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Updated December 17, 2020

A healthy breakfast provides you with the energy to start the day in an upbeat manner and keeps you away from sweet temptations up until lunchtime.

This is why so many nutritionists consider it “the most important meal of the day”.

However, when you’d rather have another five minutes in bed than spend the time watching your eggs cooking, it’s a bit difficult to enjoy a healthy meal right before leaving the house. Also, it gets quite boring having the same eggs every day, right?

Well, all these problems can be solved with an egg boiler machine! This kitchen gadget doesn’t seem very useful until you have it. Then, you’ll be wondering how could you have lived without it for so long!

The electric egg boiler is a compact device that can cook your eggs (in more ways than one) while you’re trying to wake up. Even more, it can cook breakfast for the entire family in less time and with less of a mess than the traditional way.

Did we manage to pique your curiosity? If so, have a look at our egg cooker reviews and read our buying guide for more details.

See Our Top Egg Cookers

1 Swan SF21020N 7 Egg Boiler and Poacher Swan SF21020N Egg Boiler and Poacher
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Best For Higher Budgets
2Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker
Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker
Best For Higher Budgets
Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker
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Best Overall
3Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
Best Overall
Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
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4 Neo 3 in 1 Durable Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker Neo 3 in 1 Electric Egg Cooker
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Best For Low Budgets
5Nutri-Q 34360 Egg Boiler
Nutri-Q 34360 Healthy Eating Egg Boiler
Best For Low Budgets
Nutri-Q 34360 Egg Boiler
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6 VonShef Aluminium Egg Poacher VonShef Aluminium Egg Poacher
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1. Swan SF21020N Egg Boiler and Poacher

  • Egg boiler and poacher
  • 3 cook settings
  • Compact design
  • Can cook up to 7 eggs at once

This is an “eggcellent” product for anyone who loves their eggs just right in the morning! The solid stainless steel design is durable, cute, and compact while the inside is very easy to clean.

Now, the device does come with clear instructions on how much water to use, but you can (and should) adjust it according to your own judgment.

This way, you will really have the eggs that work for your preferences!

Delivered with two trays (for boiling and poaching) and a water measuring cup, this kitchen gadget can boil 7 eggs or poach 3 eggs in one go. It’s perfect for a big family breakfast, but you can also use it for just 2 eggs.

The handles on the lid and base make it safe to move and handle even while it’s working.

Also, there are three settings (soft, medium, or hard) and the entire device is very easy to disassemble and clean.


17.5 x 20 x 20 cm
0.66 Kg
Stainless steel
350 Watts


  • Stainless steel build that’s easy to clean
  • It looks nice on the kitchen counter
  • You can boil or poach eggs
  • Easy to use


  • The surface of the poaching tray is not smooth
  • It takes a bit of trial and error to get the right settings

2. Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker

  • Cooks 10 eggs at once
  • It’s also a poacher and an omelet-maker
  • Brushed stainless steel lid
  • Audio alerts and standby mode
Best For Higher Budgets
Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker

The Egg Central egg boiler machine is perfect for cooking a big breakfast (it can boil 10 eggs at a time) and it’s quite versatile.

It also has a poaching tray (4-egg capacity) and an omelet tray (3-egg capacity) for those mornings when you want to switch things up.

Furthermore, even though it has a large capacity, its profile is compact, so it doesn’t occupy much space in the kitchen.

It also has legs, so it doesn’t sit directly on the counter, and both the base and the brushed stainless steel lid have handles.

In addition, there is a blue LED indicator that shows users when the device is active, an audio alert, and three different settings (hard, medium, or soft).

Lastly, the device has built-in cord storage for easy cleanup and storage and it comes with a 180 ml measuring cup with a piercing pin.


16 x 18.54 x 19.69 cm
748 Grams
Plastic and brushed stainless steel
600 Watts


  • Shaped like an egg
  • Compact design that’s easy to handle
  • Built-in cord storage and easy storage
  • Comes with useful accessories


  • The audio alarm is quite loud
  • The ON/OFF switch is a bit difficult to use

3. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

  • Cooks eggs faster than it takes the water to boil
  • It can boil, poach, or turn the eggs into an omelet
  • The lid is transparent
  • Compact and elegant design
Best Overall
Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

This compact and stylish electric egg cooker is the perfect gadget in any kitchen.

It works fast (can cook the eggs in less time than it takes the water to start boiling on the stove) and is less messy than the traditional way.

It also lets you make poached eggs without the extra effort due to the non-stick tray that comes in the accessory kit.

