Best Panel Heater Reviews

Updated February 2, 2021

Panel heaters work very much like convection models, though they happen to put more emphasis on design.

Slimmer and more elegant, electric panel heaters are preferred by those who don’t just want an effective heating appliance but are also interested in its looks.

Then again, having such options at hand – heaters that save space, pack lots of practical features, and look great in your home – doesn’t make your choice easier.

On the contrary, finding the best panel heater can prove quite a challenge.

Allow us to help you shop for the panel heaters that are genuinely worthy of your attention and money.

See below a selection of the top-rated products in this category, along with more practical buying details.

See Our Top Electric Wall Heaters

1 Mill Heat 99429 Wifi Connected Panel Heater 600W - White Mill Heat 99429 Wifi Connected Panel Heater
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2 electriQ 2000W Designer Glass Heater Wall Mountable electriQ 2000W Designer Glass Heater Wall Mountable
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3 Futura Eco 1200W Electric Panel Electric Heater
Best For Low Budgets
Futura Eco 1200W Electric Panel Electric Heater
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Best For Higher Budgets
4Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater
Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater
Best For Higher Budgets
Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater
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5 Netta Electric 2000W Slimline Glass Panel Heater Radiator Netta Slimline Glass Panel Heater Radiator
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6 Dimplex DXLWP800Tie7 Electric Low Wattage Panel Dimplex Electric Low Wattage Panel Heater
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7 Devola Eco 1000W Electric Panel Heater
Best Overall
Devola Eco 1000W Electric Panel Heater
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1. Mill Heat 99429 Wifi Connected Panel Heater

  • 600 watt panel heater with 3 mode settings;
  • Built-in controls doubled by remote operation via smartphone app;
  • Designed with thermostat controls and timer;
  • Open Window automatically triggers shut-off for 10 minutes.

This panel heater from Mill was designed as an effective plug and play heating appliance. It features a simple design and a just as straightforward operation.

Given its lightweight body, it will hang on the wall without complications. All while remote connectivity will allow you to tweak its settings from your smartphone.

With three room modes to choose from, a safety switch, plus a convenient thermostat and a timer, you have pretty much all the controls you need at your fingertip.

The only caveat we could find was that once you opt for Wi-Fi control, you won’t be able to adjust it from the built-in controls or the other way around.


40 x 65 x 8.6 cm
5 kg
600 watts


  • Elegant design with simple functionalities;
  • Supports Wi-Fi connectivity;
  • Saves energy with Holiday setting;
  • Reliable 2-year warranty.


  • Wall-mounting bracket could be a bit sturdier;
  • Doesn’t support simultaneous use of built-in controls and Wi-Fi.

2. electriQ 2000W Designer Glass Heater Wall Mountable

  • Low-energy panel heater with two power options of 1000 or 2000 watts;
  • LED display and digital controls, also Wi-Fi enabled;
  • Built-in thermostat and remote control function;
  • Anti-frost mode.

Alexa and Google Home enabled, this wall-mountable panel heater from ElectriQ has both the looks and the smart technology to appeal to most homeowners.

It is made of tempered glass and with an ultra-thin design, giving you the flexibility to either mount it on a wall or install castors and have it sit on the floor.

There are two power settings to be tweaked upon preference, along with a thermostat, both of them accessible remotely.

Whether you choose to use a weekly timer or connect to your Wi-Fi and download the dedicated app, you’re guaranteed to stay in control of your room heat and energy usage.


46 x 83 x 8.4 cm
8 kg
Tempered glass
2000 watts


  • Sleek, ultra-thin design saves space;
  • Energy efficient, allowing permanent control over Wi-Fi;
  • Can be either wall-mounted or sit on castor wheels;
  • Works safely in any room of the house, including the bathroom.


  • Only two power options;
  • Not ideal for really large rooms.

3. Futura Eco 1200W Electric Panel Electric Heater

  • Electric convector heater that automatically switches on/off to maintain the set temperature;
  • Energy-efficient,  with a coverage of up to 14 square meteres;
  • Temperature range between – 5°C and 35°C;
  • Built-in integral precision thermostat with 0.5 degree accuracy.
Best For Low Budgets
Futura Eco 1200W Electric Panel Electric Heater

With this Eco digital electric panel heater, you get the best of both worlds – a modern, slim and stylish design, and an effective heating option for a small room, typically a bedroom, office, conservatory, or even a bathroom.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you will want to try out this Futura panel heater.

Don’t let the low power make you think it’s not a good enough option.

Because this appliance relies on convection heating and integrates a precision thermostat, it will automatically switch on and off to maintain your desired temperature without putting unnecessary strain on your electricity bill.

It is a 100% energy-efficient solution and one you’ll want to keep an eye on!


66 x 40 x 7 cm
5 kg
1200 watts


  • Designed for wall mounting or floor standing;
  • Low energy consumption and easy controls at all times;
  • Practical open window detection for power saving;
  • Can be installed even in the bathroom.


