Best Dual Fuel Cooker Reviews

Updated February 28, 2021

Dual fuel cookers offer the best of both worlds when it comes to cooking.

At first, you may wonder what the point of mixing two kinds of fuel methods together is, but it actually makes more sense than you may think.

Electric ovens are praised for their even cooking methods while gas hobs are the most comfortable to control.

When you pair the two together, you get exceptional quality dual fuel cookers that allow you to cook anything with ease.

The range of different brands, styles and costs of cookers can be overwhelming.

To take the pressure off, we have reviewed 6 top best dual fuel cookers and completed them with a buying guide at the end.

See Our Best Dual Fuel Cookers

1 Hotpoint Ultima HUD61GS 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker
Best For Low Budgets
Hotpoint Ultima HUD61GS Dual Fuel Cooker
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2 Smeg CG92PX9 90cm Dual Fuel Cooker Smeg CG92PX9 Dual Fuel Cooker
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3 Stoves Sterling 600DF 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker
Best Overall
Stoves Sterling 600DF Dual Fuel Cooker
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4 Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT 90cm Dual Fuel Cooker Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT Dual Fuel Cooker
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5 Rangemaster Professional Plus PROP90DFFSSC 90cm Dual Fuel Cooker
Best For Higher Budgets
Rangemaster Professional Plus Dual Fuel Cooker
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6 Stoves Mini RICHMOND550DFW 55cm Dual Fuel Cooker Stoves RICHMOND550DFW Dual Fuel Cooker
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1. Hotpoint Ultima HUD61GS Dual Fuel Cooker

  • A-rated energy efficiency.
  • Includes a second oven.
  • Smart “turn off” function.
  • The main oven cooks evenly.
Best For Low Budgets
Hotpoint Ultima HUD61GS 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker

This Graphite-finish dual fuel cooker houses 4 upper burners with plenty of space to cook several dishes at once.

The upper right-hand side of the unit features a digital timer display that also allows you to set the oven to turn off once your food is ready.

This is ideal if you are planning to cook multiple things at once and might forget about what’s in the oven!

Furthermore, the design includes 2 ovens, with the lower one being larger. The additional oven makes cooking multiple dishes at once easy. The outer doors include large opening handles that are spacious enough to open with oven gloves.

This fan oven model cooks food exceptionally well and evenly inside, which is one of the main concerns when choosing a new oven.

Plus, the upper hob includes a glass splash guard that also functions as a hob cover.

A downside is that the internal fan will switch off once the oven reaches the set temperature.

This can cause the temperature to drop before the fan kicks in again.


60 x 60 x 90 cm
61.2 kg


  • Rear splash guard cover.
  • Includes a digital display.
  • Large handles for easy opening.
  • Graphite finish.


  • More burners would be nice.
  • The fan switches off when the oven reaches the set temperature which can be annoying.

2. Smeg CG92PX9 Dual Fuel Cooker

  • Large central burner.
  • Spacious design with 2 cavities.
  • Durable pan supports.
  • Multiple cooking programmes.

This luxurious Smeg range cooker has an attractive stainless steel finish, much like that, you would find in a professional kitchen.

The hob features 5 burners of varying sizes, including one extra-large burner in the centre to quickly heat large pots and pans.

Above the burners, this model features durable cast iron pan supports. These are ideal for heavier ceramic pots and larger, heavier dishes.

They will also last a lifetime.

Furthermore, the oven itself includes 2 cavities, allowing you to cook several items at once – each at different temperatures.

The left-hand dials of the oven allow you to navigate between the multiple cooking programmes too. To the left of these is a digital display with a timer function.

Below the oven, this model features handy storage space. It can be hinged open to store pots and pans after cooking, completely out of sight.

Additionally, the base of the oven features 4 sturdy stainless steel feels to protect the flooring below.

Bear in mind that this model is larger than the average home-oven and will require careful measurements of the space you have available first.


60 x 89.8 x 90 cm
77.3 kg
Stainless steel
11100 W


  • Storage shelf at the bottom.
  • Luxurious stainless steel finish.
  • Stainless steel feet.
  • Digital display.


  • The large design won’t fit smaller kitchens.
  • It’s very heavy, making it hard to install.

