Best Slimline Dishwasher Reviews

Updated March 3, 2021

It used to be the case that, if you lived in a small flat or house, you’d end up with wrinkly fingers from endless hours of washing up.

Thankfully, with the invention of the slimline dishwasher, that no longer has to be the case.

Slimline dishwashers are now designed to fit in any space, no matter how small.

With the ability to fit into the smallest of spaces, a slimline dishwasher can clean all your kitchenware, pots, and pans, leaving you time to do something better with your evening.

And, even better, avoid those wrinkly fingers.

So, which dishwasher is the right one to buy and use?

With both semi integrated and fully integrated dishwashers to choose from, finding the right one depends on a number of different factors.

Understanding your own kitchen space, your budget, and what you need from a dishwasher is important.

Once you know the answer to these questions, you can then search for the perfect device to match.

Let’s take a look at the best slimline dishwashers available on the market right now.

See Our Best Semi Integrated Slimline Dishwashers

1 Hisense HS520E40WUK Slimline Dishwasher Hisense HS520E40WUK Slimline Dishwasher
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2 Bosch Serie 2 SPS2IKW04G Wifi Connected Semi Integrated Slimline Dishwasher
Best Overall
Bosch Serie 2 Slimline Dishwasher
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3 Amica ADF410WH Slimline Dishwasher Amica ADF410WH Slimline Dishwasher
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1. Hisense HS520E40WUK Slimline Dishwasher

  • 11 place settings.
  • Quick wash that lasts 39 minutes.
  • Separate cutlery tray.
  • Dries perfectly from the heat of the wash

The Hisense HS520E40WUK is the ideal dishwasher for smaller households.

With the ability to wash eleven place settings with considerable ease and boasting its own cutlery tray at the very top, this model of slimline dishwasher allows for far more room for dishes and plates.

The Hisense HS520E40WUK also has a 39-minute quick wash setting, ideal for when you’re in a rush and need to wash your dishes quickly.

The A++ energy rating makes this dishwasher an appealing choice for those who want to save on electricity bills while helping the planet at the same time.

The added delay timer and anti-flood technology also make this dishwasher what it is.


(H)84.5 x (W)44.8 x (D)60.0cm


  • A++ energy rating.
  • Two-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Delay timer.
  • Anti flood devices.


  • No Zone Wash Option

2. Bosch Serie 2 Slimline Dishwasher

  • Compact 9 place setting.
  • Control from your mobile phone.
  • Auto programs adapt to save time and energy.
  • SpeedPerfect button for quick washes.
Best Overall
Bosch Serie 2 SPS2IKW04G Wifi Connected Semi Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

The Bosch Serie 2 slimline dishwasher comes from a reliable brand name and backs up this with a great product.

Perfect for small kitchens or apartment settings, this Bosch dishwasher comes with a capacity for nine place settings.

Using an auto program, the dishwasher adapts to different settings by itself, saving you time and energy.

Even more, control is given to the user with a smartphone app that means you can set the dishwasher to start even when you’re not at home.

The inside of the dishwasher boasts two sprays and two fans, enabling better and more comprehensive washing cycles.

Once clean, the extra dry program will ensure your plates and dishes come out dry, without the need for a tea towel.


H84.5 x W45 x D60cm


  • ExtraDry program for dry dishes.
  • Double spray for a better clean.
  • LED display.


  • No cutlery tray included

3. Amica ADF410WH Slimline Dishwasher

  • A++ Energy Rating.
  • 9 place settings.
  • Low rinse aid & salt indicators
  • Adjustable baskets.

The Amica ADF410WH is a slimline dishwasher that comes with the top A+++ energy rating, ensuring you save on your electrical bills and also spares a thought for the environment.

With nine place settings, there is also plenty of room to wash all your kitchen supplies.

With multiple different settings, including normal, intensive, eco and soak, there is plenty of control over how you use this device.

The inner compartment of the dishwasher has many adjustable baskets, ensuring you can fit all the items you need inside.

With a two-year parts guarantee and a two-year labour guarantee, you will be safe in the knowledge that you and your dishwasher are covered.


W448 x D600 x H815/845
1.93 kW


  • Five different settings.
  • Two spray levels.
  • Electronic softener adjustment
  • Value you for money.


