Best Dehumidifier Reviews

Updated January 2, 2021

A dehumidifier may seem like an odd purchase for someone who is not specifically looking for one, however you might find it to be your new best friend!

It’s essentially a device that helps to purify the air in your home while removing humidity. The result of this is a healthier living space that is less prone to mold and bacteria. Sounds pretty great, right?

Many dehumidifiers also have extra air-purifying settings, or even heating functions to adhere to a range of needs in your home.

This guide will help you to find your perfect new dehumidifier. Not only will we cover reviews of our top dehumidifiers, but we have also included a comprehensive dehumidifier buying guide plus an FAQ to cover all your queries.

Best Dehumidifiers

Best For Higher Budgets
1Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier
Meaco - 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier
Best For Higher Budgets
Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier
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Best Overall
2Dimplex Dehumidifier
Dimplex - DXDH16N Dehumidifier
Best Overall
Dimplex Dehumidifier
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Best For Low Budgets
3EcoAir ECO DD122 Dehumidifier
EcoAir - Desiccant Dehumidifier ECO DD122
Best For Low Budgets
EcoAir ECO DD122 Dehumidifier
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4 Bionaire - BDH001 12 L Dehumidifier Bionaire BDH001 Dehumidifier
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5 Ebac - 2650e 18 Litre Dehumidifier Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier
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1. Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier

  • Low energy consumption.
  • It’s also an air purifier.
  • Which? Best Buy since 2014.
  • Easy-glide casters.
Best For Higher Budgets
Meaco - 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier

The Meaco 20L Low Energy dehumidifier is an ideal option for those looking to save energy, purify their home, and those who need a device that works well in larger homes with a high capacity of 20 liters.

Meaco’s dehumidifier ensures low energy consumption, meaning you can save money on electricity bills and be a little more mindful of the planet. Furthermore, it’s been top of the Which Dehumidifier awards since 2014 so you can be sure that it’s been tried, tested and loved.

As well as the dehumidifying function, the Meaco appliance also has an air-purifying system which is ideal for warmer summer months. It includes a HEPA filter for you to try out. A HEPA filter is a general name given to a filter that meets the requirement of removing at least 99.97% of particles from the air as small as 0.3 microns. This allows the air to be filtered to a high level for a healthier environment.

An excellent feature of this model is that it automatically switched to “fan mode” when the desired level of humidity has been reached. This is another way the Meaco dehumidifier saves energy! It also includes a timer setting which makes it great to use during the night to help you sleep comfortably.

Although this dehumidifier is heavy, it has easy-glide casters on the bottom allowing you to move it around your floors easily and with minimal effort.

Last but not least, the Meaco dehumidifier has a child lock feature and a laundry mode, ideal for family homes.


38.5 x 59.5 x 29 cm
12.6 kg
219 W


  • Digital display.
  • Timer setting to switch on and off.
  • Includes a child lock.
  • Works in large homes of 3+ bedrooms.


  • It’s heavy.
  • Only one fan speed.

2. Dimplex Dehumidifier

  • A large water tank has an auto shut off.
  • Washable filter.
  • Auto defrost.
  • More attractive and aesthetically pleasing design than others.
Best Overall
Dimplex - DXDH16N Dehumidifier

The Dimplex Dehumidifier is able to extract up to 16 liters of water per day from the air. This is ideal for homes where damp or mold is an issue and you’d like to keep the air at a comfortable humidity level. The indicator also lights up when the tank needs emptying to prevent any spills.

In addition to the large water tank, this Dimplex dehumidifier also has a washable filter which is an excellent way to save money as you won’t need to keep buying replacements.

The dehumidifier has one rotary dial on the top which makes using the machine very simple and straightforward. The machine also works very quickly as soon as it’s switched on, meaning there’s no waiting around for results! While it’s working, it only produces one decibel of noise which is practically silent.

This Dimplex Dehumidifier is an excellent choice for those looking for a dehumidifier to work all year round in climates where the weather can change quite drastically, such as the UK. It functions efficiently in cold winter months thanks to the auto defrost function to ensure it stays in good condition during cold winters.