3. Stoves Sterling 600DF Dual Fuel Cooker

  • A/A energy efficiency.
  • Includes a second oven.
  • Includes a flame sensitivity device.
  • 69-litre capacity.
Best Overall
Stoves Sterling 600DF 60cm Dual Fuel Cooker

A standout quality of this stove from Stoves Sterling is its excellent energy rating.

This model is rated A/A for energy efficiency, ensuring it won’t use more gas or electricity than necessary and, while it’s a slightly more expensive model than others, it will actually save you money in the long run.

In terms of design, this model includes a larger lower oven and a smaller second oven at the top so you can cook at two different temperatures at once. The internal oven has a 69-litre capacity which is plenty for cooking for 4-6 people at once.

The upper stove holds 4 burners with plenty of space for large and medium-size pans.

A safety feature of this model is its flame sensitivity device.

Once the flame has been extinguished on the stove, the gas supply will be automatically cut.

This gives you peace of mind that no accidental gas leak will occur.

Lastly, it also includes a rear cover and splash guard.

Unfortunately, the plastic elements on the front of the oven doors don’t feel as high-quality as stainless steel alternatives.


90.0 x 60.0 x 60.0 cm
48 kg
Stainless steel and plastic


  • 4 burners.
  • Modern black design.
  • Large stainless steel handles.
  • Includes a cover and splash guard.


  • Cooking programmes would be nice.
  • The plastic elements are not as high quality as steel.

4. Belling SANDRINGHAM90DFT Dual Fuel Cooker

  • 3 different oven segments.
  • Electric fan oven and gas hob.
  • 172-litre capacity.
  • 5 spacious burners.

This Belling oven is a serious duty model.

The 83-kilogram unit includes 3 cavities, providing you with 3 different oven sections that can each be set to a different temperature.

The beauty of this is that cooking entire meals at once in the oven is made effortless.

Furthermore, the entire oven has a 172-litre capacity, making it suitable for professional kitchens and large groups or families.

Plus, the centre of the control panel includes a digital timer display.

The hob holds 5 spacious burners, each with a different size.

The central plate has the largest burner that is suitable for big pots and pans, while smaller outer burners are ideal for frying or searing pans.

With a stainless steel finish and several colour options, this model is an attractive addition to your kitchen and really screams high-quality.

The durable metal design is designed to last a lifetime too and is easy to clean by simple wiping down with warm soapy water. It’s resistant to scrapes and scratches too.


60 x 90 x 90 cm
83.8 kg
Stainless steel


  • Classy stainless steel design.
  • The lower door includes a viewing window.
  • Includes a wok-burner and pan supports.
  • Large digital display with timer.


  • A viewing window on all doors would be nice.
  • Almost 1000 pounds.

5. Rangemaster Professional Plus Dual Fuel Cooker

  • Includes a glide out grill.
  • Integrated rack.
  • 3 cavities and 5 burners.
  • 73-litre main oven.
Best For Higher Budgets
Rangemaster Professional Plus PROP90DFFSSC 90cm Dual Fuel Cooker

This is a super luxurious and serious quality range oven from Rangemaster.

It’s a popular choice for professional and home-cooks alike thanks to the pro features that are easy to get the hang of.

Firstly, this model includes 3 oven capacities, with the largest left oven holding a 73-litre capacity.

While 2 of the doors don’t include a viewing window, the bottom-right oven has a large window to quickly check on your food inside.

Next, the oven includes several extras that set it apart from others. The glide-out grill rack makes the grilling process effortless.

Plus, the special Handyrack attached to the main oven door allows you to open it and tend to your roast.

Thirdly, cleaning this large oven is simple.

The doors are fitted with catalytic liners that can be removed, cleaned and replaced with ease. This keeps maintenance of the oven minimal.

Lastly, the model includes simple rotary dials to adjust the hob and oven.

The additional accessories include a grilling plate and a wok-support for the hob for that professional touch.


60 x 90 x 90 cm
120 k
Stainless steel


  • Catalytic liners are easy to clean.
  • Glass viewing window.
  • Digital display with timer.
  • Several additional accessories.


  • Very expensive price point.
  • It is bulky and requires a lot of space.

6. Stoves RICHMOND550DFW Dual Fuel Cooker

  • Retro red finish.
  • Lightweight compared to other models.
  • Compact design with all the range features.
  • 2 cavities.

This standout jalapeno-red Stoves Richmond dual fuel cooker has a slightly retro design that’s an eye-catching piece for any kitchen.