  • No quick wash.

See Our Top Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwashers

1 Bosch Serie 4 SPV4EMX21G Wifi Connected Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher
Best For Higher Budgets
Bosch Serie 4 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher
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2 Siemens IQ-300 SR93EX20MG Wifi Connected Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher Siemens IQ-300 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher
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3 NEFF N50 S875HKX20G Wifi Connected Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher NEFF N50 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher
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1. Bosch Serie 4 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

  • Ten place settings.
  • 29-minute quick wash.
  • Versatile cutlery draw.
  • Control with a smartphone app.
Best For Higher Budgets
Bosch Serie 4 SPV4EMX21G Wifi Connected Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

The Bosch Serie 4 is one of the best integrated slimline dishwashers on the market.

Capable of washing ten place settings, there is more than enough room to clean all your goods, while still saving space. Choose between multiple settings, including an hour or half-hour quicks wash, ideal when you’re in a hurry.

Control the dishwasher from wherever you are with the smartphone app, perfect if you forget to put the device on after you leave for work.

With an A++ energy rating, you are continually saving money, even after paying for the Bosch brand name.

The Bosch Serie 4 also comes equipped with a delay timer and 3 in 1 detection, altering itself based on the detergent used.


(H)81.5 x (W)44.8 x (D)55.0 cm
Stainless steel


  • A++ energy rating.
  • Auto 3 in 1 Detection
  • Delay timer.
  • Low noise


  • No child lock

2. Siemens IQ-300 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

  • Hold ten place settings.
  • 29-minute quick wash.
  • Auto programme.
  • Powerful jet action.

Coming from Siemens, you know you are in safe hand technology-wise and the Siemens IQ-300 does not disappoint.

Capable of holding ten place settings, this integrated slimline dishwasher is perfect for slotting seamlessly into a smaller kitchen.

Features such as the 29-minute fast wash mean there is plenty of versatility when it comes to what you can do.

Another feature, the auto programme, will adjust itself in reaction to the contents of the dishwasher and the quality of the water.

Once this has taken place, the powerful jet action of the Siemens IQ-300 is more than capable of clearing the toughest of dirt off plates and dishes.


(H)81.5 x (W)44.8 x (D)55.0cm


  • A++ energy rating.
  • Separate cutlery tray.
  • Value for money.
  • A brand name you can rely on


  • High price tag.

3. NEFF N50 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

  • Holds ten place settings.
  • 29-minute fast wash.
  • Projecting light, alerting users the dishwasher is on.
  • Vario hung on the dishwasher door.

The NEFF N50 fully integrated slimline dishwasher is a state of the art device that has all the hallmarks of a traditional dishwasher, with added more modern features.

Traditional aspects include the ability to hold ten place settings and a helpful half-hour fast wash.

The more modern features include the ‘info light’, which projects a red light onto the floor that showcases clearly that this dishwasher is in operation.

The aqua leak feature also guarantees that the dishwasher will be free from leaks and will not flood your unfortunate kitchen.

Another feature that brings the NEFF N50 into the 21st century is its ability to connect to your smartphone via WIFI, perfect for turning your dishwasher on, even when you are not home.


H81.5 x W44.8 x D55cm


  • Can connect to your phone via wifi.
  • State of the art design.
  • ‘Aqua stop’ prevents leaks.


  • High price tag

Slimline Dishwasher Buying Guide


The first thing you must decide on when buying a slimline dishwasher is what type you would like. Like many appliances, there are many different types and variations. 

The two main distinctions are between a semi-integrated and a fully integrated slimline dishwasher.

Choosing the right one will depend on your own taste and the space in which you are going to use it. Let’s take a look at the two common types and how they differ from each other.

Semi Integrated

A semi-integrated dishwasher is a device that sits within the cupboards and the furnishes of your kitchen, seamlessly. Unlike a fully integrated dishwasher, the semi version will still have the control panel exposed at the top.

The advantage of this is the ability to still control your dishwasher while having an aesthetic that marches with the rest of the kitchen. 

Although semi-integrated dishwashers may cost more than freestanding ones, they do cost significantly less than a fully integrated model.    