Last but definitely not least, the Dimplex dehumidifier has an attractive black and white design that looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing in your home than other alternatives. With this design, the Dimples model can be an attractive addition to your home decor, rather than an eyesore.


36.49 x 21.99 x 49.99 cm
13.3 kg
410 W


  • Easy-glide casters.
  • Light up indicator when the tank needs emptying.
  • 2.3L water tank capacity.
  • 1 decibel of noise which is fairly quiet.


  • Smaller water tank capacity than others.
  • Not wireless.

3. EcoAir ECO DD122 Dehumidifier

  • Very lightweight compared to other dehumidifiers.
  • Silver filters to kill bacteria.
  • Auto switch-off when the tank is full.
  • Optional continuous drainage.
Best For Low Budgets
EcoAir - Desiccant Dehumidifier ECO DD122

The EcoAir ECO DD122 dehumidifier’s star quality is its weight. It’s extremely lightweight compared to most other dehumidifiers, coming in at just 6 kg!

The benefit of having a lighter model is that it’s far easier to transport. For example, you can have it downstairs during the day, and easily move it into your bedroom for a comfortable night’s sleep. It also has an easy carry handle.

Secondly, the dehumidifier includes silver filters that are effective at killing bacteria. The result of this is a healthier home environment. Silver filters are also used in hospitals’ air filtration systems, so you can be certain there are effective!

EcoAir’s model comes with an automatic shutdown function to stop the dehumidifier when the tank is full. If you’d like to have a continuously draining dehumidifier then you can easily attach the included hose to a drain in your home and keep the device running without having to empty the tank.

The model is easy to use with a single rotary dial and an on and off switch on the top. It also includes a quiet mode which is perfect for nighttime. Plus, it includes a laundry function and a turbo mode!

The last safety feature of this model is the anti-tilt function This means the machine will switch off if it’s tilted over, making it ideal for family homes or homes with pets! The only downside of this model is the lack of timer function meaning you will have to manually switch it off. It also has a slightly smaller water tank than others.


17.5 x 29 x 48.5 cm
6 kg
570 W


  • 2L capacity tank.
  • Laundry function.
  • Includes a quiet mode. (and turbo)
  • Easy carry handle.


  • Smaller water tank than others.
  • No timer function.

4. Bionaire BDH001 Dehumidifier

  • 3-speed settings.
  • Power indicator and wireless option.
  • Full tank indicator.
  • The modern and simplistic design fits into any home.

Bionair’s BDH0001 Dehumidifier has 3-speed settings to allow you to adjust the fan speed based on your preference. It also has a digital timer meaning you can set the device to switch off at a certain point, such as during the night after you fall asleep.

The timer setting is also perfect for those looking for a more eco-friendly purchase. By only keeping the dehumidifier running when you need it for certain amounts of time, you will save energy and money!

In addition to the speeds, this model also comes with a power indicator and a humidistat on the top of the unit, meaning it’s easy to check the status of your dehumidifier. It also has a full tank indicator to notify you when it’s time to empty the water tank. It also has an adjustable lid on top to alter the direction of airflow.

The device can extract up to 12 liters of water a day, making it an effective addition to your home environment.
Lastly, the design is fairly simplistic with a white body, a dark grey lid, and a clear tank. The classic design makes it easy to place into your home without disrupting your decor.


58.4 x 37.2 x 32.8 cm
14.4 kg
190 W


  • Digital timer.
  • Extracts up to 12L per day.
  • Includes a humidistat display.
  • Adjustable top lid for airflow.


  • Heavy.
  • Slightly noisy but not so much more than others.

5. Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier

  • Condensation cure guarantee.
  • 18-liter extraction rate.
  • Energy-saving Smart Technology.
  • Air purification mode for a healthy home.

The Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier is specifically designed to eliminate condensation, damp and mold from your home. The result of this is a far healthier home environment that’s free of irritating issues. It also boasts a “condensation cure guarantee” so you can be sure it’s tried and tested.

It has an 18-liter extraction rate per day and a 2.5-liter capacity tank. Both of these combined make it an effective model that will work efficiently throughout the day. It also has energy-saving Smart Technology so that the device switches off automatically. Lastly, it has two fan modes to suit your preference.

