Best Inkjet Printer Reviews

Updated December 23, 2020

Picking the best ink printer for your home, office or business isn’t quite as simple as you might think.

There’s the size of the machine, the quality of the print and the economical nature of the printer to think about.

Not to mention finding a model that fits your budget.

Luckily for you, we’ve done some of the hard work for you.

Taking all of these aspects into account, and many others, we’ve put together a list of models that we think deserve the title of ‘the best inkjet printer’.

Along with key specs and a list of pros and cons, you can use this detailed information to narrow down the best home inkjet printer for your needs.

Plus, we’ve also included a useful buying guide that will help you to understand and navigate the often too complicated world of inkjet printers.

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Best Overall
Epson EcoTank ET-2711 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer
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2 HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Inkjet Printer HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Inkjet Printer
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3 Canon 8747B008AA PIXMA iX6850 Wi-Fi Office Printer Canon PIXMA iX6850 Wi-Fi Office Printer
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4 Epson WorkForce WF-110W Portable Inkjet Printer
Best For Higher Budgets
Epson WorkForce Portable Inkjet Printer
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5 Epson Expression Home XP-3100 Print-Scan-Copy Wi-Fi Printer
Best For Low Budgets
Epson Expression Home XP-3100 Printer
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1. Epson EcoTank ET-2711 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer

  • Colour printer.
  • Wi-Fi and USB abilities. 
  • Maximum input: 100 sheets.
  • Printer, scanner and copier all in one.
Best Overall

Operating in the electronics industry since the 1940s, it comes as no surprise that Epson offers up one of the best eco tank printers on the market.

Sleek in black, and just about the right size to fit in your office, the Epson EcoTank not only looks the part but plays the part too.

Not only will this modern machine churn out up to 7,500 sheets of copy before it needs an ink refill, but it will cater to all of your scanning and copying needs as well.

All of this can be done without a single lead insight, thanks to the handy Wi-Fi capabilities.

Simply connect to the same network, press print on your phone, laptop or tablet, and you can start printing from anywhere in your home.

The Epson Eco-Tank earns it’s eco-friendly badge thanks to its innovative and refillable ink cartridges.

With this progressive machine, you no longer need to buy individual plastic cartridges.

Simply refill the specially designed and high capacity ink tanks that hold an impressive 88 ink cartridges worth of ink and you’ll be good to go.


37.5 x 34.7 x 17.9 cm
12 Watt


  • Eco-friendly ink cartridges with refill ink tank system.
  • Prints up to 7,500 pages without needing a refill.
  • Print from any device with Wi-Fi abilities.
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Low maximum sheet input.
  • Can be difficult to set up.

2. HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Inkjet Printer

  • 4800 x 1200 dpi colour resolution.
  • High page volume (between 100 and 300 sheets).
  • Wi-Fi and USB abilities. 
  • Monthly duty cycle: 500 pages.

If you’re searching for the best compact printer with ink, then you’re in the right place.

Weighing no more than a few bags of flour, and measuring no longer than a 30cm rule, this printer is perfect for those that need to be able to take it between the office and home.

Its compact nature makes it perfectly portable.

Amazingly, it’s compact design and sleekness does not take away from this machine’s functionality.

Not only will this printer produce 9.5 pages a minute, but it also manages to maintain a high quality of printing that’s on-par with most other inkjet printers on the market.

As an all-in-one printer, you’ll also be able to copy and scan your documents using the handy two-inch display on the front of the printer.


26 x 18 x 7 cm
2.5 kg
15 Watts


  • Compact size for easy storage and transportation.
  • Low noise operating.
  • All-in-one printer for printing, scanning and copying.
  • Wi-Fi Direct enables you to connect without a Wi-Fi connection.


  • No automatic document feeder.
  • No USB cable included.

3. Canon PIXMA iX6850 Wi-Fi Office Printer

  • Wi-Fi and USB abilities. 
  • Made by a reliable brand, Canon. 
  • Prints paper up to A3 size.
  • Maximum resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi.

Despite being advertised as a printer for the office, the Canon PIXMA is perfect for the home user and is more than capable of printing impressive photo-quality images.

Where it stands out heads above the rest is with its high resolution printing (9,600 x 2,400 dpi), and its ability to tackle sheet sizes of up to A3 and beyond.

Unfortunately, this does come with its disadvantages. To allow this size of printing, this Canon PIXMA is much bulkier and heavier than other models on the market.

