Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Reviews

Updated February 28, 2021

What if we told you that you could have your own personal barista at home?

A bean to cup coffee machine is about as close as it gets to the luxury of a personal barista in your kitchen.

These clever machines take care of everything from prepping and grinding your coffee beans, to extracting the coffee and, for some, steaming milk.

The luxury of bean to cup machines is that they enclose several machines in one to take care of the whole coffee process.

The variety of bean to cup machines is immense. With some including preset programmes and automatic milk steaming, to others allowing you to adjust the temperature and strength while steaming milk yourself.

We have covered 8 different best bean to cup coffee machines plus a simplified buying guide at the end.

See Our Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

1 De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino ECAM44.660.B Bean to Cup Coffee Machine De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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2 Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk 6679163 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Best Overall
Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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3 Morphy Richards Evoke Grind & Brew 162100 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Best For Low Budgets
Morphy Richards Evoke Grind & Brew Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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4 Beko CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Beko CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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5 Melitta Barista TS Smart 6764549 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Best For Higher Budgets
Melitta Barista TS Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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6 Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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7 Sage The Barista Touch SES880BSS Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Sage The Barista Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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8 Beko CEG5301X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Beko CEG5301X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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1. De'Longhi Eletta Cappuccino Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • Includes 3 drink choices.
  • 3 milk menu options.
  • LatteCrema technology.
  • Automatic cleaning function.

This is a classy and straight-to-the-point coffee machine with an attractive glossy black finish.

The internal coffee grinding and brewing components are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, providing a long-lasting machine that isn’t susceptible to breakage from accidental knocks.

Furthermore, this model includes LatteCrema technology with an attachable frontal milk tank.

It provides 3 different milk menu choices; cappuccino, caffe latte and latte macchiato which can be adjusted using the touch-buttons on the front of the machine.

The machine holds a 2-litre rear water tank that can easily be removed and filled. Once filled, this machine can produce 3 different kinds of coffee; espresso, ristretto and long coffee depending on your preference.

We love that it produces one drink, such as a cappuccino, in one go with the touch of one button – rather than having to froth the milk yourself.

Additionally, it includes a memory function to save your preferred drink options, including temperature, for a quick morning routine before work!

Things are made even quicker with the automatic cleaning function, removing the need to remember to clean your machine often.

The removable parts are dishwasher safe too.


26 x 46 x 36 cm
11 kg
Stainless steel
1450 W


  • Dishwasher-safe parts.
  • 2-litre water tank.
  • Includes a memory function.
  • High-quality materials to last.


  • It’s a little heavy.
  • The produced coffee is warm rather than hot which some may not like.

2. Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • 3 coffee strength adjustments.
  • Adjustable height on the spout.
  • Includes a double cup mode.
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling system.
Best Overall
Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect Milk 6679163 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

This classy machine from Melitta has a plethora of adjustable features ensuring your coffee experience is as smooth, delicious and quick as possible.

Firstly, this model has 3 different coffee strength adjustments, in addition to programmable drink choices such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso and americano.

All of these can be easily chosen from the digital display and push-buttons at the top of the machine.

Furthermore, the machine accommodates most different cup sizes thanks to the adjustable spout height.

The length of your coffee can also be adjusted using the rotary dial on the top left of the machine, ensuring you get your ideal coffee at home.

The double cup mode is also a handy feature for 2 people who like a second mug.

Another time-saving feature of this model is the automatic cleaning and descaling function.

When the machine requires cleaning, it will automatically purge itself.

Plus, the brewing unit is easily removable and can be washed in a dishwasher!

The internal grinder is crafted from professional-grade steel, ensuring the beans are as smooth as possible, producing the perfect aroma.

Lastly, this machine includes a programmable automatic shut-down system to save on electricity.


20 x 32.5 x 45.5 cm
8.3 kg
Stainless steel and plastic
1400 W


  • 1.2-litre water tank.
  • Pro steel grinder.
  • Energy-saving mode and shut down the system.
  • Compatible with filter cartridges.


  • Lower capacity than some other models.
  • There is no integrated milk tank.

