Farm to Fork Publications

California Farm to School Network Needs Assessment

A needs assessment and transition plan for the California Farm to School Network.

California Farm to Fork Asset Map

This document captures current farm to fork activities in the state of California, including key statewide implementing organizations. With a comprehensive view of current programs, we identify gaps in programs and resources. The groundwork and initial data collection for this document took place on July 20, 2015 at a USDA-CDFA Farm to Fork collaborative meeting in Sacramento, CA

Farm to School Food Safety Guidelines

This toolkit outlines food safety tips for farms and schools engaged in farm to school programs.

Agriculture and Culinary Arts Career Technical Education (CTE) Best Practices

This report offers an overview of agricultural and culinary arts/food service CTE programs, best practices for such programs, examples of model programs throughout the State, strategic planning advice for new programs, and opportunities for expansion.

California Schools and Universities: Procurement of Locally Grown Produce

This report summarizes best practices for local procurement among K-12 school districts and California colleges and universities and makes recommendations for how to expand and sustain such programs.

Action Plan to Improve Food Access in the Central Valley

The Central Valley Food Access Working Group hopes these recommendations are the first step in addressing these issues and ensuring that all Central Valley residents have access to the healthy, nutritious food that the region produces.