Best Induction Kettle Reviews

Updated February 2, 2021

One may not give much thought to a kettle on a daily basis, however, when it comes to buying a new one or looking for a specific design, you may have come across induction hob kettles.

Induction kettles work on all kinds of heating surfaces from induction hobs to open fires and traditional stovetops.

When it gets down to it, how often do you use your kettle? It’s likely one of the first things you use in the morning, at lunch and before bed.

All things considered, it definitely deserves a search around before purchasing a new one.

All of the models we have covered below feature the traditional whistling design, with lots of variety in their appearances and more. You will also find an in-depth induction kettle buying guide at the end.

See Our Best Induction Hob Kettles

1 KING HOFF Stainless Steel Induction Whistling Kettle
Best For Low Budgets
KING HOFF Stainless Steel Induction Kettle
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2 Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle
Best Overall
Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle For Induction
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3 Le Creuset Traditional Stove Top Kettle with Whistle
Best For Higher Budgets
Le Creuset Traditional Stove Top Induction Kettle
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4 Judge JQ04 Large Stovetop Whistling Kettle Judge JQ04 Stovetop Whistling Induction Kettle
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5 Susteas Induction Modern Stainless Steel Surgical Whistling Teapot Susteas Modern Whistling Induction Teapot
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6 KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Induction-Safe Whistling Stovetop Kettle KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Induction-Safe Kettle
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7 Klausberg Whistling 3 L Stove Induction Kettle Klausberg Whistling 3 L Stove Induction Kettle
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1. KING HOFF Stainless Steel Induction Kettle

  • Unique wooden handle.
  • High-quality stainless steel materials.
  • 10 cup capacity.
  • Easy spout opening.
Best For Low Budgets
KING HOFF Stainless Steel Induction Whistling Kettle

This beautiful stainless steel kettle is paired with a unique wooden handle and lid, giving it a luxurious lid when compared to other similar models on the market.

We love the slightly retro-looking design that looks perfect on any kind of hob.

The ball-shapes design sits with an oval structure, alongside a completely removable upper lid. This is topped with a large handle that’s perfect for large and small hands.

It’s also very comfortable to hold with a soft wooden coating.

The weight of around 1 kilogram makes it less of a strain on your wrist too compared to heavier kettles.

Furthermore, this kettle can boil up to 10 cups at one time, making it ideal for large families or groups in corporate environments.

Once boiled, it will make a whistling sound like a traditional old kettle!

Then, it can be easily poured with the push button under the handle that opens the spout.

Unfortunately, this kettle does not have boil-dry protection and the whistling is not particularly loud.

Therefore you’ll have to keep an eye on it or stay close to it when it’s boiling to prevent any damage.


21.49 x 21.49 x 21.49 cm
1.15 kg
Stainless steel


  • Whistles when boiled.
  • Slightly retro design.
  • It’s fairly lightweight.
  • Large handle with a comfortable grip.


  • It doesn’t seem to have 3 litres when filled.
  • No boil dry protection.

2. Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle For Induction

  • 2.8-litre capacity.
  • High-quality stainless steel.
  • Minimalistic ball-like shape.
  • Low price point.
Best Overall
Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle

Pykal has created this induction kettle with ease and minimalism in mind. The beautiful stainless steel ball-shaped kettle holds an old-fashioned whistling design.

The entire kettle has a 3 litre capacity with a volume capacity of 2.8 litres, making it ideal for large servings at one time.

The upper lid of the design features a large stainless steel handle with I-COOL technology.

This allows the handle to quickly cool down after the stove has been switched off – preventing any unwanted scalds.

The end of the handle includes a push button to release the water from the spout.

Furthermore, the base of the kettle includes a 5-ply encapsulated system. It involved 2 aluminium layers within a surgical stainless steel base.

The purpose of this design is to allow for fast heating and suitability for induction stovetops.

Once heated, the kettle will make a whistling sound that is loud enough to be heard from all around the house.