Fully Integrated

A fully integrated dishwasher is a dishwasher that fits seamlessly in a kitchen, with the front of the device mimicking the rest of the room. This allows you to keep a continuous look that is uninterrupted and pleasant to the eye. 

A fully integrated dishwasher is fully integrated into the kitchen and can’t be moved like a freestanding one. 

This may not be the best option if you are planning on moving houses in the near future but is perfect for adding value to the home. 

Place Settings

When buying your slimline dishwasher, you want to be confident that the device will be capable of washing all of your pots, pans and crockery. 

Dishwashers measure this capability with a place setting figure, with most dishwashers being able to contain around 13 place settings.

A place setting is usually defined as a large dinner plate, a small snack plate, a saucer, a bowl, a coffee cup, a drinking glass, a knife, two teaspoons, a dinner fork and a small salad fork.  

The number of place settings you need will all depend on your own cooking patterns and the number of people in your household. 

If you have a large household, you will certainly need a dishwasher that place setting measurement is in the high teens. 

On the other hand, if your requirements are not as large, opting for a smaller place setting number, as empty space is uneconomical and unnecessary.   

Quick Wash

Dishwashers all come with their own features and settings, each one allowing the user to control the type of wash that the device will carry out. One of the most popular settings is a quick wash and this can be an invaluable feature.

A quick wash is perfect for when you want to wash dishes that are not overly spoiled and you don’t

have time to wait. 

The dishwasher will still wash the dishes with the same temperature as a normal wash, yet will be quicker in time – usually around thirty minutes.    

Water Consumption

One of the biggest drawbacks people have when thinking of buying a dishwasher is their excessive use of water. 

Although dishwashers do use large amounts of water, there are variants to this and different devices are better at conserving water or poorer at doing so.

The water a dishwasher consumes, the more energy and heat is needed to heat up the water. As this is the case, you are able to measure the device’s water consumption by its energy ratings. 

A highly rated dishwasher is likely to use around 2,800 litres of water every year, whereas a low energy rated dishwasher will use around 3,360 litres a year.

For the economically and environmentally conscious amongst us, it is important to keep an eye out for these ratings and water consumption levels.

Size & Capacity

Although you are shopping for a slimline dishwasher as opposed to a full scale sized one, size and capacity are still as important. 

As we have noted above, the capacity of a dishwasher is usually measured in the number of place settings, with the higher the number, the higher the capacity.

Alongside the inside capacity, the slimline dishwasher’s exterior is a lot narrower than normal dishwashers and measures around 45cm in width. 

Although the size is narrower than normal-sized dishwashers and compact dishwashers, there is still space inside to hold a great number of items.

When it comes to finding the right size for you and your dishwashing needs, you should take into consideration the size of your kitchen space and the number of items you need to be cleaned on a daily basis.  

Energy Efficiency

In a world ever more conscious about the environment and the global use of fuels, having an energy-efficient dishwasher is at the top of many people’s list. 

The best way to assess a dishwasher’s energy efficiency is through its energy rating.   

Energy ratings are categorized in an alphabet, with D being the worst and A being the best. The A category is then further subdivided into A, A+, A++ and A+++, with the three-plus A being the best energy rating.

A slimline dishwasher’s energy use is tied in with the device’s water use, with high energy rated dishwashers using far less water.   

Pricing Range

As slimline dishwashers are seen as a more luxury item, the price tag is often far greater than a much larger normal dishwasher. 

On the cheaper end of the pricing scale, you can pay as little as £190-£250 for a smaller slimline dishwasher. Although these are cheaper, the capacity will be much lower and only hold enough items for around ten place settings.

At the other end of the pricing scale, you can pay anywhere up to £900-£950. These higher-end models will be equipped with multiple settings and may even have a large amount of capacity and space inside.

Our Verdict

From this in-depth look at the wide range of slimline dishwashers on the market, it is clear to see that there is a device out there for everyone.

It is important to weigh up your needs and kitchen space before you are able to find the right appliance for you.

Whether you simply need a dishwasher that can fit into a small space, a device that can hold a large number of items or are more swayed by the price of a dishwasher, all these factors have to be taken into consideration.

Once you have your own household checklist and understand your own budget, there is nothing stopping you from finding the perfect slimline dishwasher for you and your household.

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