Best Video Doorbell Reviews

Updated January 1, 2021

Home security is key, no matter where you live.

However, it doesn’t have to be as sinister as some may think. The best video doorbell can actually be a fun and helpful addition to your front porch!

While they provide video security and peace of mind, some of the best video doorbells also provide video footage, two way talking and live notifications when someone is at the door.

This is particularly useful if your door is far away from where you usually spend time in the house, or if you tend to receive deliveries while you are out of the house!

If you’re not sure what they do or which one to choose, look no further than our video football reviews to enlighten yourself on the models available!

At the end, you will reach a buying guide to find your perfect camera doorbell!

See Our Best Video Doorbells

Best For Low Budgets
1Ring Door View Video Doorbell
Ring Door View Video Doorbell
Best For Low Budgets
Ring Door View Video Doorbell
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Best For Higher Budgets
2RemoBell S The Ultimate Smart Doorbell
RemoBell S The Ultimate Smart Doorbell
Best For Higher Budgets
RemoBell S The Ultimate Smart Doorbell
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3 Ring Video Doorbell Pro Hardwired Ring Video Doorbell Pro Hardwired
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4 eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Best Overall
eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
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5 Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
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1. Ring Door View Video Doorbell

  • Does not require any wiring or drilling
  • Adjustable motion sensors.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • Includes two-way talk.
Best For Low Budgets
Ring Door View Video Doorbell

This Ring door view cam is your new best friend if you’re looking for a fuss-free, no installation required home door security.

The device can simply be attached in the place of an existing peephole and the wireless battery will sit on the inside.
An indoor battery also helps the device to last longer!

It features effective motion sensors which can even be adjusted in order to focus on certain things that you want to keep an eye out for.

Furthermore, this model works through an app on your smartphone. Once the motion sensor is activated, or the doorbell is rung, the device will alert your phone.

This is a particularly effective option for those out of the house for long periods of time.

If you want to take things one step further, this unit is compatible with Alexa too! An additional extra feature of this model is its Theft Protection. If the device gets stolen, it will be replaced for free.

Furthermore, this video doorbell enables two-way-talk and live view. The Ring Protect subscription also allows for live video recording.

A downside we noticed with this version is that there can be a slight delay between the moment motion is detected and the moment you receive a notification to your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the Ring Protect subscription requires an additional fee of £2.50 a month.


9.73 cm x 4.70 x 1.93 cm


  • Includes theft protection.
  • Instant notifications.
  • You can purchase a Ring Protect package.
  • Works through phone notifications.


  • Ring Protect is at an additional cost.
  • There is a slight delay.

2. RemoBell S The Ultimate Smart Doorbell

  • Works with existing doorbell wiring.
  • Stores all footage for free for 3 days.
  • High-quality HD. 
  • Instant alert option.
Best For Higher Budgets
RemoBell S The Ultimate Smart Doorbell

This super-smart RemoBell device is both easy to install and very secure.

The fast installation is thanks to its ability to function with existing doorbell wiring. Once connected, the device works as both a doorbell and a video unit.

A stand out feature of this video doorbell is the lack of monthly subscription fees, unlike many video doorbells.

The device automatically stores all video footage for free via the app. Additionally, extra paid plans can be purchased for further storage.

The video quality is exceptional, capturing in High Definition and allowing you to really see what is going in front of your door.

The video footage has a 180 wide-angle frame as well as infrared vision. It also provides 24/7 footage, rather than just recording when the motion sensor is triggered.

Once the motion sensors are activated, the device sends instant alerts to the app – whether that’s on your smartphone, tablet or iPad.

Furthermore, it allows you to select areas of interest and angle the video accordingly.

This smart doorbell allows you to hear and talk to people outside the door, such as delivery drivers or guests.

A con of this device is that it requires some installation with doorbell wires.

It can also be a little slow to connect to the network which can be a hassle if you want to get it up and running immediately.


12.95 x 2.13 x 4.57 cm
131.54 grams


  • Two way talking.
  • Alerts to your smartphone.
  • Includes infrared vision.
  • Includes a motion sensor.


  • Requires some installation.
  • Can be a little tricky to connect to the network at times.