Bear in mind this can be quite loud and not ideal for all members of the household or office.

Lastly, this model includes some additional pieces in the package.

Two premium tea diffusers are included which is a nice touch!


22.1 x 22.1 x 22.9 centimetres
1.36 kg
Stainless steel


  • Thermal protection handle.
  • Fast heating.
  • Loud whistling sound.
  • Includes tea infusers.


  • It is quite large for single use.
  • Some may find the whistling noise annoying.

3. Le Creuset Traditional Stove Top Induction Kettle

  • Sweet blue colouring.
  • Enamelled finish.
  • Upright handle for study pouring.
  • 2.1-litre capacity.
Best For Higher Budgets
Le Creuset Traditional Stove Top Kettle with Whistle

With a “marseille blue” enamelled finish, this kettle is a perfect dainty piece for all kinds of kitchen decor.

It’s a little more unique than traditional stainless steel induction kettles while keeping things as a friendly price tag.

The enamel finish ensures this kettle is set to last, and won’t be too susceptible to limescale buildup.

Plus, the base is designed to be as wide as the kettle itself ensuring the water will be consistently heated in a shorter amount of time.

The kettle can hold up to 2.1 litres at one time and will serve 4 cups from this amount. To fill it up with ease the lid is completely removable.

Once boiled, the kettle will make a whistling sound so you are able to hear it from a different room.

However, the lack of boil-dry technology means you will have to regularly check on the kettle and not go too far out of earshot.

A small downside of this model is that the spout must be manually opened, rather than by an integrated push button.

However, it can easily be done with the flick-up piece at the end of the spout.


27.6 x 21.1 x 25.1 cm
1.63 kg
Stainless steel


  • Reinforced base.
  • 5-year guarantee.
  • Removable lid.
  • Whistles when boiled.


  • It’s a little heavier than other models.
  • The spout must be manually opened.

4. Judge JQ04 Stovetop Whistling Induction Kettle

  • The thermic base for fast heating.
  • Non-drip spout.
  • 25-year guarantee.
  • Attractive retro design.

This whistling kettle by Judge pairs great price with great class.

The attractive stainless steel design is embellished with a black stay-cool handle and lid rim.

The large handle is comfortable to hold, and well-sized to easily trigger the spout button on the underside.

A great feature of this model is its non-drip spout, ensuring smooth pouring every time. It has a capacity of 3 litres, allowing for around 8 cups at one time. The kettle will emit the traditional whistling sound when it’s boiled.

Although the base is large, this is not one of the fastest boiling induction kettles, which can also be due to its large capacity.

With high-quality stainless steel materials, this kettle is designed to last for a long time hence its 25-year guarantee!


23 x 23 x 23 cm
1.42 kg
Stainless steel


  • High-quality stainless steel.
  • Integrated spout trigger.
  • Whistles when boiled.
  • 3-litre capacity.


  • It’s a little slow to boil.
  • The handle still gets quite warm.

5. Susteas Modern Whistling Induction Teapot

  • Stylish champagne-gold design.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Free from Teflon and BPA.
  • 2.4-litre capacity.

This seriously stylish kettle takes a mundane ever-day necessity to a whole new level of glam.

The champagne-gold design both stands out but provides a gentle addition of sparkle to your kitchen routine.

Although it’s super attractive, it still keeps quality high with food-grade stainless steel free from Teflon and BPA.

Furthermore, it’s designed with high thermal conductivity materials. This involves a 5-layer base design with aluminium, stainless steel and iron.

The purpose of this is to reduce the boiling time which it certainly does. The kettle emits the long-established whistling sound when it’s boiled too so you won’t have to stay too close to hear it.

This model is suitable for multiple servings at one time thanks to the 2.4-litre capacity. It’s also easy to begin pouring by simple pushing the trigger button on the underside of the handle. However, the angled spout requires quite a large wrist tilt when pouring which can be uncomfortable for some people.

Lastly, it includes heat-proof gloves to pour.