Furthermore, this model has an automatic operation function meaning it can detect when it should operate and it will switch on itself. This saves you a lot of hassle on a daily basis!

In addition to the dehumidifying features, the Ebac model also includes an air purification mode. Removing impurities, such as bacteria, from your home creates a far healthier environment.


26.49 x 33.99 x 54.49 cm
12 kg
320 W


  • Eliminates condensation, damp, and mold.
  • Indicates when the tank is full.
  • Sleek white design.
  • 2 fan modes.


  • It’s noisy, however, most dehumidifiers are.
  • Not as durable/ long-lasting as others.

Dehumidifier Buying Guide

Top Brands

Dehumidifiers are becoming more and more popular in the UK market, and brands are adapting to keep up. Some popular brands include Dyson and Meaco. Remember that with all well-known bands usually comes a higher price tag!


Argos, the online and in-store retailer, offers a huge array of electronics and home appliances such as dehumidifiers. While Argos don’t offer their own brand dehumidifier, they carry a number of well-known brands such as Meaco and Dimplex. Their products can be bought both online through Amazon and ordered in-store.


Dyson is a home appliance brand that you have probably heard of or maybe even own a product or two from. 

Currently, there is no Dyson dehumidifier on the market. However, they do offer a humidifier which acts with the opposite purpose to a dehumidifier. They also offer a range of air purifiers and heaters for your other home needs.


Many old school dehumidifiers were fairly bulky and unattractive inside homes. But with more focus on home aesthetics and smart storage, dehumidifier brands have altered their game plans.

Most home-use dehumidifiers on the market are now around the size of a small piece of airplane carry-on luggage, like a trolley bag. This allows them to be easily situated in any given room in your home without disrupting too much space.

Some brands have taken it one step further to create especially small dehumidifiers or even mini dehumidifiers for customers looking to use up as little space as possible. A small dehumidifier can be just as powerful as a larger one, however, they usually have fewer settings and the water tank must be emptied more frequently.

For larger homes or larger environments such as offices, there are much larger and more powerful dehumidifiers on the market.

Freestanding or Wall Mounted

Not only have manufacturers listened to customers looking for smaller dehumidifiers, but they have also released freestanding and wall-mounted ones to cater to everyone’s needs.

You are most likely to find wall mounted dehumidifiers in commercial or industrial environments as opposed to home environments. 

As wall-mounted dehumidifiers are secured in place, they usually have a hose that empties into your drainage system, rather than a tank that fills and needs emptying. This is excellent for those looking for a lower maintenance model.

However, if you can’t commit to keeping your dehumidifier in one place at all times then a freestanding model would be a better choice for you. 

Make sure to look for one with easy-glide casters on the model (as many of our reviewed products above include) or look for a lightweight option with an easy-carry handle. 

Easily-portable dehumidifiers can also be a handy option if you tend to travel within the country via car and can bring it along!

Placement & Uses

A dehumidifier has a plethora of benefits, aside from just “making the room less humid”. In doing so, it actually creates a much healthier home environment with a lower chance of mold or mildew growing. 

Most dehumidifiers also have air purifying filters which remove bacteria from the surrounding air, the same as an air purifier.

So where can you place a dehumidifier, and why should you do so?

Whole-House Dehumidifier

For a whole-house dehumidifier, you will want to look for one that specifically says it’s powerful enough for multiple rooms. 

The best way to use it would be to place it in the most central room of your house, or even in the hallway. 

Using a whole-house dehumidifier can help you to keep the entire house at a healthy humidity level, rather than just affecting one room.


Your bathroom would likely benefit from a dehumidifier, no matter what climate you live in. With hot baths and showers, our bathrooms can become very humid and steamy. The result of this can unfortunately be the growth of mold, bacteria in the air, and, more often than not, peeling wallpaper.

To combat this, a bathroom dehumidifier can help to lower the humidity levels. You’ll want to look for one that works efficiently in bathrooms and hotter temperatures.


A single room dehumidifier is a great choice for your bedroom to help you sleep at night.  If you have respiratory issues, or a musty-feeling room then a dehumidifier will help to improve the air quality and allow for a restful night’s sleep. 

