Best Halogen Heaters Reviews

Updated January 15, 2021

So, you say you’re interested in the best halogen heaters out there? Good for you! These small compact heaters make for an excellent choice for many reasons. 

But what’s a not-so-technical buyer to do with all the information out there? What’s with all those many options? Is there a shortlist you can directly jump to?

Actually, there is a shortlist that we have taken out after carefully considering and reviewing dozens of different models. 

You’ll find it below, with all the specs, benefits, and details that should matter to you.

What’s more, you’ll get a detailed buying guide by the end of this list. 

Should you want to expand it with other models, the buyer’s information will help you quickly tell which ones worth your consideration and money.

Without further ado, here they are:

See Our Top Halogen Heater Reviews

1 Beldray COMBO-5015 1200 W Portable Halogen Heater Beldray COMBO-5015 Halogen Heater
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2 Warmlite Three Bar Halogen Heater Wide Angle Oscillation
Best For Low Budgets
Warmlite Three Bar Halogen Heater
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3 Fine Elements Oscillating Heater 1200W Fine Elements Oscillating Heater 1200W
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4 Igenix IG9514 Portable Upright 3 Bar Halogen Electric Heater
Best Overall
Igenix IG9514 Halogen Electric Heater
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Best For Higher Budgets
5Pifco Portable Halogen Heater
Pifco Portable Halogen Heater
Best For Higher Budgets
Pifco Portable Halogen Heater
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6 Prolectrix EH0197S 1200W Halogen Heater Prolectrix EH0197S 1200W Halogen Heater
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1. Beldray COMBO-5015 Halogen Heater

  • Set of two oscillating halogen heaters with removable and replaceable halogen tubes;
  • Wide-angle oscillating function;
  • 3 heat settings: 400W, 800W, 1200W;
  • Thermal cut-out and tip-over switch.

When you’re out to get yourself a halogen heater but can’t make up your mind how many you need, Beldray’s offer of two portable units in one package will help you instantly decide!

These are high-quality, well-built halogen heaters with oscillating function and with an almost irresistible price tag.

The 3-bar design gives you all the flexibility to switch from 400W to 800W or to the maximum 1200W as required.

Adding the wide-angle oscillation function, you’ll be able to get as much or as little heat as you want and specifically direct it where it’s most needed.

In case you’re wondering, the units feature all the safety precautions you might want.

The tip-over switch and the thermal cut-out should keep you covered and protected from the unexpected.

Operation is a breeze, and their design makes them fit any flat surface.

Take a look at them, and your eyes might stay glued on it because it sure looks like an offer you wouldn’t want to miss.


31 x 10 x 51.5 cm


  • Heats up very fast, and it’s energy-efficient;
  • Portable and easy to carry around;
  • Allows you to manage temperature as needed;
  • Useful safety features built-in.


  • Power cord of only 1 m somewhat limits the places where you can use it;
  • Could use a dedicated On/Off switch.

2. Warmlite Three Bar Halogen Heater

  • 3-bar halogen heater with replaceable bulbs;
  • 3 heat settings with dedicated power buttons for 400W, 800W, 1200W;
  • Features a wide-angle oscillation function;
  • Freestanding design with carrying handle.
Best For Low Budgets
Warmlite Three Bar Halogen Heater Wide Angle Oscillation

Warmlite built this 3-bar halogen heater with all the right features in mind.

They’re even selling it with a pack of three spare bulbs, the ones of the lowest power, which, again, shows that they have a pretty accurate image of what the buyers want.

Some people would argue that they haven’t received the bulbs pack.

That’s probably only because they overlooked the part where they had to type the promo code, as per the seller’s direct instructions!

Other than that, this truly is a valuable offer with a heater that will cover all bases.

It sits firmly on the ground, it has a nice design, and all the control buttons are clearly placed at the top.

It leaves no room for uncertainties.

You just look at it, and you know how to make the most of it, through the simple buttons and the practical and manoeuvrable design.


26.2 x 35.3 x 26.8 cm
2.12 kg


  • Lightweight and convenient to move around as needed;
  • Package includes three spare 400W halogen bulbs;
  • Energy-efficient and with anti-tip over safety;
  • One year warranty can be doubled through online registration.


  • Power cord is only a little over 1m long;
  • Generates quite a lot of light, especially when running at full capacity.

3. Fine Elements Oscillating Heater 1200W

  • 3-bar halogen heater with oscillating function;
  • Extra-long tube with a lifespan estimated to 8,000 hours;
  • Automatically shuts off when tilted;
  • Equipped with extra thermal cut-out fuse.

Nicely sized and lightweight, this 3-bar halogen heater from Fine Elements can give you all the fuzzy warmness you crave during the long winter months.

What makes it particularly stand out is the extended lifespan of approximately 8000 work hours, as well as the oscillating function.

For a more than reasonable price, it promises to overdeliver.

It allows you to switch between different power levels. It can conveniently sit wherever you need it, as long as you take the basic precaution measures into account.

And should you overlook any of those, the extra thermal cut-out fuse and the safety tilt switch will remind you what needs to be done.