Although this is a nice touch, it would be more convenient to hand a handle that resists heat.


27.3 x 20.6 x 20.6 cm
1.2 kg
Stainless steel


  • Loud whistling sound.
  • Includes heat protection gloves.
  • 5-layer base.
  • Spout opening push-button.


  • The handle gets hot.
  • Requires a sharp tilt to be poured.

6. KitchenCraft Le'Xpress Induction-Safe Kettle

  • Sharp chilli red colour.
  • The non-enclosed handle is comfortable to pour.
  • 2litre capacity.
  • High-quality enamel finish.

Many kitchen kettles can be a little monotonous in their design, but this KitchenCraft kettle shakes things up with its hot chilli-red colouring.

The enamelled finish is both beautiful, long-lasting, and embellished with a stainless steel handle and spout.

The kettle has a capacity of 2 litres, which is suitable for up to 7 cups of hot water at one time.

Therefore it’s a perfect family option when you don’t want to have to boil the kettle multiple times.

Additionally, this kettle is particularly comfortable to pour thanks to its non-enclosed handle which is open from the frontal side.

This feels a lot more convenient to hold than a fully closed version.

The plastic component of the handle is crafted from stay-cool materials preventing any accidental scalds.

Plus, it is very lightweight compared to other kettles at just 220 grams!

Although the kettle is easy to pour, the spout itself must be manually flipped open and does not include an integrated trigger button.


29.49 x 29.49 x 39.5 cm
220 grams
Stainless steel


  • Heat resistant handle.
  • Heat resistance lid knob.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Up to 7 cups at one time.


  • The whistle is quite short.
  • The spout must be manually opened.

7. Klausberg Whistling 3 L Stove Induction Kettle

  • Beautiful gold coloured design.
  • Pyramid shape.
  • Amazing price point.
  • Heat resistant handle.

This budget-friendly kettle is under 30 pounds yet appears to be much more.

The shiny stainless steel kettle is finished with a gold-coloured coating to provide a luxurious morning kettle experience. Plus, it’s a beautiful standout piece for more muted kitchen designs.

The shape of the kettle is also unique with a pyramid-like structure.

Additional design features of this model are well thought out.

The upper handle is coated with heat proof materials, ensuring you won’t need an additional cloth or glove to comfortably remove the kettle from the heat and pour it.

Plus, the fully removable lid features a heatproof knob for easy removal.

Furthermore, the handle includes a joined spout trigger button which can be pushed to open the spout when pouring. A downside is that the handle itself is not particularly large.

While attractive, the pyramid shape of this kettle is wholly practical too.

The large base allows the kettle to heat up faster than other models with smaller bases. It heats up significantly quickly for a 3-litre kettle.


22 x 22 x 24 cm
1.21 kg
Stainless steel


  • Heat resistant lid knob.
  • Large base for fast heating.
  • Integrated spout trigger.
  • 3-litre capacity.


  • The handle is not as spacious as other models.
  • Some may not like such a standout colour.

Kettle For Induction Hob Buying Guide


The materials of any kettle, induction-suitable or not, are important. 

They affect almost every aspect of the appliance from its longevity, to additional features, to weight and, of course, the price.

Long-standing materials used for kettles include steel and glass. Steel kettles, commonly formed from stainless steel, are some of the most popular due to their durability and attractive appearance. 

You’ll have seen above that all of our featured kettles are crafted from stainless steel as their primary material, with additional embellishments of plastic or wood. 

Although steel itself is not super pricey, the number of layers and additional materials cause the variations in prices due to materials.


Kettles in general are not extremely noisy products but will tend to make “natural” noises when boiling. However, the induction kettles we have featured above are slightly different in this manner.

All of them feature the traditional and somewhat old-fashioned whistling design, yet revamped to produce more contemporary pieces. 

The whistling sound will be emitted when the water has boiled and is ready to be removed from the stovetop.

Although the whistling sound may seem unnecessary, it is an excellent feature that allows you to be in a different room and still hear the kettle. 

