Best American Fridge Freezer Reviews

Updated February 16, 2021

With an American fridge freezer in your kitchen, you’re guaranteed to have enough space to cool or freeze all your favourite foods. Tall and wide, with double or even quadruple doors, such an appliance comes with generous partitioning for anything you can think of. 

So, it makes the perfect choice for any large family and foodies who cook more than they can eat. But, also, for the super-organized people who want to keep anything in the fridge, from their raw fruits and veggies to pickle or jam jars and milk or soda tetra packs and bottles. 

If you know for a fact that you want an American fridge freezer where you can shove in as much as it can take, do you know how to pick it? Between small, large, and slim models, two-door, three-door, or four-door models, with water and ice dispensers or without, it’s hard to choose. 

That’s precisely where our buying guide comes in, to help you navigate through the many options. First, we invite you to look at the leading models on the market, from the top manufacturers. Then, we’ll move on to the nitty-gritty of it all!

Best American Fridge Freezers

Best For Higher Budgets
1LG A+ Rated American Fridge Freezer
LG - GSJ560PZXV Freestanding A+ Rated American Fridge Freezer
Best For Higher Budgets
LG A+ Rated American Fridge Freezer
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2 Beko - ASGD242PX Brushed Steel American Fridge Freezer Beko American Fridge Freezer
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3 Samsung - RS50N3513SA No Frost Side-by-side Fridge Freezer
Best Overall
Samsung Side-by-side Fridge Freezer
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4 Russell Hobbs - Side by Side American Style Fridge Freezer A+ efficiency
Best For Low Budgets
Russell Hobbs A+ Side by Side Fridge Freezer
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5 Fridgemaster - MS91518FFS Silver American Fridge Freezer Fridgemaster Silver American Fridge Freezer
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1. LG A+ Rated American Fridge Freezer

  • Features a 394 litres cooling capacity, and a 197 litres freezer capacity, 591 litres total capacity.
  • Organized with 6 drawers and 3 shelves, including a dedicated salad crisper drawer.
  • Built-in automatic defrost system, for frost-free operation.
  • Requires freestanding installation with water line connector.
Best For Higher Budgets
LG - GSJ560PZXV Freestanding A+ Rated American Fridge Freezer

Whether you’re a fan of the LG brand or not, this American fridge freezer model will stand out in an instant. It features a good size and a much-needed water tank, an elegant LCD, and a catchy Door in Door design with a push button. 

Throughout the entire year, you’ll just love taking advantage of the water dispenser and the multi-airflow system, the Pure N Fresh function that reduces odours, and the frost-free functionality. For the hot summer days it has a handy ice maker that works automatically.

Straight from the door display, one can check and adjust the freezer and fridge temperatures, along with the water dispenser’s function – cubed ice, crushed ice, or water. 

The same display serves for setting up the Express Freeze program, whenever you need it. 

Equally important, it’s where you can activate the Child Lock function.


71.7 x 91.2 x 179 cm
134 kg


  • Large unit with generous cooling capacity.
  • Convenient built-in water dispenser.
  • Practical design with Door in Door.
  • Efficient, energy-saving operation.


  • Labour and parts warranty limited to only 2 years.
  • Could use better lighting.

2. Beko American Fridge Freezer

  • Designed with a 364 litres cooling capacity and a 190 litres freezer capacity, 554 litres in total.
  • Organized with 5 shelves, 2 large salad crispers, and 4 commodity racks.
  • Includes digital display, water dispenser, and an automatic defrost system.
  • Features NeoFrost technology for faster cooling.

How would you like an American style fridge freezer that keeps your food fresher, cools it twice faster, and freezes without you having to handle any defrost? Beko makes it all possible with this model that relies on the NeoFrostTM technology. 

Equipped to provide ultimate comfort, it has a convenient water dispenser, easy to use and just as easy to maintain, that requires no plumbing whatsoever. Inside, the airflow cooling technology keeps it all under control through multiple air vents. 

On the outside, you get to enjoy a product designed with hygienic door seal, flame retardant back, plus a handy door-open alarm. The Advanced Electronic LED display, touch-controlled, makes setting it up quite intuitive. 

As far as operation is concerned, you have plenty of options to choose from. Notably popular, there’s the quick cool setting, the fast freeze setting, and the Holiday Mode you can activate when you leave the house for longer and want to keep your fridge running on minimum resources.


73 x 91 x 179 cm
123.5 kg


  • Large capacity and practical partitioning.
  • Designed with lots of safety features.
  • Cools well and fast.
  • Comes at an affordable price.


  • Could use more specific instructions in the user manual.
  • Some would prefer its freezer somewhat larger and the fridge smaller.

