Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews

Updated January 7, 2021

If you work a lot, you’re stressed and tense. So, the best massage chair pad is the perfect solution for you.

Do you lack the time and money to go out for a professional massage?

Don’t have enough space to bring a massage chair in your home or office?

A massage chair pad or cushion that takes care of your neck, back, and thighs is all you can dream of.

The proof is in the gazillion options on the market. With the growing work from home trend, more people are looking for these accessible massagers.

How could it be otherwise, when they come with loads of benefits, yours to enjoy for years to come, at the price of a couple of professional massage sessions paid upfront?

Are you interested?

Let’s show you some of the best massage cushions and pads for chairs, along with a practical buying guide!

1 INTEY Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad Acupressure Therapy
Best Overall
INTEY Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad
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Best For Higher Budgets
2HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 Back Massager
HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 Electric Heated Shiatsu Back Massager
Best For Higher Budgets
HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 Back Massager
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3 Snailax Memory Foam Massage Seat Cushion
Best For Low Budgets
Snailax Memory Foam Massage Seat Cushion
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4 Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion Naipo Back Massage Chair Cushion
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5 Hillington Heated and Cushioned Massaging Car, Van or Office Chair and Seat Cover Hillington Heated & Massaging Seat Cover
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1. INTEY Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad

  • Functional massage areas for neck, upper back, and lower back;
  • Auto shut-off function triggers after 15 minutes of use;
  • Infrared heat goes up to 40-46℃;
  • Seat vibration with 3 intensity levels.
Best Overall
INTEY Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad Acupressure Therapy

With this massage chair pad from INTEY, you can easily get the feeling that you’re being massaged with 4 hands at once!

The 8 built-in Shiatsu massage balls for the back area do all the hard work, but there’s more!

Your neck gets to be pampered, too, not with 1 but with 2 different rolling modes.

All while the seat is giving you options to choose from 3 different vibration levels.

Each body part can benefit from special treatment, from neck to thighs, with these massage and vibration modes being doubled by an irresistible heating function.

Sturdy without being bulky or heavy, with fine quality materials that will help you relax and feel spoiled, this is a massage pad that can fit any chair.

The back area is adjustable, ranging from 162.56 to 185.42 cm, which means that pretty much anyone in the family will be able to enjoy it.

Even for those shorter than 162 cm, a pillow placed on the seat will work wonders.

As far as durability is concerned, it’s a sturdy model and fairly easy to maintain.

The wearable mesh is breathable, and you can take off the cloth cover and wash it in a jiffy.

Clearly, not the cheapest pad you’ll come around, yet with everything it has to offer, including the option to install it on your car seat, it’s undoubtedly well worth your consideration!



  • Provides full back, 3D-simulated massage;
  • Designed to fit a wide range of chair models;
  • Superior heat therapy for effective pain relief;
  • Comfortable to use and with safety features built-in.


  • People shorter than 162cm might need to add a pillow to this massage chair pad;
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other models, but it also comes with some extra features.

2. HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 Back Massager

  • Deep kneading massage for shoulders, back, and upper legs;
  • Features 14 different massage programs and a full demo to select from the remote control;
  • Electric heating function intensifies the effectiveness of the Shiatsu massage;
  • Option to adjust the height and the width of the massage reach.
Best For Higher Budgets
HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 Electric Heated Shiatsu Back Massager

As a top manufacturer in the health and wellness industry, HoMedics makes this Shiatsu massage cushion an accessory you’ll fall in love with.

Beware, especially if you’re looking to purchase it as a gift – you may not want to give it away once you test it!

Now, if you know the brand, you know what to expect price-wise.

Still, taking a glance at its features will make you realize it’s not your ordinary massage chair pad.

This one comes with deep kneading massage, for those who want to feel truly reinvigorated.

Seasoned users can customize a massage program as they see fit, choosing between 14 different options.

Those who are just getting their way around these devices will love the extra demo mode, where they get to experience an intense, by-the-book Shiatsu massage, and start experimenting from there.

Sturdy and with a straightforward attachment system, adjustable and heated, with tons of positive feedback from those who already tried it, the HoMedics ShiatsuMax 2.0 is an excellent choice for anyone serious about getting an effective massage in the intimacy of their home, at their convenience.

If you don’t mind that the heating is electrical, not infrared, and if you really love the petrissage technique with lots of kneading and rolling, you’ll want to give this a go.


126 x 47 x 15 cm
8.7 kg
35 W


  • Versatile and designed to fit most office or home chairs;
  • Gives plenty of control options for customizable treatment;
  • Equipped with double massage nodes, for higher intensity;
  • Designed to fit modern homes, with an elegant luxury finish.


  • Vibration function does not seem to make a significant difference;
  • Massage ball distribution doesn’t support handling two different areas at the same time.