This egg cooker is best fitted for a couple or a small family since it can only hold 6 eggs at one (for boiling) and can only poach 2 eggs. It’s also great for making an omelet, but only one at a time.

Besides being faster, there is another detail that sets it apart from other products on the market – the lid is transparent.

This means you can use this egg boiler machine and actually watch how your breakfast is cooking.

It also has handles, legs, and a loud buzzer to let you know it’s time to eat.


13.97 x 15.24 x 13.97 cm
453.59 Grams
Durable plastic
360 Watts


  • Can boil 6 eggs at once
  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • It comes with a non-stick poaching tray and an omelet bowl
  • It cooks perfect eggs very fast


  • The audio notification is loud
  • It doesn’t automatically shut down when the eggs are done

4. Neo 3 in 1 Electric Egg Cooker

  • 3 in 1 device for boiled eggs, poached eggs & omelets
  • Stainless steel lid
  • 3 settings for soft, medium, and hard eggs
  • Buzzer and auto-shutdown when eggs are cooked

The Neo 3-in-1 egg boiler can make for a nice gift but it’s also a fantastic device to have in your kitchen. It looks nice and all the parts, including the accessories, are easy to clean (dishwasher-safe).

Also, all the trays (for boiling, poaching, and omelet) are removable and non-stick.

You can use this device to cook (boil) 7 soft, medium, and hard eggs (settings for 8/10/12 minutes), to make 2 poached eggs or 1 omelet.

It’s so easy to use that even a child could use it, and the settings are well-designed so even fussy kids will enjoy their eggs.

The on/off button has a pilot light, and when the buzzer starts ringing, the egg boiler will stop the cooking process (auto shut-off function).

It also has boil dry protection and a stainless steel heating plate.


15 x 15 x 20 cm
870 grams
Stainless steel and plastic


  • Elegant and compact design
  • Auto shut off when the cooking cycle is over
  • Can accommodate varied egg sizes
  • Brushed stainless steel heating plate


  • The poaching tray is rather small
  • The heated plate is difficult to clean

5. Nutri-Q 34360 Egg Boiler

  • Perfect for healthy cooked eggs
  • Compact and cute design
  • 3 in 1 functionality
  • Easy to clean and store
Best For Low Budgets
Nutri-Q 34360 Healthy Eating Egg Boiler

The Nutri-Q electric egg poacher and boiler is a great addition to your kitchen! The device allows you to have eggs anytime, in any format, without using any grease.

Since it’s a multifunction device, it’s easy to diversify your breakfast while making sure healthy eggs are part of your diet.

As such, you can have boiled eggs (soft, medium, or hard), poached eggs on toast with avocado, or an omelet with tomatoes, spinach, and more.

The egg cooker uses steam to cook everything fast without using additional fats.

Since it’s an electric egg cooker, it has an attached cord, but it’s long enough to use the device on a counter. In addition, the cable can be stored under the device’s basis (it has legs).

Furthermore, it is easy to maneuver as both the basis and the stainless steel lid have handles.

The accessories and all the parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Furthermore, the additional trays are perfect for creating fancy-looking and delicious breakfasts that will impress anyone!


17.4 x 17 x 16.6 cm
500 grams
Stainless steel, plastic
360 Watts


  • Easy to boil up to 7 eggs at once
  • Also a poacher & omelet-maker
  • Cute design
  • Automatic switch-off


  • It’s not very durable

6. VonShef Aluminium Egg Poacher

  • An aluminum egg poaching pan
  • Can be used with any heat source
  • Up to 4 perfectly poached eggs
  • Vented glass lid

This is an egg poacher that can also be used as a saucepan with a capacity of 1.3qt. The pan comes with a tray and four individual cups that will hold the eggs while cooking.

This way, it’s very easy to remove the eggs from the pan and serve them.

Since it doesn’t run on electricity, it will need a heat source, but you can use it on a wide range of sources (electric, gas, halogen, or induction hobs).

Furthermore, the cool touch, ergonomically designed cast steel handle has a soft-grip silicone wrap that makes it easy to handle the pan while cooking.

Lastly, the vented glass lid lets you monitor the eggs, to make sure they’ll turn out exactly right.


38.61 x 21.84 x 11.43 cm
1.34 Kilograms
Aluminum, silicone handle wrap, stainless steel, glass, durable plastic


  • Doesn’t need electricity
  • Can double as a saucepan
  • Stay-cool handle and knob
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The surface of the pan is not non-stick
  • The individual cups are made of plastic

Egg Boiler Buying Guide


The technology between an electric egg boiler and a standard one is a bit different. 

