can use both its main oven and top grill at the same time, enabling multiple cooking methods at one time.

The ergonomically designed buttons and programmable digital timer also allow users for more control over how the cooking process is carried out.

Although there is no self-cleaning feature to this Beko cooker, the easy-clean surfaces mean cleaning can be done with considerable ease.




  • Hard-wearing surface.
  • Double oven layout.
  • Fan-assisted oven.
  • Separate grill.


  • Not self-cleaning.

2. Hotpoint HAE60KS 60cm Electric Cooker

  • Fast five second heating.
  • Evenly cooks food on every shelf.
  • Slow-cook function.
  • Defrost function.
Best Overall
Hotpoint HAE60KS 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker

Coming from one of the best brand names in the business, it is at no surprise that the Hotpoint HAE60KS is a great oven to have in any kitchen.

Equipped with a myriad of features and a reasonable price tag, the Hotpoint HAE60KS is popular with small and large spaces and a multiple of users.

Boasting a fast five-second preheating feature you can get going with you cooking as soon as you’d like, something key to every impatient chef. And for those who always forget to preheat the oven, this will no longer be a problem.

A choice between regular, slow cook and defrost features also allow the user far greater control over how the food is cooked.

The easy to clean ceramic top and self-cleaning feature inside the oven also make light work of the post-cooking cleaning rituals.


Stainless steel and ceramics
10700 Watts


  • Easy to clean ceramic top.
  • Extra room in the oven cavity.
  • Self-cleaning features.
  • Value for money.


  • Susceptible to condensation.

3. Indesit IS5V4KHW 50cm Electric Cooker

  • Double glazed door to keep in more heat.
  • Steam cleaning options.
  • Six power levels.
  • Easy clean ceramic hobs.
Best For Low Budgets
Indesit IS5V4KHW 50cm Single Oven Electric Cooker With Ceramic Hob

The Indesit IS5V4KHW proves you do not have to spend over the odds for quality goods.

The ceramic hobbed cooker provides an easy to clean oven that is smartly designed with slick edges and fashionable controls.

The six power levels allow complete control over all of your cooking needs, both during the cooking process and after, allowing you to get the oven perfectly hot for crispy roast potatoes and just the right temperature to cook that fluffy souffle.

What’s more, an easy to remove the oven door and stem cleaning option is a great addition to anyone who really struggles with their oven cleaning.

Possibly the best feature of the Indesit IS5V4KHW has to be its extremely reasonable price tag, a number that will appeal to young first time buyers or those who are flying the nest for the first time.


60 x 50 x 85 cm
Stainless steel


  • Low price tag.
  • Storage compartments under the oven.
  • Easy to remove the oven door.


  • Needs hard wiring by a professional.

4. Zanussi ZCV66250BA 60cm Electric Cooker

  • A-rated energy efficiency.
  • Two cavities.
  • Main electric fan oven.
  • Circulated heat so flavours do not transfer.
Best For Higher Budgets
Zanussi ZCV66250BA 60cm Electric Cooker with Ceramic Hob

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient cooker that will also do the job, look no further than the Zanussi ZCV66250BA.

With an energy rating of A, you can rest assured you are getting the best for the money you spend on electricity bills and doing your bit for the environment.

Alongside its A energy rating, the Zanussi ZCV66250BA is a device of immense space. With two oven cavities, including a main oven and a grill, there is plenty of room to cook up a delicious meal or two.

Quick heat ceramic hobs mean you won’t be waiting around too long to get the meal going, and catalytic inner linings mean you won’t have to spend too long cleaning the device either.

Making this oven an all-round time saver.


Stainless steel and ceramics


  • A catalytic liner that absorbs grease.
  • 77-litre oven.
  • Quick start ceramic hobs.


  • Only one year warranty.

5. Beko ADC5422AW 50cm Electric Cooker

  • Rapidlite ceramic zones for fast heating.
  • A-rated energy efficacy.
  • 50cm for extra room.

Beko’s electric cooker is another appliance that proves you don’t need to spend through the nose to get both value for money and top of the line technology.

Incorporating Rapidlite ceramic zones that heat up in no time at, along with a 50cm wide oven that boasts a huge capacity, the Beko ADC5422AW gives you everything you’d want from your home cooker.