3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro Hardwired

  • Includes hardwiring to attach it to an existing doorbell.
  • It has infrared night vision.
  • Pairs with Amazon Alexa.
  • Includes a Chime to hear notifications.

The Ring Pro version is a few steps up from the original Ring video doorbell in that it contains all the necessary hardware to install this device in place of your original doorbell.

However, the brand recommends that the doorbell should be installed professionally.

Secondly, this doorbell is effective 24/7 thanks to the infrared night vision technology.

With this in mind, you can rest assured that it will keep your front door under surveillance even through the night.

An additional piece of kit included with this video doorbell is the 1st generation Chime, allowing you to hear notifications all-around your house.

Additionally, this device paired with the Amazon Alexa to give you live notifications from your smartphone or other paired device.

It also allows for two way communication between yourself and people outside the door via your phone or computer.

This device is made to last in any weather condition. It’s rated to resist temperatures of negative 25 degrees celsius all the way up to 48 degrees celsius.

Lastly, although it requires an additional subscription for the Ring Protect app, it does provide a 30-day free trial to get you started.


11.43 x 4.67 x 2.03 cm


  • Compact size.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Includes audio recording.
  • Weather-resistant.


  • More expensive than other models.
  • Professional installations suggested.

4. eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

  • 2K image definition.
  • Dedicated algorithm to prevent accidental triggers.
  • Set up automatic responses.
  • Facial image notifications.
Best Overall
eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

This eufy video doorbell’s star feature is its exceptional video quality, ensuring you are able to see exactly what is going on outside your door in high definition.

Plus, it includes an additional feature that allows you to view 3 seconds of footage before the image was taken.

This helps to tell the whole story clearly and distortion-free thanks to the distortion correction technology.

Subsequently, this video doorbell keeps the pain of accidental triggering away,

The ultra-modern AI technology detects bodies and faces, preventing any leaves, trees or even animals from accidentally triggering the alert system.

A unique feature of this model is its capability for automatic responses. The device allows you to pre-record 3 different automatic responses to send when someone is at the door.

This is great for deliveries and guests! Once someone is at the door, the notifications will be sent to your paired device, and they will include a snapshot of whois at the door.

Furthermore, this model is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, keeping things as hands-free as possible.

It is also free of any additional app or subscription charged – win-win!

Plus, it comes with a free electronic chime instalment that can be placed anywhere in the house. This includes 8 different ringtones.

The thing to take note of with this model is that it does require a current doorbell hardwire set up to maintain the easy installation. If not, you may have to get a professional in to install it.


12.2 x 4.3 x 2.4 cm
90.7 grams


  • No additional costs required.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Includes an electronic chime.


  • Slightly more expensive than other models.
  • It requires a current doorbell setup.

5. Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

  • Includes 4 seconds of Pre-Roll.
  • Dual-band WiFi connections.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Advanced motion detection and Near Motion Zone.

An eminent feature of the Ring Plus 3 is it’s the provision of an extra 4 seconds of video recording before the motion sensor was activated thanks to the Pre-Roll technology.

This black and white footage will help you to see exactly what happened if there is a particular moment you need to look into.

Furthermore, this model is significant due to the capability of dual-band WiFi connectivity, The purpose of this is to provide a stronger connection and a larger range.

The notifications to your device are also instant thanks to the fast connections.

In terms of the motion detectors, there are a few key technological aspects of this design.

It includes Advanced motion Detection as well as Near Motion Zone which allows you to adjust the sensors to your specific needs.

You are also able to choose areas of interest and save battery life by disabling notifications.

As with many video doorbells, this model also pairs with Amazon Alexa! The received video comes in high quality, ensuring you can see exactly who is at the door.

A feature that we love with this model is that all of the installation tools are included in the package. So, although it can be a hassle to have to install the device, it’s made easy and additional cost-free.

It can be set up within a few minutes.

Lastly, if you’re concerned about the appearance of your doorbell, there are 2 different colours included – both of which are in the package.

These are Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze.


12.8 x 6.2 x 2.8 cm


  • Pair with Alexa.
  • 1080p HD video quality.
  • Installation tools are included.
  • Several colours are available.