Alternatively, you might find one room in your home becomes significantly more humid and uncomfortable than others – this is where a room dehumidifier comes in.

Generally speaking, you can choose a smaller model if it’s just for one room. This can help to reduce the cost and will provide you with a less bulky appliance. You could even go for a mini dehumidifier that’s portable too.


Dehumidifiers for cars are pretty different from other models we have covered in this guide. They are actually small sacks filled with special beads that absorb moisture from the air; the beads are much like silica packet beads you find when you buy a new bag or a new pair of shoes in a box.

The key benefit of a dehumidifier for a car is that it reduces moisture levels which help to keep your windscreen clean and condensation-free. This is a safe addition to your car especially in colder or wetter months when condensation is a regular problem.

Lastly, car dehumidifiers differ from traditional indoor models as they are “rechargeable” in the microwave!


Industrial dehumidifiers are multi-use and are usually a lot larger than domestic models. They’re often used in office buildings, factories, storage facilities, and on building sites. They are also used as a method to finish painting and plasterwork faster as they are able to dry them out faster.

The industrial dehumidifiers are usually able to remove much larger quantities of moisture from the air due to their larger size. They are also easily portable with large wheels and handles to move them from site to site.

In addition to their larger sizes and higher capacities, they are crafted to be durable and long-lasting with extra casings from steel or plastics. These are designed to resist damage from moving trucks or knocks and falls.


There are a few different versions of wardrobe dehumidifiers to suit the size of your wardrobe and also your specific needs. Traditional models, like we have reviewed above, can be used for larger closet spaces while smaller non-electric hanging wardrobe dehumidifiers can be used for smaller spaces.

Smaller, non-mechanical wardrobe dehumidifiers are usually in small packets that are easy to hand on a rail. They work through hydrophilic crystals that retain moisture. The result is fewer bacteria, humidity, and damp in your wardrobe and fresh-smelling clothes.


Dehumidifiers can be wonderful in your home, but their noise levels are not. The quiet hum can be frustrating if you are particularly sensitive but you don’t need to give up on your desire for a dehumidifier just yet.

With this problem in mind, many manufacturers have come up with innovatively designed silent dehumidifiers. It’s easy to search for one, and you are likely to find one to suit your needs. Some brands producing silent dehumidifiers include LG, Honeywell, and hOmeLabs. 

Although most dehumidifiers are a little noisy, if yours has become excessively noisy there may be a problem with the compressor,  the fan motor or certain screws may have come loose. This should all be checked by a professional.

Energy Consumption

The wattage of dehumidifiers we have covered has quite a large range, from under 200 watts per hour, to over 500 watts per hour. Higher wattage means that the dehumidifier uses more energy and this can result in a higher electricity bill in your home. Not to mention it isn’t particularly environmentally conscious.

Many brands are starting to become more eco-conscious in producing lower energy consumption dehumidifiers. This is better for the environment and better for your wallet. Many of these models will be labeled as “low energy” or “eco-friendly” and come from brands such as Meaco and electriQ.

If you can get a lower energy consumption dehumidifier, go for it! They will function just as well as traditional dehumidifiers, and usually have the same, if not more, functions.

Battery Operated Dehumidifier

Cordless, battery-operated dehumidifiers are convenient as they can be easily transported or moved around your home. However, with an added battery and cordless design, they can come at a higher price. 

For example, Dyson offers an excellent and stylish cordless dehumidifier that’s smaller than others yet the price is significantly higher than other models.

Alternatively, battery-powered dehumidifiers can also be simple and smaller models with lower wattage allowing them to be battery operated. The smaller and less-powerful design provides a lower price. These smaller models can be ideal for a desk or nightstand.

Pricing Range

As we have covered a little in this dehumidifier buying guide so far, dehumidifiers can vary in price.

There are a number of factors that can influence the price of a dehumidifier, such as:

  • The brand. Certain brands can be more expensive simply due to their status in the industry.
  • The materials. Higher quality materials such as steel can be higher in cost than plastics.
  • The number of settings and functions. Less of these will result in a cheaper dehumidifier.
  • Whether or not it includes an air purifier too. Air purifiers often have silver filters which can be a little costly. 
  • The size of the dehumidifier. Larger models generally have higher prices.
  • How old the model is. Newer designs have higher prices due to more advanced technology.
  • The target audience. Industrial models have higher prices than home-use dehumidifiers.
  • Where you buy the dehumidifier from. Some stores are more expensive than online retailers.