However, if you’re not fond of noisy kettles then we would suggest a kettle with shorter whistling time such as the KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Induction-Safe Kettle. 


No matter what your time schedule, no one likes to be kept around waiting for unnecessary lengths of time due to a slow-boiling kettle. 

Although induction kettles can tend to be a little slower, (due to the heat being provided from a stove rather than an electric fuse) there are some clever features manufacturers put into play to speed things up.

For example, kettles with wider bases have a larger surface area for the fire to heat up. The result is a shorter boiling time.

Likewise, some models come with multi-layered bases including different metals to speed up the heating.

If you are particularly concerned about needing a fast-heating kettle then opt for one with the widest base you can find.


The safety of a kettle in a family home is paramount. A few key features to look out for in terms of safety are:

  • Heat resistant handle – this will usually include plastic or wooden coating. 
  • Integrated spout opener – to remove the need to touch the hot spout with your hands.
  • A loud whistle – to ensure the kettle will not boil dry. 
  • Anti-drip spout – to prevent scalding water spills.

As with any appliance, it’s important to read the manufacturers guide before operating the kettle. Another point to keep in mind is to never overfill the kettle past the internal spout hole. 

Doing so can lead to spillages and over-boiling of the hot water.


The capacity of a kettle can vary based on the shape, size and design of the kettle. It can be difficult to understand how many servings one kettle will make at one time.

Firstly, take note of the written capacity of the kettle, but then look out for the volume capacity as this is the actual amount of water it can hold inside.

For example, some kettles will state that they hold 3 litres of water yet that’s the capacity including the outer surface. The internal space will hold around 2.7 litres.

A kettle of 1.5 to 2 litres will comfortably serve 4-5 cups at one time. Larger kettles of 2.5 and above litres should serve between 7 and 10 cups at one time.

If you want something smaller, we have best variable temperature kettles!

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient kettles are a great way to reduce electricity bills as well as preserving power to be more considerate towards our planet. 

While these features kettles don’t require typical power sources like many kettles do, there are still important features to bear in mind in order to be more energy efficient. 

Firstly, look for a fast boiling kettle that won’t skyrocket your gas bills. Faster heating kettles will require less time on the stove. 

Secondly, only boil the amount of water you need rather than filling the kettle to the maximum and wasting extra water than also needs longer to heat up.

Lastly, look for kettles that are long-lasting and won’t require replacing regularly. This way you’ll save the need to repurchase new models which will cost both you and the planet!


Design features of a kettle are entirely based on your requirements and personal preference to the appearance of your kettle.

Kettles are designed with the purpose to work, so once you’ve found one with the specific “working points” you require, such as a certain capacity or fast boiling time, then you can move on to the aesthetic design of the kettle. 

You will have seen above just how huge the design market is for these small appliances! From champagne-gold colouring to pyramid shapes and other simpler steel colourings. You can also check out our reviews for best glass kettles and best kettles for hard water for different designs!

Pricing Range

Inductions kettles are not too steeply-priced thanks to their simple designs and lack of internal electrical circuits. In general, they start at around 25 pounds and can move up to the 100-pound mark.

If you are looking to splash the cash, you’ll find comfortable extras on the design such as the enamelled finish and upright handle on the Le Creuset model we featured. 

On the other hand, less pricey models such as our “Best for Low Budgets” option have simpler features and plainer stainless steel designs plus a lower price tag.

Our Verdict

Seven kettles and one buying guide down, and we are well on the way to finding your perfect new induction kettle.

Hopefully, you’ll have already found one that is to your liking.

It is quite surprising just how much variation there is amongst the market of induction kettles, from champagne colourings to wooden handles!

Sizing and pricing of induction kettles also have a large range, ensuring you can find one that suits you perfectly.

If you are still struggling to decide which model works for you, a safe bet would be to opt for the “Best Overall” rated induction kettle: the Paykel Whistling Tea Kettle.

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