3. Snailax Memory Foam Massage Seat Cushion

  • Vibration seat cushion with 6 massage motors;
  • Can work on upper back, mid back, lower back, and thighs, individually or simultaneously;
  • Offers a selection of 5 programme modes and 4 vibration intensities;
  • Heating function for full back and seat, with auto shut-off and overheating protection.
Best For Low Budgets
Snailax Memory Foam Massage Seat Cushion

If you’re into soft massages that go easy on your back and buttocks, a massage pillow will win over a Shiatsu massage chair at any given time.

And that’s precisely what this memory foam cushion from Snailax does!

Packed with 6 vibration massage nodes and ready to release heat on three different zones, it makes for such an inviting cushion that you’ll want one for yourself and then start thinking about surprising your loved ones with such a gift, too.

The reason why it makes an irresistible choice is the winning mix of ultra-plush soft polyester, spot vibration massage, and soothing heating.

Tension and sore muscles will be a thing of the past once you start spoiling yourself with this vibration massager.

Not to mention you might discover that your blood circulation is getting better as well.

Fantastic massage is possible with this chair pad not only at home or at the office but even in your car.

Soft on the outside, firm, and non-slippery at the bottom, with secure straps that make it glue on any seat and intuitive remote control, this product is designed to be both practical and irresistible.

Anytime you find a minute to pause, breathe and relax, the Snailax cushion will be ready to take you in for a snuggle and warm up your muscles and your soul.

You should try it and see for yourself.


111 x 48.26 cm
1.4 kg
24 W


  • Practical vibration massager with full back & seat functionality;
  • Quality materials that don’t slip and that feel very soft;
  • Built with safety features;
  • Comes at an affordable price.


  • Just a vibration massager;
  • Noise level could be slightly lower.

4. Naipo Back Massage Chair Cushion

  • Shiatsu massage chair pad equipped with 12 massage nodes;
  • Heating function doubles the massage modes for increased effectiveness;
  • Automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of use;
  • Comes with a car adaptor in the package.

This back massage pad from Naipo is one of the most portable options you can try.

With no seat, just a pillow for the back, it’s lighter and easier to move around, though it shouldn’t be disregarded in terms of efficiency either.

As a matter of fact, the pillow is particularly designed for those with dense tissues.

The recommendation to add a protective cloth on top of it to make its strokes gentler comes straight from the manufacturer. So, you’ve been warned that this is a serious massager pad.

Now, if you’re more on the slim side, the cloth trick will do it. If you’re well-built and looking for intense strokes that kick tension in a hot second, then you’re in for a treat!
The 12 nodes disposed of in an S-track have dual-direction functionality, which will spice things up and give you an incredible Thai massage experience anytime you’re ready for it.

Easy to work with, encompassing an ergonomic design, and ready to boost your massage with heat, it comes with overheat protection too.

The manufacturer anticipated you’ll love it too much to turn it off willingly, hence the automatic shut-off after 15 minutes of running.

Now enough with the words, the time has come to experience its effectiveness first-hand!


2.2 kg


  • Many massage balls and dual-direction functioning;
  • Ergonomic design meant to fit the natural body curves;
  • Portable and easy to set up on most chair models;
  • Safety features like overheat protection are built-in.


  • Only for back massage, not for upper legs or thighs;
  • Could use a longer charging cable.

5. Hillington Heated & Massaging Seat Cover

  • Full seat massager with heat, features 6 vibrating massage nodes;
  • Equipped with a hand controller that offers a selection of 8 massage programs;
  • Heat function, with automatic shut-off after 30 minutes of use;
  • Car adaptor included in the package.

Hillington’s seat cover with heat and massage functions makes for a wonderful addition to any home. It is safe and comfortable, designed to fit many different chair models.

It can work in your car too, and it comes with this cosy foam layer and warm, breathable external cover that make you want to sink your body in it and stay there.

The multifunction controller, intuitive and straightforward, gives you multiple options with both the heating and the massage nodes.

Think of it as the opportunity to enjoy an intense Shiatsu experience pretty much anywhere you find yourself.

And this experience will literally sit at your fingertips, given the hand controller with 8 different programs that nicely sits next to the massaging seat cover.

The only non-negotiable thing is the 30-minute auto shut-off, which is, of course, for your safety and for prolonging its lifespan.

If you find all these features appealing, wait until you see the price tag.

Indeed, this is one of the affordable massage chair pads on the market, and given its versatility and the quality of the materials, it looks like an offer you can hardly pass on.


45.2 x 41.4 x 13.4 cm
1.7 kg


  • Universal size, will work on office, home, and car seats;
  • Massage balls can work either simultaneously or separately;
  • Easy to use, includes elastic straps for tight fitting;
  • Thermostatic control ensures protection against overheating.