  • There are less expensive models available.
  • Chime has to be quite close to the doorbell.

Video Doorbell Buying Guide

Smart Technology

While doorbells themselves are a great addition to any household, smart doorbells take convenience and security one step further at home. 

The point of video doorbells is both to provide safety footage outside your home, as well as allowing you to see who is outside before you open the door. 

They are also a widely used tool to ensure you don’t miss deliveries when you are out.

These smart devices are often referred to as WiFi doorbells because they do exactly that – function through WiFi connections. 

This can easily be done by pairing the smart doorbell with the corresponding app which will then send notifications through to your phone!

To simplify things, you can think of these video doorbells much like a small phone. The doorbell is pressed (like making a call) and the video is activated just like video chat.


Security aspects of video doorbells are pivotal, just like a regular doorbell. 

As well as indicating who is at the door, and allowing you to speak to them before opening the door some of the best security doorbells also have additional features.

For example:

  • Pre-Roll footage allows you to view a few seconds of footage before the motion sensor is activated, such as with some of the best ring doorbells.
  • Two way talking to enable conversations between someone at the door and yourself.
  • Replacements for free if the doorbell gets stolen.
  • Automatic recording and storing of footage so you are able to review previous days.


The first most important design aspect of some of the best doorbell gadgets is the internal design – how it works and what it does. 

Another element you may be interested in is the external design and how it will look on your door.

A key part of the design that is also worth checking before you make your purchase is how the device should be installed. 

You will have seen above that some models, such as the first Ring Door View simply install in the place of your usual peephole and are wire-free. 

On the other hand, some other models such as the eufy design require current doorbell hardwiring and may even need to be installed by a professional.


Below, we have covered some of the features we believe to be most important in video doorbells. 

Video Quality

If you want a doorbell that helps you to see exactly what is happening outside your home then one of the most important features for you will be high video quality.

You will find this on video doorbells with HD ratings. One of the highest qualities available is 1080p resolution and 2k resolution.

Two Way Talking

For regular deliveries, or if you have guests coming over often that need to come round the back then two-way talking is essential. 

This allows you to speak directly to a guest or delivery driver outside the house, and for them to talk back too.

Pairing to Smart Devices

More often than not, video doorbells pair to any kind of smart devices such as an iPhone, Android phone, iPad or tablet. 

Many also pair to home assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. 

This provides ease and peace of mind that you’ll be notified of any status changes no matter where you are.

Video doorbell brands tend to create corresponding apps that will provide live video streaming and snapshots of what the doorbell is capturing. 

You can even view these when you are out of the country!

Pricing Range

The price of a new gadget can be the deciding factor when choosing which one to buy. 

We’ve covered a fairly vast price range in our best video doorbell reviews, ranging from 100 pounds up to over 200 pounds.

If you are looking to keep costs low but quality high, head to our “Best for Low Budgets” rated video doorbell, the Ring Door View model. 

It’s just under 100 pounds and does pretty much the same as other doorbells. It’s also extremely easy to install and does not require any extra wiring or drilling!

Alternatively, if you are happy to splash the cash and opt for a top-notch model, go for the RemoBell S. One of the best features of this model is that it automatically stores 3 days of footage in the online cloud.

So what can affect the price of a video doorbell?

  • The video quality. Versions with higher, or HD, the video quality will be more expensive.
  • Whether or not they have two-way communication.
  • Their size. Larger doorbells tend to be less expensive, and smaller models require more innovative technology.
  • What kind of battery pack they use.
  • The materials used, whether they use plastic, metals or other parts.
  • The need to purchase additional app subscriptions.

Our Verdict

Six of the best doorbell camera reviews and one buying guide down, you should hopefully feel more knowledgeable about your video doorbell purchase.

If you were looking out of pure interest, you may not feel more inclined to step up your home security!

Although their concept is simple, live-time video and audio feedback can save you a lot of stress with deliveries, guests arriving in the dark and safety.

They’re small but nifty devices that can take your regular doorbell a few steps into the future.

If you’re still stuck for choice, make things easy for yourself and go straight to our “Best Overall” rated video doorbell; the eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell!

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