3. Samsung Side-by-side Fridge Freezer

  • Designed with a 357 litres cooling capacity and a 144 litres freezer capacity, 501 litres in total.
  • Partitioned with 3 shelves, 2 salad crispers, egg rack, and bottle rack.
  • Features an all-around cooling system and the Power Freeze option.
  • Comes with Total No Frost technology built-in, requiring no defrost whatsoever.
Best Overall
Samsung - RS50N3513SA No Frost Side-by-side Fridge Freezer

Samsung is a brand known to excel in quality and style. You can tell it just by looking at this elegant, graphite grey American fridge freezer and its outstanding water and ice dispenser with touch controls. 

Not only does it have a refined design, but it also offers you a smart partitioning with plenty of space for everything you need. The all-around cooling system will keep an even temperature in all its compartments. While the No Frost technology will allow you to skip the dreading defrost job. 

As any advanced fridge and freezer, this one, too, gives you the option to boost the freezing, when needed, with the Power Freeze option. Speaking of freezing, the water dispenser will allow you to enjoy cold water or ice as needed, with minimum maintenance, due to the fact that the fridge is plumbed. 

One more thing that makes this product from Samsung particularly appealing, and that you’ll hardly find in other models, is the extended 5-year warranty. That, along with the fact that it isn’t too expensive, either!


77.6 x 97.4 x 190 cm
103 kg


  • Decent storage capacity.
  • Lots of smart features.
  • Includes a Holiday mode.
  • Generous 5-year warranty.


  • Requires plumbing for the water and ice dispenser.
  • Somewhat small capacity compared to other models.

4. Russell Hobbs A+ Side by Side Fridge Freezer

  • Built with a 338 litres storage space in the fridge and 175 litres in the freezer, 513 litres in total.
  • Convenient partitioning includes 4 door racks, 4 shelves, 2 drawers, and wine rack.
  • Digital display, water dispenser, and oversized handles on the front.
  • Metal, flame retardant back.
Best For Low Budgets
Russell Hobbs - Side by Side American Style Fridge Freezer A+ efficiency

Russell Hobbs packed pretty much everything one might need into its A+ side-by-side fridge and freezer. The appliance is designed with a significantly larger fridge and a somewhat smaller freezer, though each one is organized in detail. 

You get to use 4 shelves with 2 drawers, a wine rack, and 4 door racks in the fridge. While the freezer is organized in 3 shelves, 2 drawers, and 5 door racks. All these are easily controllable, with a no-frost technology implemented in the freezing compartment and a practical thermostat for setting up the temperature in the fridge. 

As a special mention, the product comes with a 1-year warranty, which can be extended to two years, by simply registering it on the manufacturer’s website. Through it all, it’s a large, practical, and easy to use American style fridge and freezer that is well worth making it to anyone’s shortlist.


74.5 x 90.2 x 178.8 cm
105 kg


  • Features a stylish design.
  • Conveniently organized storage space.
  • Features frost-free operation.
  • Comes with adjustable feet.


  • One-year default warranty.
  • Only water, no ice dispenser.

5. Fridgemaster Silver American Fridge Freezer

  • Total capacity of 516 litres divided between 339 litres for the freezer and 177 litres for the fridge.
  • Includes 4 shelves, 1 with crisper covers, 3 door pockets, 2 fruit drawers, and wine rack.
  • Designed with magnetic doors, for easy access.
  • Features multi flow technology and rapid freeze.

Fridgemaster’s American fridge freezer makes an excellent choice for anyone who wants a larger fridge that somehow doesn’t occupy half of the kitchen. Designed with a narrower body, it still makes smart use of all the space it has inside. 

If you consider this particular model, you’ll get 4 shelves, 2 drawers, 3 door pockets, and the standard bottle holder, wine rack, and wine tray. All these only in the fridge, while the freezer comes with 5 shelves, 2 drawers, and 4 door pockets. 

Technology-wise, again, it covers everything one may need. The Total No Frost and Multi Air Flow make its maintenance a breeze. The Super Cool and Super Freeze come in handy and are easily controllable from the LED display with Touch Button controls. 

Long story short, this model has it all, including a decent price. It says No to sticking-out handles that might stay in your way, but Yes to solid wheels, so you can easily move it around during cleaning. Not to mention that it has an A+ energy rating!


91 x 64 x 178 cm
110 kg


  • Large fridge with freezer below.
  • Comes with a wide range of cooling features.
  • Easy to move, with locking wheels on the front.
  • Provides great value for the money.


  • No ice maker, just an ice-cube tray.
  • Not the most generous depth.

American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide


When you’re just starting your research, you’ll notice there are two main categories that an American fridge freezer may fall into. Specifically, there are integrated and freestanding models. 