3. Morphy Richards Evoke Grind & Brew Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • Very affordable.
  • Suitable for beans and ground coffee.
  • Includes a timer function.
  • Keep warm function.
Best For Low Budgets
Morphy Richards Evoke Grind & Brew 162100 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

This small but mighty coffee machine is fairly unique in that it holds the traditional filter coffee brewing method, yet things are taken one step further with its own integrated bean grinder!

It’s a very affordable machine with a price tag of under 100 pounds, however, the small price tag doesn’t mean that the features are dull.

The upper part of the machine is suitable for both beans and pre-ground coffee, so your preference is catered for.

Next, the frontal panel of the machine features a digital display and 6 push-buttons to manoeuvre between the timer function, grinding method and power system.

One of the best features of this model is its adjustable timer, allowing you to pre-set the alarm for it to start brewing when you wake up.

This feature isn’t typically found on bean to cup espresso machines, so it’s a very nice touch for this simple model!

Lastly, this model has a particularly fast brewing time due to its small size.

However, it doesn’t include any milk frothing apparatus and produces long coffees rather than espresso so isn’t the best choice for latte or cappuccino lovers.


17 x 21 x 28 centimetres
2.94 kg
Glass and plastic


  • 2-cup capacity.
  • Compact design.
  • Integrated bean grinder.
  • Fast brewing time.


  • Does not make espresso.
  • No milk frothing apparatus.

4. Beko CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • Minimalistic grey design.
  • One-touch single or double shot system.
  • 19 bar pressure.
  • Includes an auto-rinse programme.

Although coffee machines are generally quite attractive home additions, this Beko matte silver design is simply next level.

The super modern machine is an elegant and high-quality addition to your coffee space.

The machine is highly customizable through touch-screen buttons.

Firstly, the upper touch-buttons allow you to switch between a single or double-shot espresso with ease.

While brewing, this machine uses a 19 bar pressure system which is significantly higher than many other machines that run at 15 bar.

The result is a deep and aromatic brew as the oils will remain in the beans while extracting.

Furthermore, the machine is easy to clean with an automatic rinsing system.

When activated with the button on top of the machine, it will activate a self-rinsing cycle to ensure the produced coffee is always free from previous extractions.

This coffee machine includes an external steaming wand to produce microfoam for cappuccinos, lattes and more.

The downside is that the machine does not do this for you, and a jug is required to manually steam the milk yourself.

Lastly, the water tank has a 1.6-litre capacity and can be removed to fill.


44 x 38.4 x 23.6 cm
9.28 kg
Stainless steel


  • Steam wand for frothing milk.
  • Quick pre-brewing system.
  • LED touch controls.
  • Convenient removable water tank.


  • You have to steam the milk yourself.
  • There is no americano or long brew option.

5. Melitta Barista TS Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • 21 preset coffees.
  • Connects to Melitta app for further customization.
  • Memory function for up to 8 people.
  • 5 different coffee strengths.
Best For Higher Budgets
Melitta Barista TS Smart 6764549 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

This Melitta bean to cup machine is pretty much a barista in a machine, in the comfort of your own home.

It’s a top-notch model with an extraordinary range of features, paired with a high price tag.

First and foremost, this model includes 21 preset coffee options.

These are created from original Melitta recipes and include everything from ristretto and espresso, to flat whites, macchiatos and lattes.

To take things further, this machine connects to the smartphone Melitta app to further customise your coffee presets.

Once you have found your favourites, the memory function can be activated.

This is able to save up to 8 different favourite orders which should be plenty for your household.

Plus, the machine includes 5 different coffee strength options, providing the perfect taste for any pallet.

Additional features include a double cup mode and a hot water option to prepare tea and other drinks.

The machine includes a range of 25 millilitres to 220 millilitres of coffee lengths to suit your preferences.

Lastly, this model includes an automatic cleaning and descaling setting that can be activated from the control panel.

With the high-tech qualities of this machine, the price tag comes in at 800 pounds which may be out of many budgets.


46.7 x 25.9 x 37.2 cm
10.4 kg
Stainless steel
1450 W


  • Double cup mode.
  • Separate hot water option.
  • 25 to 220 ml length options.
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling.