  • Timer settings could be a bit more versatile than currently;
  • Some people might find it a bit noisy.

4. Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater

  • Smart panel heater, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible;
  • Features two heat settings, a timer, and an adjustable thermostat;
  • Comes with child safety lock option and built-in overheat protection;
  • Best for rooms of up to 50.
Best For Higher Budgets
Princess Glass Smart Panel Heater

Freestanding or bracket wall-mounted, this smart panel heater made of glass from Princess boasts a unique charm.

If you go for the highest power level of 2000 watts, you’ll be heading for an almost flawless experience, especially when you enjoy smart control with either Alexa or Google Assistant.

The two must-have options of any panel heater, the adjustable thermostat and the timer being present, all the other features are just welcomed additions.

And you’ll probably be happy to hear that it features a child safety lock and that it is also backed by overheat protection.

Through it all, this one looks irresistible; it is safe and practical. What’s not to like about it, other than, perhaps, the slightly higher price tag?


49 x 95 x 95 cm
8.7 kg
2000 watts


  • Designed as free standing but can also be wall mounted;
  • Allows remote control from a smartphone, with a dedicated app;
  • Blends easily with any home decor and available in black or white;
  • Heats up quickly and it is easy to set up and use.


  • Some users are having troubles making the most of its smart functionalities;
  • Might take a little while before it heats up.

5. Netta Slimline Glass Panel Heater Radiator

  • Convection panel heater running at 2000 watts;
  • Blue backlit LCD display and touchscreen interface;
  • Best for rooms of up to 22;
  • Features Economy, Comfort, and Anti-Frost modes that you can individually adjust.

Here’s a versatile glass panel heater that will nicely fit any of your rooms and heat it like a champ, as long as it’s under 22m³.

Netta did its best to design this appliance with a modern, stylish look, and it paid off since it’s quite a visually appealing one.

Adding the option to place it on a wall or free-standing and the functional touchscreen interface, elegance, and functionality go hand in hand.

The product doesn’t necessarily come with unambiguous instructions, and the fact that it gives you so much freedom in terms of setting it up can be a bit intimidating.

But you will eventually appreciate the opportunity of either choosing one of the preset modes or tweak them as you see fit.

Meanwhile, it’s all safe to use and childproof, with both overheating protection and a child-safety lock.


92 x 8 x 43 cm
7.5 kg
2000 watts


  • Elegant look and modern functionalities;
  • Versatile, puts you in control of adjusting various modes;
  • Facilitates touchscreen control;
  • Incorporates useful safety features.


  • User instructions from the manufacturer are not very clear;
  • Timer functionality could use some improvements.

6. Dimplex Electric Low Wattage Panel Heater

  • Low-wattage panel heater with three heat settings;
  • Built-in thermostat for increased energy efficiency;
  • Features an electronic 7-day timer;
  • Adaptive start, thanks to the smart learning timer.

If you’re looking for a solid steel panel heater that runs at low wattage, this 800-watts model with a timer from Dimplex will catch your eye.

It’s a simple construction with two control buttons and a small electronic thermostat, programmable and ready to give your room a warm kick with no fuss.

Free-standing or wall-mounted, it will fit easily and run safely.

The manufacturer takes pride in its independent safety tests, and it can surely boost your confidence with the three years guarantee it brings to the table.

What’s more, the price point is quite attractive, so you’ll probably want to keep it on your shortlist.


20 x 80 x 50 cm
7.2 kg
800 watts


  • Sturdy and with practical control options;
  • Easy to set up and ready to sit anywhere, on the wall or on the floor;
  • Safe to use, backed up by independent safety tests;
  • Above-average, three-year warranty.


  • Feet are made of plastic;
  • Not the slimmest model out there.

7. Devola Eco 1000W Electric Panel Heater

  • Electric convector panel heater for rooms of up to 17 square metres ;
  • Works with an integral precision thermostat and automatically switches on/off;
  • Equipped with a 7 day, 24/7 timer;
  • Suitable for bathroom use.
Best Overall
Devola Eco 1000W Electric Panel Heater

On your quest to find a quality panel heater that provides good value for the money, Devola’s Eco 1000W electric panel heater will make you stop and stare for a while.

With a distinctive look and the lowest power rating from a series of 5 different products, this heater is still fully programmable, energy-efficient, and integrates an open window detection mode.

A small room will warm quite rapidly with this wall-mounted electric convector heater.

Yet, thanks to the integral precision thermostat under its hood, it will know precisely when to turn on and off so that you’ll stay comfortable and not have a heart attack once you get the electricity bill.

Prepare yourself to get a hand of its not-so-straight forward controls, and you’ll eventually come to love this small but effective electric panel heater.


46 x 10.7 x 40 cm
3.98 kg
1000 watts


  • Simple installation, just plug & play;
  • Effective at cutting down electricity costs;
  • Packs many useful features;
  • Versatile and fully programmable.


  • Not the most user-friendly controls, takes some learning curve;
  • Operation instructions could be more detailed.