The latter category is the most common, but many people prefer having a custom fridge and freezer that perfectly blends with their kitchen furniture, such as fridge freezers

Other differences can be given by the number of doors, which can vary from two to four, with a mid-option represented by the three-door design. 

Integrated American Fridge Freezer

An integrated fridge freezer would be a part of your kitchen furniture, hidden inside a cupboard. You might also find it labelled as a built in American fridge freezer. 

Such a model will only be visible when you open up the cupboard door. By contrast, a freestanding appliance is always visible. 

Double Fridge Freezer

The double fridge freezer has two doors with a side-by-side display. It opens up from the middle outwards. 

In some instances, you’ll notice it can also have a small door in door, a compartment in one of the two doors, where you can store bottles and access them quickly. 

Four-Door Fridge Freezer

A four-door fridge freezer works on the same principle as the double-door models, but it actually has two side-by-side doors for the fridge and two for the freezer. 

This design allows you to keep its temperature constant while requiring less energy consumption, as you’re only opening a smaller compartment, not the entire fridge.


Apart from the double or quadruple side-by-side door format, an American fridge freezer is also tall. This size-specific feature results in most models having a height of about 180 cm. 

Depending on its width and depth, you’ll be getting a few variations like the ones from below: 

Slim American Fridge Freezer

A particular product can be labelled as slim or wide, depending on its width. For the smallest size, also referred to as a narrow fridge freezer, you’ll get, on average, a width of 83 cm. With small variations, this is the standard width for a slim American fridge freezer. 

Large American Fridge Freezer

A large American fridge freezer sits at the opposite pole from the slim models. Its width will vary a bit, but, again, it will average around 100 cm. The height is usually still around 180 cm, with the weight being around 120 kg. 

Small American Fridge Freezer

A small American fridge freezer sits right in between the slim and the large models, similar to an upright freezer. You’ll find it averaging around 91 cm in width. Weight might be around 100 kg.


Because of its larger size, this type of freezer requires smart technology to keep an even temperature, prevent frost formation, and keep energy consumption at bay. 

Speaking of technology, the fanciest models may go as far as to integrate built-in cameras that would let you see what’s left inside the fridge, from your mobile phone. So that you can check it while you’re out, perhaps on shopping. 

Nevertheless, among the most common features, you’ll see the LCD control and the Water and Ice dispenser. While the touch controls have become the norm, so has this small but useful dispenser. Everybody wants the water & ice dispenser, perhaps even more than a built-in camera. 

Water Dispenser

A water dispenser is a special container from where you can get cold water by simply accessing a tap or touching a button. It is usually reachable from the outside of the fridge, without having to open it. 

It may require using particular filters and cleaning it up regularly. Both plumbed or non-plumbed fridge freezers may come with a water dispenser. For hot water you can always check our best hot water dispensers review.

Ice Dispenser

An ice dispenser is actually an icemaker attached to a water dispenser that provides cubed or crushed ice on demand. It’s one of the most desired features in an American fridge freezer. 

These appliances can have only a water dispenser, or a water and ice dispenser, but never only an ice dispenser.

Materials and Colours

Most American fridge freezers are made of three sheets – metal on the outside, polystyrene on the inside, and rigid polyurethane in between. 

The exterior metal sheet can be a more or less sturdy metal, with the ones made of stainless steel representing the most popular choice, durability-wise. 

Colour is just as important as the material, because this large kitchen appliance takes up a lot of space and will visually dominate your kitchen. 

If it has a colour that doesn’t match with your furniture, it will stand out, and not in a nice way. The main options you’ll find are white, black, or silver American fridge freezers. 

Stainless Steel American Fridge Freezer

A stainless-steel American fridge freezer only has its outer layer made of this particular metal. Buyers will complain that some appliances have a softer metal that dents or scratches easily. That’s not the case with one made of stainless steel, which is the sturdiest of them all.

Pricing Range

As you’d expect, the larger the appliance, the higher the price tag. That doesn’t mean, of course, that an American fridge freezer makes for a sell-a-kidney type of expensive purchase. 

While top of the range products can go way over £2,000, a cheap American fridge freezer can get down to only £500. 

Apart from the brand, which directly impacts the price point, the size and the cooling technology implemented in it can also make a significant difference.

Our Verdict

Most of the American style fridge freezers you’ll find on the market share a couple of common features. With these in mind, you should be able to match them against each other, and see which one will actually offer you the best value for your money. 

Whether you want a larger freezer and a smaller fridge or the other way around, if you can’t have it without an ice dispenser, or if you are less picky and actually don’t want the hassle of having to plumb your fridge, you have plenty of options. 

Use our buying guide and product reviews from above and choose wisely. It’s all you need to do!

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