It would therefore be much better suited in an environment where it doesn’t need to be moved regularly.

Saying this, it’s larger size allows it to accommodate extra-large ink cartridges, not only making this device kinder to the environment but will save you money in the long-run.


16 x 58 x 31 cm
8 kg
24 Watts


  • Superfast printing at 14.5 pages per minute.
  • PIXMA Printing Solutions App makes printing from individual devices easy.
  • Save money with extra-large ink cartridges.
  • Two year manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • Heavier and bulkier than competing models.
  • No automatic double-sided printing.

4. Epson WorkForce Portable Inkjet Printer

  • Maximum print speed: 14 black and white pages or 11 colour pages per minute. 
  • Wireless and USB connections.
  • Battery powered and no wires required to charge.
  • LCD screen for easy use.
Best For Higher Budgets
Epson WorkForce WF-110W Portable Inkjet Printer

Printers don’t get much more portable than the Epson WorkForce Portable Inkjet Printer.

At just 30cm long and 5cm wide, this printer can be slipped into your briefcase, or popped into your handbag and taken just about anywhere.

Its portability doesn’t stop with its compact shape and size.

With a removable battery, that can be recharged with any USB port, you don’t even need a wall plug to start using this handy printer.

While this Epson model will do a fine job of printing basic text and colour images, it’s not quite up to the job of producing high-quality photos just yet.

The printer works best over a compatible Wi-Fi connection.

However, if you find yourself without one, this model is also Wi-Fi Direct compatible which means you can connect over its private network without a working Wi-Fi connection.

While you may be paying a premium for this sleek unit, you will no doubt reap the benefits from having it in your possession, especially if you’re someone who is regularly on the move.


30 x 15 x 6 cm
1.6 kg
11 Watts


  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Rechargeable battery and wireless performance.
  • Pigment inks for high-quality printing.
  • Wi-Fi Direct functions when Wi-Fi isn’t available.


  • Expensive ink cartridge refills.
  • Takes ten hours to fully charge.

5. Epson Expression Home XP-3100 Printer

  • Multifunctional: printer, scanner and copier in one.
  • Mobile printing over Wi-Fi. 
  • LCD screen for easy use. 
  • Compatible with Epson App.
Best For Low Budgets
Epson Expression Home XP-3100 Print-Scan-Copy Wi-Fi Printer

If you’re looking for a static home printer that can print, copy and scan all in one machine, then look no further than the Epson Expression Home XP-3100 Printer.

Despite being larger than most other inkjet printers on the market, this machine remains around 4kg and is easy enough to move from place to place.

Although this doesn’t make it the most portable of printers, it is easy enough to move around your office space or computer room.

With three-in-one functionality, double-sided printing and Wi-Fi capabilities, you’d expect this to be one of the most expensive models on the market.

However, luckily for us, it’s surprisingly affordable.


45 x 40 x 25 cm
4.3 kg
12 Watt


  • Wi-Fi Direct available when no Wi-Fi connection is available.
  • Automatic double-sided printing.
  • Very quiet when in use.
  • Quick and easy set-up to start using straight away.


  • Not portable.
  • No USB port.

Inkjet Printer Buying Guide

What Is An Inkjet Printer?

When it comes to buying a printer, you’ll probably be choosing between an inkjet printer and a laser printer. 

An inkjet printer works by drawing thousands of tiny dots on your page to create the image or text that you’ve chosen. 

This is why printers are generally measured in dots per inch (dpi) as printers with a higher resolution place more dots on the page.  

Compared to lasers, inkjet printers tend to print more slowly.

This is because the printer needs to cover every inch of the page, and then allow the ink to dry so as to prevent any smudging.

However, between inkjet printers and laser printers, inkjet printers are some of the most affordable models out there.

Print Quality 

Nowadays most inkjet printers will produce high-quality prints, whether you’re looking to produce a crisp document of text or picture-perfect graphics, comparable to a laminator.

Where some models slip up is in their ability to stop the ink bleeding into the paper. This is more likely on home inkjet printers rather than those you’ll find in a corporate setting.

Of course, inkjet printers will never live up to the quality standards that you can achieve with a precise laser printer. 

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate precision, you may want to consider a laser printer instead.

If you’re looking for the best home inkjet printer on the market, one that will ace printing those family photos, then you’ll be in luck. 

To get yourself a model that will cope with printing high-quality images, you’ll need to go for a model that sits in the middle to high-end range. 