Briefly, this halogen heater is worthy of the “fine” label. Not only is it accessible, but it also provides a good value for the money along with the promise to last you for longer than you hoped.

If you’re not among the few less fortunate buyers who encountered some reliability issues and complained about it, your experience with this model should be nothing short of satisfying.


49 x 28.5 x 12.5 cm
1.8 kg


  • Lightweight housing;
  • Provides excellent heat output;
  • Makes for an energy-efficient heating option;
  • Oscillating heat setting makes it effective in small spaces.


  • Could produce a strange odour when first used;
  • Some users would occasionally accuse some reliability issues.

4. Igenix IG9514 Halogen Electric Heater

  • Quartz halogen heater with 3 bars;
  • Variable temperature with 3 power settings: 400W, 800W, and 1200W;
  • Designed with cool-touch housing for safer use;
  • Built-in automatic tip-over protection.
Best Overall
Igenix IG9514 Portable Upright 3 Bar Halogen Electric Heater

Priced slightly above the average, this halogen heater from Igenix makes up by delivering well above your high expectations.

Coming from a reputable brand, it ticks all the right boxes and does what it’s supposed to at excellent standards.

Almost instant heat from any of its three power settings is super-easy to attain. Safety is never ignored, with the unit shutting off the moment you tilt it.

Not to mention that it blasts out heat while its housing and the handle remain cool to touch.

If you’re after an economical and energy-efficient halogen heater built with a strong sense of responsibility, give this particular model a try.

The seller even has offers for packs of two, so you might want to consider those as well.

But whether you go for a single unit or a pair, chances are you’ll be more than happy with your choice.


61 x 38.8 x 18 cm
2.4 kg


  • Robust and stable design that doesn’t weigh much;
  • Gives you more flexibility with choosing the power level;
  • Safety features prevent damages and injuries;
  • Comes at an attractive price.


  • Generates quite a lot of light while in use;
  • Replacement bulbs may not be that easy to find.

5. Pifco Portable Halogen Heater

  • Halogen heater with 3 power levels: 400W, 800W, 1200W;
  • Oscillation function can be set up to 70 degrees;
  • Tip-over switch protection triggers as soon as you tilt it;
  • Standard 1-year warranty with 1 free extra year option.
Best For Higher Budgets
Pifco Portable Halogen Heater

Here’s a corded electric halogen heater from PIFCO, a well-known brand with a solid reputation on the market.

If you prefer to go with the most popular choices when trying to make a purchase, you won’t have second thoughts about this one, just like you won’t be bothered by its price tag.

From a distance, you’ll feel attracted by this elegant heater with its warm white shade and bright light, the simple, intuitive controls, and the steady base.

Behind the hood, rest assured that the 3 bars will work wonderfully and that the safety features are there to put up with the unexpected.

We particularly like this model for the enchanting mix of lightweight, compact design, rapid warmth, and the fact that a 2-year warranty can back it up.

All you need to do for the latter is to register your product online after the purchase.


32 x 46 x 23 cm
2.06 kg


  • Gives enough flexibility to heat up various room types;
  • Facilitates even heat distribution;
  • Designed with safety in mind;
  • Convenient carrying handle.


  • Not the most affordable price point;
  • Sturdiness could be improved.

6. Prolectrix EH0197S 1200W Halogen Heater

  • 3-bar halogen heater with 1200W maximum power;
  • Sits on a solid flat base with a carrying handle at the top;
  • Built with tip-over switch and thermal cut-out;
  • Oscillating function ensures increased efficiency.

If portability is one of the criteria you can’t overlook, this halogen heater from Prolectrix will win your heart and warm it as expected, of course!

It weighs a little over 1 kg and can still run at 1200W with three different power settings, so you’ll have to admit it’s impressive.

While it does have more plastic parts than you’d want it to have, this is the price you have to pay for its compact, super-lightweight, and easy to assemble housing.

What’s more, it is pretty much the only drawback we could find.

From the heat output to the ease of use and manoeuvrability, there’s a lot it has to offer on the plus side.

All safety features are in place, the flat base adds to a secure functioning. Not to mention that its efficiency is backed by an oscillating function.

Really, there’s nothing you might want and that you won’t get from it. And have you checked its price?


31 x 10 x 51.5 cm
1.12 kg


  • Provides more than decent heat output;
  • Lightweight construction makes it highly manoeuvrable;
  • Easy to assemble and use;
  • Allows the flexibility of choosing between three different power levels.


  • Mostly contains plastic parts;
  • Warranty is limited to only 1 year.

Halogen Heater Buying Guide

What Is a Halogen Heater? 

A halogen heater is an electrically powered heat source that relies on halogen elements. 

All such products generate radiant heat with a lamp or a bulb where halogen elements are enclosed. 

Typically, there are up to 3 bulbs inside a halogen heater, which can run independently or all at once.

A halogen heater will most likely radiate heat rather than circulate it through convection. 

The best ones, however, are built as oscillating halogen heaters that actively spread the heat.