As a free-standing cooker, you can also move this device to anywhere that is convenient for your home.

The low-end price tag is shocking to many who opt for Beko ADC5422AW, and with a grade A energy rating and separate grill for this price, the surprises keep on coming.


Stainless steel


  • Great value for money.
  • Enamel liners for easy cleaning.
  • Freestanding.
  • Separately heated grill.


  • Grill panhandle not included.

6. Electra Se50B Freestanding Electric Cooker

  • 53 litres of oven space.
  • Solid plate hobs.
  • State of the art oven timer.
  • A-rated energy.

Boasting 53 litres of oven space, the Electra Se50B would not look out of place in your professional kitchen. However, for a very reasonable price, you can bring an element of professionalism to your home kitchen.

Its huge cavity is complemented by its dual elements at the top and bottom of the oven, making sure your favourite meal is cooked to perfection.

The solid four-zone plates may hark back to earlier designed cookers, yet this sturdiness and easy-to-clean features can only be a positive thing.

Equipped with a top of the oven grill, you’d think that the Electra Se50B was a sucker for power, yet the A rating in energy proves otherwise.


Stainless steel
730 watts


  • Huge space for cooking.
  • Easy to clean solid plates.
  • Dual elements for an even cooking experience.
  • Grill function for extra control of meals.


  • Not fan assisted.

Electric Cooker Buying Guide

Electric Cooker Brands

As one of the most essential household appliances, there is a huge range of different cooker brands to choose from, each offering their own unique take on the electric cooker.

Deciding which brand to go for will all depend on what you want from your cooker and how much you are willing to spend to get it. 

Companies such as Hotpoint have been in operation for over a century and you are, of course, buying into this reputation when you’re purchasing a cooker from them. 

On the other hand, brands such as Electra or Beko are much newer and give an air of modernity to their appliances. Not to mention that they sell them for more than reasonable prices. 

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, different brands will offer very similar products with minor differences. 

These differences can be something as trivial as shape and size, to something more important such as price or energy efficiency.


There is not just one type of electric cooker on the market, often making it a difficult choice to make. One of the biggest differences in oven types is the capacity and the amount of room you have in which to cook.

Alongside the cooker’s capacity, there are also different features that stand out. These features include having a double oven or grill and whether the oven uses ceramic hobs or induction hobs.  Let’s delve into these features in a little more detail. 

Double Oven 

Those who require an oven for cooking for a large family or numerous people may opt for a double oven

There are two main types of double oven; a double built-in oven that is usually built-in at eye-level and a smaller built-under double oven that is usually under a counter.

Double ovens don’t necessarily mean a larger oven. If it is an under the counter type double oven then it may mean the one oven is a simple small one, more suitable to grilling than anything else. 

Double ovens are becoming less popular in recent years and they may be more difficult to find. Those who require this may often do better to buy two single ovens.    

Ceramic Hob

Many traditional electric cookers are equipped with ceramic hobs. These ceramic hobs work with a heating system placed beneath a hardy ceramic glass surface. 

Patterns on the ceramic glass will indicate where the heat source is coming from, helping you to place the pots and pans in the correct place and avoid scolding yourself. 

The advantage of using a ceramic hob is the ability to clean the surfaces with ease, a continuous piece of ceramic glass is far easier to clean than a series of individual hobs. 

One of the only downfalls of a ceramic hob is the often uneven distribution of heat, something that gas and induction hobs are far better at doing.   

Induction Hob 

An induction hob is a far newer technology and in some cases, a far more effective one. An induction hob uses a copper coil beneath the glass surface to directly transfer heat to the induction pan.

The main advantages of using an induction hob is its ability to heat up fast and directly to the pan. From a safety point of view, an induction hob is by far the best, as the hob instantly cools down once the pan is removed.

One possible downside to using an induction hob is the fact that they are dangerous to users who are equipped with a pacemaker, as the electromagnetic field used will interfere with the device.

You may also need to invest in a few newer pots and pans, only ones with magnetic metal bottoms will work on an induction hob. 


Alongside an electric cooker’s oven, there is usually a separate element for grilling. This grill is located at the top of the oven and will sometimes jeopardise the space of the oven. 