For starters, a standard egg cooker needs a heating source (such as a stove burner) while the electric device needs to be plugged into a socket (it has its own heating plate, powered by electricity).

However, both the electric egg boiler and the standard one use the same principle to cook the eggs. 

They all require a specific amount of water to sit at the base of the device (the eggs are not submerged) and use the heat source to turn the water into steam. 

As the steam rises, the inside of the cooker is turned into a hot and humid environment which, in turn, cooks the eggs (this is why you need to pierce the eggs when you want to boil them) to perfection. 

This is why you don’t need to add grease or other similar ingredients when you’re cooking an omelet. Also, since the steam gets very hot, the cooking process is accelerated.    

Lastly, most electric egg cookers also have a built-in auto shutdown system that senses when the device is almost out of steam and stops the cooking process. 

That’s why, once you figure out just how you like your eggs, you’ll never have to worry about under/overcooking them again. 


The capacity of an egg cooker is measured in the number of eggs it can cook at a time.

As you can see from our product reviews, there are devices that can boil up to 7 eggs at once, and devices that can go up to 10. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to cook the maximum number of eggs each time!

Also, it’s important to pay attention to the number of eggs you can poach at one and whether you can make more than one omelet in one go (if the device provides such features).  

Overall, an egg cooker that can take more eggs at once is better suited for a big family, while the ones with smaller capacity work best for couples or single people. 

Cooking Time

Most electric egg boilers will take about 10 to 12 minutes to boil eggs hard. However, there are some devices that can do this a few minutes faster, so make sure to check for this feature if cooking speed is important to you. 

In addition, you’ll notice that all egg cookers can make boiled eggs at the consistency you want (soft, medium, or hard). 

This is also a feature that can be adjusted based on the cooking time, but it differs from one device to another (so make sure to check the specifications first). 

Overall, users have the liberty to experiment with both cooking time and water quantity to get the consistency they like. 

That’s why most egg cookers will take a bit of trial and error before your breakfast is just right. 


Each device has a series of features that makes it unique, but the one we listed below are among the ones that stand out the most.

Types of Cooking the Eggs

The first thing you want to know about your egg boiler machine is how many types of eggs you can cook. As such, most devices can do three types of eggs: boiled, poached, and omelet. 

To make these three types of eggs, the device comes with three different trays (one tray for each type). 

Of course, users can get creative and use these options and accessories as they see fit. 

Non Stick

There’s nothing more annoying than when your perfect looking eggs stick to the pan! 

So, before you buy such a device, it’s important to check if the trays have a non-stick coating. 

Otherwise, you may end up with poached eggs or omelet stuck to the tray!

Dishwasher Safe

Electric egg cookers are quite easy to clean, but if you have a dishwasher, this task just became a breeze! 

However, not all devices and their accessories are dishwasher safe, so make sure to read the specifications before buying. 

Buzzer & Auto Shutdown

It’s easy to lose track of time, especially in the morning when time seems to shrink somehow. As such, it helps to get an egg cooker that lets you know when breakfast is ready (with an audio alarm or a buzzer). 

Now, if the cooker doesn’t have an auto shutdown feature, you will have to hurry and press the off button (which also stops the buzzer). 

If there is an auto shutdown, the device will stop the cooking process once the time limit is reached. This feature is great since you don’t have to keep an eye (or an ear) out for the eggs.

Materials & Accessories

As you can see from our reviews, an electric egg poacher and boiler is made from a combination of durable plastic and stainless steel. 

Additionally, there may be some heat-resistant glass that allows you to see inside while the eggs are cooking. 

However, if you are looking for a microwave egg boiler, the device will not have stainless steel or other materials. 

When it comes to accessories, if the egg cooker is multifunctional, it will come with a tray for boiling, one for poaching, and a bowl for omelets. 

There should also be a measuring cup (with or without a piercing pin) for water.

Pricing Range

Overall, egg boilers are quite affordable. Based on our product reviews, you can easily get a decent device, with all the necessary features, for about $20 to $30.

Our Verdict

Whether you call it an egg boiler machine or an egg cooker, this is a kitchen gadget that should be in every household! 

It solves the healthy breakfast problem and can cook perfect eggs even for the fussiest of children. 

It also allows users to experiment with new ways of enjoying eggs, from different consistencies for the boiled ones to poached eggs (which are quite difficult to make on the stove). 

Not to mention you can eat the perfect omelet without added grease or overcooked eggs!

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