The huge bonus of this design is that it’s efficiently compact while retaining all the praised features of a range cooker.

Therefore, it’s a perfect option for smaller kitchens.

The design itself is lightweight, at under 60 kilograms, making it easy to install.

Plus, it’s narrow width makes it one of the most convenient options to fit into your kitchen, all while housing 4 burners on the hob.

The main body includes 2 cavities, with a lower electric fan oven and an upper smaller oven that functions as a grill too.

It includes 2 internal shelves to layer several baking dishes at once.

Additionally, the oven features two internal sidelights to ensure you can view the contents perfectly while cooking.

Lastly, the oven doors are double-glazed, ensuring the gas stays inside and evenly cooks your food.

This is also very energy efficient by preventing heat from escaping.


60 x 55 x 91.5 cm
57 kg


  • Twin sidelights.
  • LED programmer display.
  • Double-glazed doors.
  • 2 internal shelves.


  • The oven is not as spacious as other versions.
  • The red design won’t suit every kitchen decor.

Dual Fuel Cooker Buying Guide


The type of range cooker can be defined by its materials, size, cavities and gas types. 

Firstly, most dual fuel range cookers are differentiated by their size and number of cavities. 

The constant between different models is a diameter of 60 cm as you will have seen in our reviews above.

This refers to the size of the front of the appliance and the back part that will be against the wall.

The size, being one of the most important factors, is something you should always measure first. 

Most dual fuel cookers will have an electric fan oven paired with a gas hob. However, some models differ in their number of burners and cavities. 

Some more expensive types tend to have 3 different oven cavities allowing you to set several temperatures at once.


The features of each dual fuel cooker are what sets many models apart, however, the two key components are the electric ovens and gas hobs. 

The smaller details within these may vary too.

Electric Oven

An electric oven is a sure way to cook your food evenly, as opposed to a gas oven. All of our featured cookers above have electric ovens, like an electric cooker.

The differentiating features in the electric ovens can include the number of shelves and the number of cavities. 

The internal shelves usually include between 1 and 3 racks. 

These are useful in layering trays and pans that will be cooked at the same temperature.

Cavities refer to the number of different segments with individual doors. These allow different dishes to be cooked at different temperatures at the same time. 

Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are the most common option with cookers. 

They are easy to use, quick to heat up and save on electricity bills. Again, all of our featured cookers include gas hobs.

The difference between models will depend on the number and size of the burners. 

If you tend to cook large meals at once or need a professional cooker, you’ll want to opt for a model with 5 plus burners. 

On the other hand, 4 burners will be found on every model and this is suitable for the average size family.

You should also check our review for best 50cm gas cookers!

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency rating of a cooker works on the same scale as most appliances, from A++ to E. 

For any appliance, try to opt for the most energy-efficient if it fits your budget and needs. 

Energy-efficient qualities include a timer function and a smart function that will switch off when the food is ready. 

One oven that we rated “Best overall” is the Stoves Sterling 600DF with an A/A energy efficiency rating!

Style & Design

While the aesthetic design of your cooker shouldn’t be the most important factor, it’s inevitable most people want one that is a nice addition to their home decor. 

Some of the most popular designs have a black brushed metal finish or a glossy stainless steel finish.

Black models are a good choice for keeping clean as they aren’t affected by stains but paint can brush off if they are scratched. 

Stainless steel models are popular due to their durability and scratch-resistant properties.


As we covered above, stainless steel finishes are a popular choice for dual fuel cookers. 

However, they are beneficial for more than just their appearance.

Stainless steel is a popular cooker material for internal and external features. 

Most models will include steel internal racks and control dials. 

The benefit of these is that they are ways to clean with warm soapy water and are heat resistant so you won’t have to worry about heat damage or rusting.

Our Verdict

Six popular dual fuel cookers covered and one, hopefully, informative buying guide complete.

The world of cookers is vast so choosing the right one for you can be a challenge.

To summarise, the most important things to look out for are the size, quality of materials, the number of cavities and burners and, of course, the price.

We recommend to start by measuring the space you have available, then check above which models fit your measurements, and go from there.

If you want to keep costs low but energy efficiency and quality high, opt for the Hotpoint Ultima HUD61GS.

Alternatively, one of the best options for professional and home-cooks alike is the heavy-duty Rangemaster Professional – it is quite literally a cook’s dream.

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