To understand the quality of a printer, you’ll need to look for its resolution. Generally, the higher the resolution, the sharper the print. But if you’re not satisfied with a print, there are always paper shredders that we can reccomend!


Speed is usually measured in how many pages a printer can produce in a minute.

You’ll find that most inkjet printers will print pages at a similar speed.

Where the speed differs is when you look at an inkjet printer compared to a laser printer, which is much faster. 

Wireless Or Not?

Wireless capabilities are commonplace in the inkjet printer world, and you’ll almost never find a printer without them. 

It allows the user to connect to the printer over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and share the device with multiple users. 

Not only has wireless printing technology become essential in corporate environments, where a whole floor of staff may share one printer, but today’s modern user has also become reliant on this technology. 

Being able to print from the comfort of your bedroom, kitchen or living room is something that most home users will look for and appreciate in an inkjet printer. 

To make this process even more seamless, many brands now offer free printing apps that allow you to wirelessly change settings and control your printer from afar. 

USB connectivity

Some select models are equipped with a USB port that allows for even more connection choices. 

This will allow you to connect your printer to your computer directly, or even plugin and access a USB drive without using a computer. 

Portability & Size

Thanks to the advances of modern technology, there is now a range of different sized printers to choose from on the market. 

From fold-up printers that will, quite literally, fit into your handbag, to large, bulky models with plenty of added functions, there is something for everyone.

If you want a small inkjet printer, you will need to sacrifice some key functions. 

A smaller paper capacity and lower resolution normally come hand in hand with the more compact models on the market. 

However, portable inkjet printers normally come with added advantages including rechargeable, wireless batteries and Wi-Fi Direct capabilities.

Large inkjet printers will need a permanent space in your office or on your desk, and will normally require a plug outlet to keep them fired up.

Typically, larger printers are much more efficient in their printing and will produce higher quality prints. 

Choosing a medium sized printer will normally give you the best of both worlds, with a hint of portability, but the same quality you’ll find on larger models.

Key Features 

Paper Capacity

Generally, the paper capacity for inkjet printers rarely exceeds 300 sheets, but it can be as low as 100. 

Whether you go for a high or low capacity printer will depend entirely on your own needs.

For example, if you go for a desktop inkjet printer, you won’t need a large paper capacity as you’ll never be too far away to reload the paper. 

Large offices with printers shared by a number of people may demand a higher paper capacity so they don’t need to continuously reload the stash. 

Duty Cycle 

Printers with a high duty cycle figure are often seen as superior to their counterparts on the market. 

The duty cycle represents the maximum number of prints a machine can print when it’s at its maximum capacity.

This figure is especially important in places where the printer will see lots of traffic, for example, in an office space or printing shop. 

Multifunctional Printers 

A multifunctional printer is one that combines the abilities of a printer, copier and a scanner and puts them into one handy machine. 

If you’re short of space, or if you use your printer on an irregular basis, you might want to opt for one of these. 

Most MFP’s or multifunctional printers will allow you to scan and copy from the LED interface. 

Ink and toner cartridges

How frequently you need to replace your ink cartridges depends on the model of printer you choose, and how often you use it. 

If you’re eco-conscious, there are a new range of printers available that simply let you top up the ink cartridge rather than replacing the plastic each time. Some of the best eco printers can be found at Epson.

Pricing Range

Whether you’re looking for one of the best cheap inkjet printers for your home, or are happy to splash out on a high resolution and high capacity printer for your office, you can rest assured that there’s one for you on the market.

At the lower end of the pricing scale, you’ll find colour inkjet printers for between £60 and £100. These are normally much smaller and compact than other models and may have a slightly lower resolution. 

Perfect for the casual user.

If you’re looking for something that will up to the task of printing off high-quality images and crisp black text, you may find yourself spending hundreds of pounds. 

For office spaces where printers demand more regular use, don’t be surprised to spend between £200 and £500.

Our Verdict

When it comes to picking out the best inkjet printer for you, you first need to look at what you’re using the printer for, and how often you’ll be using it.

If you’ll be using it on a daily basis, then you will want to invest more money into the quality of the printer and its longevity.

If, on the other hand, you’ll only be using it to print off the odd piece of paper at home, you might not need to invest so much into it.

Once you’ve figured out how you’ll be using the printer, take a look at your budget. How much are you happy to spend?

Answering these two simple questions will take you considerably closer to finding the ideal printer for you.

Once you’ve got your answers, take another look at this list to see if our top picks suit your needs and your budget.

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