  • It is expensive compared to other models.
  • There is no timer function.

6. Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • 7 programmable coffees.
  • 15 bar pump system.
  • Ability to prepare two at once.
  • Integrated milk frother.

With 7 preset speciality coffees, this machine produces perfect cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and espressos with the touch of a button.

The upper section of the machine features a large colour display touch screen.

It allows you to set the machine to the exact way you like your coffee.

Additionally, this model runs on a 15-bar pressure system, producing nut-coloured crema and perfectly robust espresso.

When switched on, the grinding system runs quickly when compared to other machines, providing your coffee within moments.

We also love that it has the capacity to prepare two drinks at once!

To make the technology one step further, this Jura machine connects to an additional Smart Connect device that functions much like a smart tablet or iPad.

It allows you to wirelessly programme the device wherever you are.

This is a luxurious feature allowing you to get your coffee ready before you step foot out of bed.

There are few negatives with this machine, the only standout point being that some less-expensive models that run on higher bar pressure systems are available.


35.1 x 28 x 43.9 cm
9.8 kg
Stainless steel and plastic
1450 W


  • It is lightweight for the size.
  • Connects to a smart accessory.
  • Fast grinding system.
  • Colour digital display.


  • It’s a little bulky.
  • There are less expensive models with higher bar pressure.

7. Sage The Barista Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • Touch screen display.
  • Save up to 6 personalised presents.
  • Automatic micro-foaming.
  • ThermoJet heating system.

This beautiful stainless steel bean to cup coffee machine from Sage ticks all the boxes in terms of design features.

Its glossy steel finish is easy to keep clean and durable for long term use.

Furthermore, the smart digital display is a touch screen, bringing usage of the machine up to a more modern level as opposed to push-buttons.

The digital display also includes coloured images which is a nice touch.

The machine itself is pretty smart with its ability to save up to 6 personalised presents.

These include customizable coffee strength, milk texture and temperature while assigning it to a name of your choice for your next use!

This is an ideal feature for home use where everyone likes a different coffee.

The machine includes a set menu with a latte, cappuccino, long black, espresso and flat white options which cater to the majority of tastes.

Plus, the milk frother does all the work for you once the jug of milk is attached.

We found that this machine heats up pretty quickly compared to other models.

This is due to the ThermoJet heating system which takes just 3 seconds to achieve the set extraction temperature – a fraction of the time of most coffee machines.


39.4 x 32.2 x 40.7 cm
5.9 kg
Stainless steel
1700 W


  • Super lightweight.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • Adjustable coffee strength.
  • Classy industrial design.


  • It doesn’t produce very hot coffee.
  • The wide design isn’t suitable for narrow spaces.

8. Beko CEG5301X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • 19 bar pressure system.
  • LED panel and touch controls.
  • Pre brew system for aromatic coffee.
  • Adjustable integrated grinder.

This is a super-compact, affordable and minimalistic machine that encompasses every aspect needed to create a simplified bean to cup home coffee system.

The only part that it does not cover is the milk frothing for cappuccinos, lattes and other milk-based coffees.

However, that can be purchased additionally.

It functions on a 19 bar pressure system which produces deep aromas and texture within the espresso.

To express this further, the machine includes an integrated pre-brewing system that releases the oils and fats from the beans before extraction to create a rich coffee cup.

Furthermore, this model has an LED panel with touch controls for a modern experience.

This panel allows you to adjust the grind of the coffee and activate the descaling and rinse programmes.

These automatic programmes ensure the good internal health of your coffee machine.

Additional features that are helpful on this machine are the illuminated cup area and the adjustable spout which ensures larger cups fit under the extraction area.


10 x10 x 10 cm
7.8 kg
Stainless steel


  • 1.5-litre water reservoir.
  • Illuminated cup area.
  • Adjustable height for large cups.
  • Automatic cleaning system.


  • No steaming wand.
  • Only produces espresso.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Milk Frother

Most beans to cup coffee machines include an integrated milk frother. 