  • Vibration function doesn’t feel very effective because of the soft fabric;
  • Could use a bit more programming options.

Massage Cushion Buying Guide


At its very best, the massage provided by these cushions and chair pads comes from a combination of massage nodes for the neck & upper back, a vibration feature for the lower back, buttocks & thighs, and a heating function. 

The number and the distribution of the massage nodes, as well as their mobility, determine the kind of treatment you can get. 

The fanciest models have back support and a seat. Because sitting on massage nodes isn’t comfortable, you’ll see them placed at the upper part. 

The vibration feature remains to cover the seat while the heat is distributed throughout the entire pad.

These complex massage chair pads have nodes that move up and down, rotating at the same time. You might even have the option to focus them in a particularly painful area of your back.

By contrast, the simple cushions are built exclusively as a vibrating back massager, without the nodes. 

Or they might include nodes, but with more restrictions – no up and down, only a clockwise or counter clockwise movement.

Massage Programs

Based on what the nodes can do and how the pad vibrates or heats up, some manufacturers set up predefined massage programs that you can activate from the remote control. 

The higher the versatility in this chapter, the better for those who like to experience.

So, in some models, you only have predefined programs. In other models, you only have the option to create a program of your own, without any pre-sets. 

And there are the more advanced configurations where you get the best of both – predefined and customizable massage modes.

Intensity & Speed

Intensity controls, typically accompanied by massage speed controls, are essential because they give you even more options to customize the massage session. 

Since there are no two persons alike, you must be allowed to make your massage session as gentle or as rough as you want.

Adjustable intensity for the vibration feature is a must-have also because not everyone enjoys the seat vibration. And you may not know your preference until you try it. 

Through it all, getting to choose whether you want your seat to vibrate or not and how intensely this should feel can only be a good thing.

Heating Therapy

The massage effects are significantly enhanced with heat therapy. This is why the best seat massagers often incorporate heating into the offer. 

But even here, there are specific differences since the heat can be generated from an electrical or an infrared source. 

The difference between electrical and infrared heating therapy has to do with how deep the heat can penetrate your body. 

Electrical heating tends to provide a superficial warmth that will spread on the skin surface. If that’s too little heat for you, be sure to cover yourself with an electric blanket.

By contrast, infrared heating goes deeper into your muscles, making it more effective with pain relief and boosting blood circulation.


You could say that portability is the middle name of massage chair pads. 

After all, that’s why you’re getting a pad or a cushion instead of an actual massage chair.

So, expect being able to use it in small places, with the furniture you already have, not just at the office or in the car, but also in any room of your home.

Most models weigh around 1 – 1.5kg, which supports the fact that they’re much lightweight and highly portable. 

If you want something even smaller, you can always opt for a massage gun!

Remote Control

The remote control is a standard feature with most back massage pads for chairs out there, but not so much with the pillows. 

Not only will you typically get this remote control with a chair pad, but you should also have a dedicated pocket for it, to keep it close and avoid misplacing it.

While having a remote control is pretty much the norm, the options it conveys make for a different story. 

As shown above, some controls only give you 5 or 6 massage modes to select from, while others go up to 15.

Most users will opt for just one or two modes and use the remote control to a minimum once they’ve tested and tried it all. 

Still, it’s nice to have your options at your fingertips and make use of them as you see fit.

Pricing Range

While there are many affordable options on the market, price points vary a lot. 

You could buy a quality massage cushion with minimal functionality at around £30 plus shipping fees and consider it a great deal. 

Or you could take out of your pocket up to £300 for a high-end product like the ones from HoMedics. 

Keep in mind, though, that these, too, may occasionally be available with generous discounts.

The quality of the fabrics and the sophistication level of the built-in technology significantly impact the price.

For instance, you’ll pay more for a model with infrared heat than for one with electrical heat. 

Again, the price goes up if it comes with elegant fabrics that are easily removable and washable. 

Needless to say, the number of massage nodes and the extra features all add up to the final price.

Our Verdict

Clearly, there’s no shortage of options. Depending on your preferences, a cushion with vibration could be more than enough.

Or you could aim higher, for a chair pad with massage nodes that give you the exhilarating full Shiatsu experience.

Whether you want to make it just a massage pillow for your back or a full chair pad to pamper your buttocks too, your budget is probably the only limit.

If you’ve made it this far, you know how the best massage pad for a chair looks like.

Compact, portable, versatile, car compatible and safe to use, not too noisy and neither too expensive, your ideal chair massager is out there, waiting for you to get it!

You can look into models from reputable manufacturers like INTEY, HoMedics, or Snailax.

Or you might want to try the growing-in-popularity Hillington and Naipo.

As long as you consider the facts from above, you can’t go wrong!

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