Efficient, durable, cost-effective, and with low service needs, these heaters could be slightly more expensive to buy, though they do make a superior choice in the long run.

Halogen Heater Running Costs

As electric-powered sources, halogen heaters are often suspected of coming with high running costs. 

That’s far from the truth because they warm up quite fast, which means they are efficient and cheap to run.

Despite their large size, the bulbs have low energy consumption compared to other bulbs in the same size range used with non-halogen heaters.

Because you have more than one bulb, you can select from multiple power levels: 400W the economy mode or 1200W the full-blast mode. 

The Centre for Sustainable Energy estimates the average running cost for a halogen heater at 1200W to be 18 pence per hour.

What’s more, they are highly portable and can be moved around the house as needed. You can keep it on only where it is required, and only for as little as it is required. 


Halogen heaters use halogen elements and, whenever plugged into an electric outlet, they produce a direct source of radiant heat while using light from infra-red regions. 

Instead of dealing with heat conductors or coils, like other types of heaters, such halogen electric heaters use large bulbs from quartz glass with a tungsten filament and filled with halogen gas.

This technology allows transforming up to 85% of the input power into radiant heat, a clean, eco-friendly heat source. 

The technology behind halogen electric heaters makes them so popular because:

  • It’s a highly-efficient source of energy;
  • Promotes high-speed heating – up to 85% of total capacity in the first 2 seconds after turning it on;
  • Works well even in low-pressure environments, like when you go camping at high altitude;
  • Allows contactless heating without contaminating the environment or the objects intended to heat up;
  • Allows customizing heat distribution in a direction given by the heater’s axis and even to an oscillating angle;
  • Keeps up with the initial output up until the end of the heater’s lifespan;
  • Does not use any substances that would negatively impact the environment.


Halogen heaters come in all sizes and are usually designed with portability and flexibility in mind. 

For the smaller ones, with a weight of 1 to 2 kg, a practical handle and a solid base are always included, while the larger ones may come with wheels.

That way, you can grab it in a jiffy, take it to another room, and make sure it sits tightly where you put it, as long as you choose a flat surface.


A top-rated halogen room heater will include, by default, the maximum power level of 1200W. Therefore, there’s no need to research for a 1200W halogen heater in particular. 

As long as you pick a three-bar model, you will most likely have the option to run it at 400W, 800W, or 1200W. Even the two-bar models work at 1200W with few exceptions.

If you want something even stronger, you can choose a conservatory heater.


Perhaps you have noticed some size trends from our halogen heaters review roundup. 

These units can have between 50 and 60cm in height, 28 – 38cm in width, and 10 – 20 cm in depth.

However, a somewhat small halogen heater could be sized around 26 x 35 x 26 cm and weigh 2 kg, while other models, a tad bigger, can still be lighter, as in closer to 1 kg.

In a nutshell, you’ll find small, average, and large-sized halogen heaters without a doubt. 

When picking a model, keep in mind that the ones with oscillation are likely to be more effective than those without, even if smaller sized.

Energy Efficiency

Halogen heaters are electric heaters

Most of the electricity they use is turned into heat. For this reason, they are considered to be highly efficient. 

As shown above, halogen heaters can use up to 85% of their input power and turn it into pure radiant heat.


Because the halogen bulbs don’t release smoke and don’t heat up themselves, the risks of carbon monoxide emissions or burns are negligible.

Still, with all electric-powered heat sources with halogen fire hazards are not to be disregarded. For this reason, the most reliable halogen heaters out there have a couple of safety features built-in.

For once, they are designed on vertical and come with a solid base to reduce the risk of falling off. 

Moreover, they have tip-off protection, to automatically shut off the moment you tilt or pick them up.

One thing you can do, in particular, to protect yourself even more is to never purchase second-hand halogen heaters. 

The ones you buy should always be connected straight to a wall socket. Using an extension lead is not at all recommended if you are to avoid the overload.

Pricing Range

With every new halogen heater review you go through, it’s harder to make an accurate estimation of what you should expect price-wise. 

Sure, they are relatively small-sized and portable, which means they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Yet somehow, prices vary from under £20 to over £100.

While most halogen heaters promise the same things and have the same features, the really cheap halogen heaters may contain a lot more plastic and therefore be more susceptible to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Halogen Heaters Cheap To Run?

If we are to compare them against other electric heaters that rely on other “fuel” sources, halogen heaters are the most efficient when it comes to how much it costs running them. 

Specifically, the typical halogen heater (at 1200W) will have a running cost of 18 pence per hour. 

An oil-filled radiator will cost you around 22 pence per hour, a convector heater goes to 29 pence per hour, and a fan heater to a whopping 37 pence per hour.

Our Verdict

As already discussed, halogen heaters come with loads of benefits. 

Their only limitation is that they are best intended for smaller rooms or for situations when you just want it to heat up a single spot fast.

All of the models we have reviewed in this best halogen heaters roundup are excellent at doing what they’re supposed to.

Keep in mind their power settings, consider your budget, and maybe even the brand if you’re looking for a dash of extra reliability.

Other than that, you should be good to go with just about any of it!

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