The best way to find a dehumidifier to suit your needs and your price range is to do some research. Luckily, we’ve done it for you in our reviews above as we cover a number of price ranges with a variety of features. Check our award for Best for Low Budgets for a cheap dehumidifier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a dehumidifier do?

Part of a dehumidifiers function is in the name – it reduces humidity levels in the air. But there are a few further benefits to take into account:

  • Removes water from the air.
  • Reduces bacteria from the air.
  • Freshens clothes when used in a wardrobe.
  • Reduces the prevalence of mold growth in bathrooms.
  • Reduces condensation in cars.
  • Helps you to have a restful night’s sleep.
  • Purifies the air to help those with respiratory issues and allergies.
  • Cools the temperature of a room.

As you can see, dehumidifiers work for a number of home issues. They’re an excellent addition for those looking to improve the health of their home for all ages.

Q: How does a dehumidifier work?

A dehumidifier works through a number of steps to make up one process. These steps are a little similar to those of an air conditioner.

Firstly, upon switching on or plugging in the device, the dehumidifier draws in the surrounding air and pulls it over coils that are cooled to very low temperatures. This removes the moisture through the process of condensation. Next, the same air is passed over warmer coils of the same style before being released back into the room.

The water that has been removed through the process of condensation then filters into the tank within the dehumidifier unit. This is usually emptied manually and the dehumidifier has a notification light when the tank is full. Alternatively, some dehumidifiers (especially industrial ones) will empty via a drainage hose.

Some dehumidifiers are powered via a plug-in chord, and others are powered via batteries.

Q: How much does it cost to run a dehumidifier?

The cost of running a dehumidifier is based on two factors: the cost of electricity from your electricity provider and the power that the dehumidifier requires to run (the wattage).

Energy cost varies depending on your region too, but the average cost per kWh (kilowatts) is 14.37p ( in Great British Pounds). Therefore, a dehumidifier running at 200 W is less expensive to run than one with a wattage of 500 W.

However, if you need a large dehumidifier but want to reduce the cost of running it, then there are a few ways to do so. You can opt to install solar panels in your home to provide almost free and also more sustainable power. Or, you can opt for the large dehumidifier you need but with a timer function (like many we have included above) to set it to switch off when a desired humidity level has been reached.

Q: What size dehumidifier do I need?

The first step in determining what size dehumidifier you need is by deciding what you require out of your dehumidifier. Do you need it to work for your entire home? Or would you just like to dehumidify your wardrobe? Or, do you need one for your entire office?

Most dehumidifier models will indicate what area they are suitable for. As a general rule, a larger dehumidifier will work in larger spaces and vice versa.

Firstly, if you need a dehumidifier for your closest or your car, then a smaller non-electrical model will work. These are usually small fabric bags with beads inside.

Secondly, if you need a dehumidifier for one room, or a nightstand or desk, then a mini dehumidifier would work perfectly. A standard size model would also work well for one or two rooms.

Furthermore, if you have an entire home then you’ll need a larger and heavier duty dehumidifier to function effectively throughout an entire house.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a dehumidifier for an office space or an industrial site, then a larger industrial size would work for you. Many of these are also wall-mounted and have drainage hoses rather than water tanks.

Our Verdict

So there we have it, your comprehensive guide to purchasing your first, or your new, dehumidifier. If you weren’t looking to purchase one and were just interested in their benefits then you have likely discovered a newfound need for a dehumidifier in your home!

Dehumidifiers are excellent ways to purify your home while making it a more comfortable space to live in. They are useful for a person in good health and also a brilliant way to aid someone with respiratory problems. Plus, a dehumidifier is a good idea for those with young children with more sensitive immune systems!

A dehumidifier can remove humidity in your home during all times of the year, and smaller versions can even help reduce condensation in your car. Luckily they vary in prices, sizes, and features so you can easily find the perfect one for you!

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