On lager electric ovens, the grill will take up the top cavity and be separate from the rest of the oven, this allows users to cook with the grill and the oven simultaneously.

Size & Capacity

One of the crucial most elements to consider when buying a cooker is the mere size of the device. 

The size and capacity will not only be determined by the size of your kitchen and home but also by your own cooking demands. 

The capacity and width of an electric cooker is usually measured in centimetres and gives potential buyers and users a better understanding of how they can use the cooker and what they can cook in it. 

50cm Electric Cooker

The more slimline of the two, the 50cm electric cooker will provide users with 50cm width of the room in their oven. 

This slimline design is ideal for kitchens that aren’t blessed with too much space. The height of the cooker will tend to be the same no matter what the width or capacity of the cooker may be.

60cm Electric Cooker

The more common design of electric cooker, the 60 centimetres of width provides a  space that will allow a huge range of cooking ability. 

These measurements come as standard across the board of manufacturers, although it is always good practice to measure your cooker and kitchen space before you commit to your product.


Ensuring your electric cooker is made from sturdy materials is a great way of making sure it lasts. 

The majority of modern electric cookers are crafted from stainless steel. As you will no doubt get the cooker messy over its lifetime, having something that is stainless is a huge advantage.

Stainless steel is not only easy to clean, it also provides a strong, resilient framework that will be resistant to the extreme heat of cooking over and over again.

Along with stainless steel, modern electric cookers will combine materials such as glass and ceramic into their designs. 

The use of ceramic on top of many cookers also allows hobs to be heated up and provide heat to pots and pans far easier.  

Energy Efficiency

In a world ever more conscious about the way it creates and uses energy and how it adds to their carbon footprint, manufacturers have created an energy tasting for many appliances. 

This energy rating allows buyers and users to easily understand how much energy their oven uses.  

This rating system works with a letter rating, with A being the best and working its way down to G which is the worst. 

The category itself is again split into categories of A+, A++ and A+++, with A+++ being the most efficient

Self Cleaning Electric Cooker

Anyone that has attempted to give their cooker a deep clean knows what hard and often gruelling task it can be. Many modern electric cookers have an answer to this: self-cleaning cookers. 

These easy cleaning methods can be divided into two different methods. 

The first is the pyrolytic cleaning option – this is where the oven heats up to staggering four-hundred degrees and burns away excess food debris in the oven.

The second method is where the inside of the cooker’s oven is lined with catalytic liners. These are effective in absorbing grease and other material.  

Pricing range

The pricing range for modern electric cookers can be extremely wide and tends to depend on an oven’s size, make and added features. 

At the lowest end of the scale, you will be looking at a price tag of around £150-£200. This low end will be for a cooker that is maybe limited to 50cm wide, ceramic hobs and smaller capacity.

At the other end of the scale, electric cookers can rise up to £400-£500. This price will get you a state-of-the-art cooker with extra space, self-cleaning technology and materials that are built to last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which electric cooker is the best?

Finding the best cooker for you will depend on your own requirements. If you are searching for the best of the best and money is no option, the Zanussi ZCV66250BA is ideal. If, however, you are looking to save and have less spending power, the Indesit IS5V4KHW is the way to go.

Q: Gas or electric cooker, which is better?

When choosing between an electric or gas cooker, there are many pros and cons to either choice.

Gas cookers are overall better valued for money, yet the distribution of heat in the ovens can be a little off.

Electric cookers on the other hand will cost you more when it comes to your monthly bill, but your overall cooking experience may be a little better.

Deciding what matters to you more, usability or saving the pennies will help you make you the decision that is right for you.

Our Verdict

Now we’ve taken a look at the best of what electric cookers can offer, you may still be at a loss deciding which is the right one for you. This is because there is no one easy answer and coming to that conclusion takes a little thought.

To begin with, you have to look at your own requirements and ask yourself a few important questions; how big is my kitchen space? How much or little do I want to spend? Do I want more oven space or the ability to cook in two separate spaces?

Once you’ve answered these all-important questions, you can have a good look through electric cooker recommendations and see if there is one that fits your kitchen wants and needs.

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