Panel Heater Buying Guide


Because of their low profile, panel heaters are an excellent space-saving option. 

Some manufacturers go the extra mile, designing them for both wall-mounting and free standing installation. 

If it’s a model that supports both types of installation, you should expect to get castor wheels in the package at no additional cost.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted panel heaters are intended to hang on a wall, the same as wall mounted oil filled radiators

Their lightweight profile (around 5-8 kg) supports this type of installation, and the mounting bracket that comes with it makes it relatively straightforward. 

If you have a small room, you will want a wall panel heater to avoid the hassle of tripping on it.

Portable or Free Standing

Free-standing panel heaters sit on easy-glide castor wheels, and while they will take up a bit more space, they give you more flexibility regarding when and where to place them. 

Portability is an advantage only as long as you want to be able to move your heater around. 

Even so, in case you change your mind, the best-rated panel heaters with wheels also support wall-mounting.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is an important aspect when choosing an electric panel heater.

Even when the acquisition cost is low, and it does heat your room fast, as long as it skyrockets your electricity bill, you’re not going to like it or use it for too long. 

So, it might help you to know that these appliances use around ⅓ of the electricity that other models (like the radiant bar heating units) require. 

To get the most of it, you will want to look for a low energy panel heater. 

An eco panel heater is, in general, the most efficient option because it aims to reduce your carbon footprint and does so by minimising energy usage.

Horizontal or Vertical

The flat shape makes it possible for electric panel heaters to be designed for either horizontal or vertical placement. 

While horizontal heaters used to be the norm, vertical models are rising in popularity. 

Not only do they look more elegant with their slim and tall structure, but vertical panel heaters fit better in smaller rooms where the walls are already crowded.

Simply put, the horizontal panel heaters are still very popular, but the vertical ones draw attention because they save even more space while they don’t sacrifice style in any way. 

As far as their efficiency is concerned, there is no difference. 

Horizontal or vertical panel heaters all have an equal BTU heat output.

Size & Placement

Panel heaters feature this slim, low profile and are generally lightweight. 

A small panel heater could weigh less than 5 kg and measure around 65 x 40 x 7 cm, while a large one could be as bulky as in 20 x 80 x 50 cm at 7 kg.

Placement-wise, there aren’t many restrictions, though, ideally, panel heaters should be installed under windows and have at least 10 cm clear space from the floor. 

If you don’t have enough room for a standard panel heater, the lower and longer models, also known as wall strip panel heaters, could be a better option.

Heat settings

Electric panel radiators range from basic units with on/off functionality, meaning just one power setting, to more complex units with two or three heat settings and sophisticated, programmable options, like a conservatory heater

Basically, the lower the wattage, the fewer heat settings you’ll have at hand.

Additional Features

Apart from the general heat settings, electric panel heaters vary through their other functions that give users control. 

The timer and the thermostat, along with the programmable control panel, usually differentiate appliances with the same wattage.


Heating programming has many facets, and the timer takes care of an essential feature. It allows you to set the period after which the panel heater should automatically turn off. 

It will enable you to use the appliance worry-free, knowing that it will switch off at a time you set in advance. 

Not to mention that it’s a convenient means of limiting the energy usage.

If you want a heater with a timer, be sure to check our best electric heaters review.


The thermostat plays a role in keeping energy consumption under control. 

It prevents you from over-heating the room, all while sparing you from having to continually keep an eye on it and check if you need to turn the heat off or not. 

The thermostat will monitor the room temperature, switching the appliance on/off as required, thus keeping your previously set temperature.

Splash Proof

Safe for splashes panel heaters are quite common, though this feature would be useful when installing them in a bathroom. 

Still, in most bathrooms, you would need an appliance that both heats the room and allows you to dry your towels. 

Because panel heaters rely on convection to make the air circulate, drying towels on it is not a good idea.

Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are required with electric panel heaters meant for wall mounting. 

They should be included in the package, in which case you will only need a drill to have it all set up. 

But if that’s not the case, wall mounting kits are available for separate purchase.

Control Panel

Smart heaters that can be programmed feature a control panel that puts all heating options at your fingertips. 

The best panel heaters support 24/7 programming, which means you should be able to create a custom heating schedule, with different settings from one day to another, for a whole week. 

The control panel may also show the current temperature, indicating the heating progress in real-time. 

If the heater features special heating modes, it should indicate the active functions’ symbols right on display.

Our Verdict

Electric panel heaters are ideal as an additional heat source, and they come with the added benefit of taking up little space.

Equally important, they look better than most heaters on the market, so you don’t want to miss on pondering all the options and choosing one for your home.

To avoid disappointments, make sure that you correlate their power with your room size, as in 100-watts for every square meter.

If it’s a room facing north or with a large window, you should pick something with 5 to 10% more power output than what you need.

Other than that, if it’s a model that you like and it has a thermostat and a timer, you can pick it with all the confidence.

Your new panel heater would bring a welcomed warm touch to any room where you choose to install it, provided you’ve made the right choice in the first place!

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