These work to introduce steam into the milk, resulting in that delicious foamy milk on top of your espresso – also known as a cappuccino. 

However, there are a few less-expensive bean to cup coffee machines that do not include a steam wand or milk frother, so the latter can be purchased in separate units.

Steam Wand

Aside from milk frothers, we have steam wands. 

These are the silver spout-like pipes that usually come out the right-hand side of coffee machines. 

These release high-pressure steam into cold milk, resulting in microfoam on top of coffee-based drinks. 

Most of the machines above include an external steam wand if they don’t include an internal automatic milk frother.

Bear in mind that these require quite some skill to produce a barista-like coffee, so beginners would be best suited to a milk frother!

Cup Warmer

Cup warmers tend to sit on the top of coffee machines. 

These will include a desiccated setting or button on the machine’s control panel to activate the warmer function.

The method is pretty simple but it can make a big difference to your cup of coffee by keeping it warm enough for the whole cup. 

However, many models include a hot water option too so you can fill the cup to warm it first!

Temperature Settings

The temperature settings on any coffee-related appliance are important to create your ideal brew. 

More often than not, bean to cup coffee machines will include at least 2 or 3 coffee temperatures to choose between.

Taking things further, the Sage The Barista Touch includes a digital temperature control which is a luxurious addition. 

Most coffee machines brew at the same average temperature, so it’s not completely essential to spend more just for a variety of temperatures. 

However, if you are very particular about your coffee temperature then opt for a model with a variety of temperatures.

Burr Grinder

A Burr Grinder is one of the two types of coffee bean grinders typically found in coffee machines. 

These grinders are crafted from two grinding surfaces that revolve around each other, resulting in smoothly ground beans.

Burr grinders are generally preferred due to their consistent grind sizes when compared to blade grinders.

Automatic Cleaning

Automatic cleaning mechanisms in coffee machines are quite literally a god-send. 

Manual cleaning of any kind of coffee machine can be seriously time-consuming, a tedious task which most people tend to leave until there’s a problem inside the machine.

The auto cleaning programmes of coffee machines allow you to complete its maintenance with the push of a button. 

This will usually complete a full cycle of the machine with water rather than coffee to clean the main elements.

Water Tank

The water tank of the machine is the area in which water is stored to extract the coffee. 

The water tank, or water reservoir as it’s sometimes called, is usually situated at the back or the side of the machine. 

A smaller reservoir of under 1 litre is perfect for personal or two-person usage, but a larger version will be needed if the machine is for professional use or if there will be several people using it in one go. 

A larger tank of 1 to 6 litres removes the need to regularly refill the water.


Stainless steel coffee machines are some of the most popular choices for both internal and external parts. It’s a strong, durable metal that’s both easy to clean and attractive in its colouring. 

The key stainless steel parts to look out for in a good-quality coffee machine are the grinder blades and the steaming wand (if the machine has one). External parts such as the tray, water tank and control panel tend to be made from plastic.

Pricing Range

The price range for bean to cup coffee machines is quite surprising, with one of the best budget models we featured coming in at a cheap price of under 100 pounds. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the “Top of the Range” model costs almost 1000 pounds.

More expensive models tend to have the following features that help explain the price:

  • More preset options.
  • Larger sizing.
  • Larger water reservoirs.
  • An integrated milk frother.
  • Memory programmes.
  • WiFi connectivity.

For a cheaper option, go for the Morphy Richards Evoke. Its simple design is great for beginners and the perfect coffee extraction is ideal for enthusiasts.

Our Verdict

To summarize, the world of bean to cup coffee machines is extensive with some carefully simplified designs for perfect everyday coffee to other technology-packed versions with preset drinks.

The pricing options with bean to cup machines are almost boundless, which actually makes finding the perfect one far easier.

The most affordable option is the Morphy Richards Evoke which produced a traditional long coffee experience for under 100 pounds.

If you don’t know which end of the price and quality spectrum to opt for, we would recommend our “Best Overall” rated bean to cup coffee machine, the Melitta Caffeo Solo & Perfect. It’s customizable, well-priced and attractive!

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